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Best Cisco Free Courses that you can learn in 2023. 

Whether you want to begin a successful career, a job promotion or even if you want to step into a new field, you’ll need to put your hands on learning new skills.  

The best way to do that is by taking online Cisco Free Courses.

Given below is the list of top free online courses that will serve as your guidance path and covers all the core skills that are needed to advance in today’s growing IT Infrastructure.

Read the full blog to gain expertise in whatever subject you feel is best and can help you succeed ahead in your career.

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1) First comes the Cisco Free Courses. 

A)  CCNA Cisco Free Courses: A course well fitted for the Beginners. 

  • Cisco CCNA free course stands for Cisco Certified Network Association and is an Information Technology Certification from Cisco Systems.
  • It is a free Cisco certification course and an associate- level career certification. The Cisco CCNA free exam has changed a lot of times because of the frequent changing IT Trends.
  • CCNA is a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification and it is a cisco free course of Networking Hardware Manufacturer’s Entry- Level Information Technology (IT) Certification.

These are the job positions that you can get after learning Free Cisco CCNA Course: 

  • Network Administrator  
  • Senior Network Engineer  
  • Network Security Specialist  
  • System Engineer, etc. 

B)  What does the free Cisco CCNA Curriculum says?  

  •  The CCNA Online Certification Course will tell you a piece of deep knowledge about Networking Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, IP services, ability, and automation.   
  • Learning free Cisco CCNA Online Certification course will give you the benefit of learning all the skills required so that you become a CCNA Certified. 
  • It will teach you all the skills and knowledge about CCNA and its important topics that are an essential part in managing and optimizing the latest and today’s Most Advanced Networks.  

After learning Cisco CCNA Free Course, you as a beginner in the IT Industry will become aware of the fact that how should he maintain and troubleshoot all the devices that are working in the corporate fields like Routers, Switches, Servers, etc. Without any problem and so that their work is not affected by any issue. 

2) CCNP Cisco Free Courses, (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Course to learn. 

  • This free Cisco CCNP course provides a more in-depth knowledge and an advanced certification. It aims at IT Professionals that have an experience of 1 or 2 years in Networking. They will go a long way in shaping their career or of anyone who’s involved in Networking. 

  • A person is known as a cisco certified network professional who is in the IT Industry and has achieved a free cisco CCNP career certification.   

  • Cisco has created this IT Professional certification to demonstrate that a person is fully qualified and has all the skills to handle the products and systems of Networking.   

A) These are the job roles of a free cisco CCNP certified individual: 

  • Network Engineer  
  • Network Analyst  
  • Systems Engineer  
  • Infrastructure Engineer, etc.  

B) Here are the benefits of learning Cisco free CCNP Course in 2023. 

  • After learning this course, you’ll get certified by the Networking Leaders.  
  • You as an individual will get a chance to stand out with the crowd.  
  • You’ll attain various job opportunities.  
  • There would be many career options available for you.  
  • You’ll remain updated with the network evolutions. 

3) Free Cisco CCNP Data Center course to learn:

  • As there are a larger number of companies growing all around the world, there is only one solution to many of the long-term problems of the companies and that is “Data Centre”.   

    Computing, storage network and automating technologies can obviously save money, and time but there has to be someone who can install, optimize and troubleshoot all that technology and problems that are occurring in an organization.  

A) The role of free cisco CCNP Data Centre course and certification in your career:  

  • Achieving CCNP Data Center certification and learning the course would validate your skills with Cisco data center solutions.  

  • The CCNP Data Center certification prepares you for professional-level job roles in Cisco data centre technologies.    

  • The technology is getting advanced and has been producing more and more data. A lot of new and other applications have been introduced to connect people, machines, and devices with each other.  

  • This is why the skills one gets to learn after CCNP Data Center training can be used by companies and professionals to raise their business infrastructure.   

  • The experts also need a broad range of skills and focus so deep in their particular areas of technology.   

B) What will earning free cisco CCNP Data Center Certification prove in shaping your career:  

  • Achieving free cisco CCNP Data Center certification proves your skills with data centre solutions.   
  • You’ll be able to implement Routing & Switching protocols in Data Center Environment and implement overlay Networks in Data Centre.   
  • The free cisco CCNP Certification will prove that you have all the basic knowledge and skills of Core Data Center Technologies and CCNP Data Center Core Exam.

