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CCNP Security Salary and Job Prospects in the IT Industry

ccnp security salary

A Cisco Certified Network Professional Security course is a highly professional-level technical course which helps an individual to boost their technical knowledge in networking and its concepts. The course is designed for network security engineers who want to gain advanced expertise in the field of networking. This blog will help you to get detailed information on CCNP Security Salary, concepts, career opportunities and the scope of certification in the industry.

The expected CCNP Security Salary and courses will be discussed at the end of this blog. Therefore, keep reading the blog till the end.

What is CCNP Security?

CCNP Security stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional Security, a certification course providing the skills to secure network design and implementation using Cisco Secure Access, Edge Network Security, Threat Control, and Secure Mobility solutions in the industry. 

The CCNP Security course covers the subjects like security technologies, including network access control, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and content security.

What is the importance of CCNP Security?

CCNP Security training is one of the important courses of the IT industry since the demand for CCNP security experts is increasing day by day. The demand is fluctuating because of the increasing number of cyberattacks which are daily reported all around the globe.

The role of CCNP Security in the IT industry are as follows:- 

  • It helps to control hardware and software technologies in the industries.

  • CCNP Security helps to target a variety of threats in an organisation.

  • CCNP Security plays an important role as it helps to stop viruses from entering or spreading on your network.

  • CCNP Security helps to manage network and data efficiency in industries.

What are the benefits of earning a CCNP Security certification?

The benefits of earning a CCNP Security certification are given below:-

  •  One of the main benefits of CCNP security certification is that it helps to provide recognition and validation of skills and knowledge in network security.

  • One of the other benefits of CCNP security is that it helps to improve career opportunities and the potential for higher salaries in the job market.

  • Access to advanced security technologies and best practices is another benefit of Network security which helps candidates to advance their skills in this industry. 

  • Membership in the Cisco Learning Network community is another advantage of Network Security.

What are the key concepts of CCNP Security?

The key concepts of CCNP Security are:-

  • Network Security Concepts
  • VPN Technologies
  • Firewalls and IPS/IDS
  • Secure Network Access
  • Secure Routing and Switching
  • Endpoint Security
  • Web and Email Security
  • Network Infrastructure Security
  • Security Incident Response
  • Security Policy and Management

Note: if you want a better understanding of what is covered in the CCNP security syllabus, you can check it out here.

Who is eligible to enrol for CCNP Security certification?

Professionals who are eligible to apply for the Cisco Certified Network Professional Security certification course are as follows:-

  • A candidate should have a basic understanding of the IT industry.

  • Cisco CCNA Certification will be preferred to enrol for the CCNP certification course. 

  • A candidate should have at least 1 to 2 years of experience in the field of Networking.

  • A candidate should have a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Security Solutions.

Where to enroll on the Cisco CCNP Security certification course?

Network Kings is the top and trending ed-tech platform to pursue the Cisco CCNP Security certification course in the market. They are popular for providing live interactive sessions with the best industry experts in the market. They also provide pre-recorded videos of their virtual classes to their students by also providing them with the option of having access to virtual labs to get hands-on experience easily.

What is the exam format of the Cisco CCNP Security?

Before, preparing for any exam, a candidate needs to have some basic information about its format that how many questions will come in the exam, and what timings will be provided to the candidates to appear in the exam. 

Therefore, the exam details with its proper format of the Cisco CCNP Security are as follows:-

The CCNP Security course comprises two main exams. Given below are the details of the CCNP Security’s two main exams:-

Core exam:- The core exam is the main exam which is fixed and a candidate who enrolled for CCNP security has to appear in the same.

Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies

Exam Cost: USD 400

Exam Format: Multiple Choice

Total Questions: 120 Questions

Passing Score: 849 out of 1000

Exam Duration: 2 Hours (120 Minutes)

Languages: English

Testing Center: Pearson Vue

Concentration exam:- In the concentration examination, a candidate gets a chance to choose between the following enlisted subject codes:–

  • 300-710 SNCF

  • 300-715 SISE

  • 300-720 SESA

  • 300-725 SWSA

  • 300-730 SVPN

  • 300-735 SAUTO

What are the career prospects available after completing the CCNP Security course?

  1. Network Security Engineer

  2. Information Security Analyst

  3. Cybersecurity Consultant

  4. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

  5. Penetration Tester

  6. Network Security Administrator

  7. Security Architect

  8. Security Consultant

  9. Network Engineer

  10. Network Security Specialist

  11. Network Consultant

  12. Security Software Developer

  13. IT Security Manager

  14. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

  15. Security Analyst

  16. Security Engineer

  17. Security Administrator

  18. Security Auditor

  19. Incident Response Analyst

  20. Security Trainer

What is the expected CCNP security salary after getting certified?

The expected CCNP security salary that a candidate can get after getting CCNP security certification is mentioned below according to the different countries:-   

  1. United States – $75,000 to $120,000 per year

  2. United Kingdom – £30,000 to £55,000 per year

  3. Canada – CAD 60,000 to CAD 90,000 per year

  4. Australia – AUD 70,000 to AUD 110,000 per year

  5. Germany – €50,000 to €80,000 per year

  6. France – €40,000 to €65,000 per year

  7. Switzerland – CHF 90,000 to CHF 120,000 per year

  8. Singapore – SGD 50,000 to SGD 90,000 per year

  9. Hong Kong – HKD 300,000 to HKD 600,000 per year

  10. Japan – JPY 5,000,000 to JPY 8,000,000 per year

  11. South Korea – KRW 30,000,000 to KRW 60,000,000 per year

  12. India – INR 300,000 to INR 800,000 per year

  13. China – CNY 150,000 to CNY 350,000 per year

  14. Brazil – BRL 60,000 to BRL 100,000 per year

  15. South Africa – ZAR 200,000 to ZAR 500,000 per year


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security is an advanced-level technical course designed for professionals who want to enhance their skills in the field of networking. In this blog, we have discussed CCNP Security concepts, exam details, professional development and CCNP security salary which one can get after completing the CCNP Security certification course.

If you are among one those who also want to upgrade their skills and want to enhance the pay scale in the market, then, this course is the best suitable course for you.

Stay tuned to our website for more such amazing and informative blogs.

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