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CCNP Certifications – Your Key to Becoming a network Engineer

ccnp certifications

Ever heard of CCNP but do not know what CCNP is or its role in your life or career? This blog will help you understand the essentials of CCNP and the CCNP certifications.

If you are planning to enter the world of networking, then there is no better certification than CCNP. You can have a thorough knowledge of understanding, functioning, and maintenance of the service providing solutions and networking. 

Now, let us explore more about CCNP and CCNP certifications.

What is the CCNP certification course?

CCNP refers to Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is a course by Cisco which is of intermediate level. CCNP Certifications are an upgrade to pre-existing network experience. It consists of core- technologies with Enterprise Specialization. It is a mandatory certification if you want to enrol in networking.

Why choose CCNP Certification in IT networking?

Let us understand with this an example if you are an owner of an IT organization and you want to hire some networking professionals for your firm. Whom will you like to prefer to be a part of your company, a candidate with certification and knowledge or a candidate with just knowledge and no proof?

Of course, a candidate with both knowledge and certifications. Being certified is not that difficult, one can go with organisations like Network Kings to learn from the best and get certified from the best.

CCNP Certification is proof of your advanced knowledge of IT or computer networking.

What is the difference between CCNA and CCNP in IT networking?

  • The major difference between them is CCNA is associate-level whereas CCNP is an advanced level. 
  • CCNP consists of the knowledge of WANs and LANs and their working, but CCNA consists of the fundamentals of switching and routing.
  • CCNP is of more importance as it is of advanced level whereas CCNA, being associate level, is of less importance.
  • CCNA certifications lead to entry-level jobs whereas CCNA leads to IT professional jobs.

What are the CCNP Certifications Courses?

There are four courses under Cisco CCNP certifications. Let us know these CCNP courses in brief.

This course will provide knowledge of advanced Routing, Switching, Troubleshooting, Security, SDN, etc. 

CCNP Security course makes the student prowess in securing network design and implementation with the help of Cisco Secure access, edge network security, threat control, and secure mobile solutions. 

CCNP Data Center contains information and an understanding of Data center solutions. The responsibility of a data center professional is to establish, employ, and keep track of modern data center infrastructure. The candidate will also learn virtualization, automation, and symphony. 

CCNP Service Provider course, as the name suggests, is useful in providing safe data service to customers. The student will get knowledge of automation, networking, core architecture, quality service, security, and network assurance.

What is the process to earn a CCNP Certification?

To become a certified CCNP master, you have to pass the eligibility criteria of the certification course. Let us get into a detailed discussion of the CCNP certifications courses.

CCNP Enterprise

The Cisco Certified Network Professional or CCNP course deals in the detailed knowledge of Enterprise Infrastructure, Wireless Networks, Security and Automation. 


  1. Experience in Information technology of about 2-3 years
  2. Cisco CCNA certification
  3. Graduation degree in Engineering
  4. Knowledge of basics of networking

Exam details:

Exam Code

350-401 ENCOR + 300-410 ENARSI

Exam Level


Exam Cost

$400 + $300

Exam Duration

120 + 90 Minutes

Exam Format

MCQ & Multiple Response

Total Questions

90-110 Questions

Passing score

Variable (750-850 / 1000 Approx.)


English & Japanese

Job opportunities:

Although there are so many job opportunities in the CCNP Enterprise. Let us know about some common and valuable jobs:

  • Third Line Support
  • Network Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • IT Team Leader
  • Network Analyst
  • VoIP Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Advanced technician

CCNP Service Provider

Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider is the certificate that pertains to everything about networking and service-providing solutions.


  1. Graduation in Engineering
  2. Cisco CCNA Certificate
  3. 3-5 years of experience in IT
  4. Basic knowledge of service-providing solutions.

Exam pattern:

Exam Name Implementing & Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technology

Exam Code SPCOR 350-501

Exam Cost USD 400

Exam Format Multiple Choice

Total Questions 120 Questions

Passing Score 849 out of 1000

Exam Duration 2 Hours (120 Minutes)

Language English

Testing Center Pearson Vue

Job opportunities:

There are so many job opportunities available in the CCNP Service Provider course, let’s discuss some of the top job opportunities.

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Manager
  • System Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Network Designer

CCNP Data Center

Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center certification covers the study of the major topics in Data Centers.


  • Engineering in Graduation
  • Fundamental knowledge of Data Center Solutions.
  • Experience of 3-5 years in IT.
  • Certification in CCNA

Exam details:

Exam Code DCCOR – 350-601

Exam Level Professional

Exam Cost USD 400

Exam Duration 120 Minutes

Exam Format MCQs

Total Questions 90-110 Questions

Passing score 849 out of 1000

Language English

Job Opportunities:

There are various job opportunities in the CCNP data centre. 