C) What are the Popular Job Roles you can earn after the CCNP Data Center Course:  

  •         System administrator   
  •         Network administrator   
  •         Systems engineer   
  •         Network engineer  

4) Free Cisco CCNP Enterprise course to learn: 

  • Learning cisco CCNP Data Center Certification will provide you with many career opportunities and growth. It will make you capable enough to get a hike in your salary.  

    The free cisco CCNP Enterprise course will develop the knowledge to pass the ENARSI and ENCOR exams. This course will provide you with a detailed overview about the advanced routing, switching and security.  

  • The CCNP Enterprise is designed in such a way that if you’re able to earn its certification then you’ll be able to prove your skills amongst the changing structure of enterprise network technologies.    
  • The certification consists of all the main and important topics of your choice along with an enterprise focus.
  • The certification course is designed in such a way where you can choose to focus and plan your career according to yourself.  

A) What are the benefits of learning free cisco CCNP Enterprise course? 

  • If you learn free Cisco CCNP Enterprise then you will get an in-depth knowledge about CCNP enterprise.  
  • You’ll directly be lead on the path of achieving CCNP Enterprise certification.  
  • The free course will make you capable enough to get a hike in your salary. 

B) Who can learn the free cisco CCNP Enterprise course:

  • Anyone who wants to prepare for the CCNP Enterprise certification exams.  
  • Anyone who wants to learn routing at a professional level.  

5) Free cisco CCNP Security course to learn: 

Learning free Cisco CCNP Security will make you master the skills and technologies that you need to implement all the important core Cisco Security solutions so that it provides an advanced threat protection against all the attacks related to cyber- security.  

In this free Cisco CCNP Security course, you’ll learn about:  

  • Security for Networks   
  • Cloud and Content  
  • Endpoint Protection  
  • Secure Network Access  
  • Visibility and enforcement.  

A) Job roles of free cisco CCNP Security course: 

  • Network Security  
  • Cisco certified network professional  
  • Network Engineer  
  • Security Engineer  
  • Network Security Engineer etc. 

6) Free CCIE, cisco Certified Internetwork Expert course: 

Now let’s introduce you with the CCIE Course. This course will help you in becoming an expert in planning. Designing, implementing, diagnosing or troubleshooting the security of the network as well as the configurations of it.   

If you learn this course and gain certification in it then you’ll be known as a Network Expert. It is known as the toughest of all certifications.  

 A) These are the job roles that learning free cisco CCIE course will get you: 

  • Network Architect  
  • Network Engineer  
  • Security Consultant  
  • Network Security Engineers  
  • Senior Network Engineer, etc.  

7)   Free cisco SD WAN course to learn: 

With the increased adoption of cloud, virtualization, remote access, increasing demand from enterprises to secure their Network, SDWAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networks) is one such entity that uses a centralized control function to direct traffic in a secure and intelligent manner.  

A)  Benefits of learning free cisco SD WAN course:      

  •  Will get you a better salary with widely-acknowledged SD-WAN certification credentials.  
  • Will help you improve business agility.  
  • SD-WAN training helps enterprises to completely realize cloud benefits.  

B) Learning free cisco SD WAN course can get you on these positions: 

  • Networking Professionals  
  • Network Engineers  
  • IT Professionals working on SD-WAN  
  • System Administrators  
  • Enterprise Architects  
  • Solution Architects  

8) Free cisco SP-COR course to learn:  

The Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) is a part of the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification which exhibits your skills to configure, verify, optimize and troubleshoot Service Provider IP network infrastructures. The course dives deep into the service provider technologies involving core architecture, services, networking, automation, security and quality of service.   

A) Benefits of learning free cisco SP-COR Course: 

  • With the CCNP SPCOR course, you would be able to configure, verify, troubleshoot and optimize next-generation, Service Provider IP network infrastructures.  
  •  This course will prepare you for the 350-501 Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) exam.  

B) Career Progression of free cisco SP-COR course:   

  • The Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) core exam is also the qualifying exam for the CCIE Service Provider certification.  
  •  The SPCOR course is for Service Provider Engineers. Passing the SPCOR exam would also help you stand eligible for the two courses/certifications, namely, CCNP Service Provider and CCIE Service Provider.    

Conclusion Time: 

Will end by not forgetting to mention that these free courses are a great chance for your career building or growth and you should leave no steps unturned in learning whichever course suits the best for you.  

In case you like to know more about the courses and think of pursuing any of these as your career then feel free to contact me on this website as you’ll get all the essential details here.

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