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Technician
  • Support Engineer

CCNP Security

CCNP Security deals with all security solutions.


  • Engineering in Graduation.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Security Solutions.
  • Experience of 3-5 years in IT.
  • Certification in CCNA.

Exam details:

Exam Name Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies

Exam Cost USD 400

Exam Format Multiple Choice

Total Questions 120 Questions

Passing Score 849 out of 1000

Exam Duration 2 Hours (120 Minutes)

Languages English

Testing Center Pearson Vue

Job Opportunities:

  • Network Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Analyst
  • System Engineer
  • VoIP Engineer
  • IT Team Leader

What are the exam preparation tips for the CCNP certification courses?

We all suffer from exam fear at least once in our lifetime. To avoid exam fear, we need to be well-prepared. Usually, when we are going to appear for our exams, we keep good preparation from our end but still sometimes fail to achieve the goal. In that case, we can go through some special exam tips online. Today we will talk about some special exam tips for the CCNP certifications courses. Yes! CCNP exams are not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can crack them with these exam tips.

The candidate can go with some online courses of CCNP from organisations like Network Kings.

  • Practice for mock tests a few days before exams.
  • Spending 2-2.5 hours in the Cisco CCNP laboratory is a must. You can get the world’s largest labs in Network kings.
  • Contribute 3-4 hours daily for theoretical knowledge.
  • The candidate must need focus on speed. They should know how to cover most of the questions in the given time.
  • Try not to leave any questions unanswered because there is no negative marking.

There might be situations where you won’t be able to crack the exam in a single go. But never lose hope, you can crack the exam if you will focus more on the mistakes you have committed in the previous exam.

What are the salary packages a Cisco CCNP-certified can earn?

The salary packages a Cisco CCNP-certified can earn in different countries are as follows-

  1. United States: $70,000 – $120,000 per year
  2. Canada: CAD 70,000 – CAD 110,000 per year
  3. United Kingdom: £35,000 – £60,000 per year
  4. Germany: €45,000 – €70,000 per year
  5. Australia: AUD 70,000 – AUD 120,000 per year
  6. France: €40,000 – €60,000 per year
  7. India: INR 500,000 – INR 1,200,000 per year
  8. Brazil: BRL 60,000 – BRL 100,000 per year
  9. Japan: ¥4,500,000 – ¥8,000,000 per year
  10. United Arab Emirates: AED 120,000 – AED 200,000 per year
  11. Singapore: SGD 60,000 – SGD 100,000 per year
  12. South Africa: ZAR 300,000 – ZAR 600,000 per year
  13. Sweden: SEK 400,000 – SEK 600,000 per year
  14. China: CNY 150,000 – CNY 300,000 per year
  15. Mexico: MXN 250,000 – MXN 400,000 per year

Where should I enroll for the best CCNP course training?

When we try to pursue a renowned course, it becomes difficult to find a perfect institution and mentor for the same. So, here this section of the blog will reduce your worries about finding a perfect institution for the CCNP Certifications course. You can rely on Network kings for the best CCNP Certifications course in the world. 

This ed-tech platform offers the world’s largest virtual labs with all-time access to these labs. You will also get the best guidance and mentoring from renowned engineers. Live sessions will help you cover all your doubts one-on-one. You will get certification for all the courses you will appear for. Video lectures will be available all the time which adds to more to the benefit list.

What are some common interview questions for the CCNP Certification course?

1. What is the work of a default route?

Ans: If there is not a definite entry in the routing table, then we can use default routing.

2. What are the major differences between routing and switching?

Ans: Routing transfers the telephone call to the access layer and switching delivers it to the final destination.

3. In route summarization, what is information hiding?

Ans: In the postal system, the information that we need is the city/ state information but the core layer does not need specific numbers and names. This information is hidden.

4. What is the other system that routes using a hierarchical delivery system?

Ans|: The Airport system uses a hierarchical system for routing passengers and cargo at major geographical areas.

5. What are the core components of a postal address?

Ans: We use the last 4-digits at the access layer, the next three numbers at the distribution layer, and the area code at the core level.


In this blog, we have covered the basics of the CCNP Certifications course. We have covered the introduction to CCNP Certification, a deep understanding of CCNP Certification, CCNP certifications courses, the CCNP certification process, Career opportunities and salary in the CCNP certification course, Some additional information about the CCNP Certifications course, Interview questions in the CCNP Certification exam, and why network kings are the best choice for CCNP Certifications course.

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