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Exclusive Cisco CCNP Security Syllabus: The Know It All Guide

CCNP Security Syllabus

The Cisco CCNP Security course is a professional-level certification program designed to upgrade individuals with an understanding of network security at a professional level. Individuals aspiring to appear for the Cisco CCNP Security exam look for the updated CCNP Security syllabus to prepare for their success; therefore, here we are with a blog on the Cisco CCNP Security syllabus to help you clear the exam with flying colours.

Hence, keep reading the blog till the end to know the latest CCNP Security syllabus and other exam specifics in detail. 

The Cisco CCNP Security program, designed by Cisco, a tech shark, is a professional-level certification program for those wishing to upscale the pre-existing CCNA knowledge into the networking domain in IT under the network security domain. 

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional): CCNP Security is for individuals who wish to become Network Engineers and earn huge in the industry by becoming an asset to IT network security.

Why choose Cisco CCNP Security certification?

One can choose the Cisco CCNP Security certification to learn networking security concepts in detail. Opting for the Cisco CCNP Security certification enables an individual to upscale in the IT networking security domain. Candidates desiring to become a Network Engineer can join the Cisco CCNP Security course at the professional level and shape their career even after graduation.

What skills can I learn with the Cisco CCNP Security course?

The skills you can learn with the Cisco CCNP Security course are as follows-

  1. Security Concepts
  2. Network Security
  3. Securing the Cloud
  4. Content Security
  5. Endpoint Protection and Detection
  6. Secure Network Access, Visibility and Enforcement

What is the Cisco CCNP Security syllabus?

The Cisco CCNP Security program comprises two exams – Core and Concentration. 

For the core exam, you need to clear the compulsory core exam, i.e., 350-701 SCOR and for the concentration exam, you need to choose & pass any one of the following concentration exams-

  • 300-710 SNCF
  • 300-715 SISE
  • 300-720 SESA
  • 300-725 SWSA
  • 300-730 SVPN
  • 300-735 SAUTO

Therefore, the latest Cisco CCNP Security syllabus is as follows-

Module 1: Adaptive Security Appliance (v9.14)

  • ASA Overview and History
  • ASA deployment
  • Bootstrapping and basic ASA configuration
  • ASA traffic flow
  • ASA routing
  • NAT
  • Modular Policy Framework (MPF)
  • Transparent firewall
  • QoS
  • ASA HA
  • ASA clustering
  • Security context

Module 2: NGFW/NGIPS – Security Firewall (v7.1)

  • Introduction and overview
  • Firepower deployment
  • Firepower traffic flow
  • Access Control Policy
  • Device and object management
  • Network discovery
  • Intrusion policy
  • NAP and pre-processors
  • File detection and AMP4N
  • SSL decryption
  • Identity policy
  • Correlation policies
  • Event analysis

Module 3: Cryptography Primer and VPN (IOS, ASA, Firepower and AnyConnect)

  • Basics of cryptography
  • Introduction to IPSec and PK
  • VPN types and modes
  • Site-to-Site VPNs
  • FlexVPN
  • Clientless RA VPNs
  • AnyConnect VPNs
  • VPN load balancing and HA

Module 4: Infrastructure Security (L2/L3)

  • Layer 2 Threats and Mitigation
  • Implementing network foundation protection framework (NFP)
  • Understand and secure MP-CP
  • Secure management traffic
  • Secure Infra device images and config files
  • Securing routing protocols

Module 5: Content Security (WSA/ESA) 

  • WSA proxy services
  • Integrated L4TM
  • User identity and authentication
  • Web security policies
  • URL filtering
  • Bandwidth control
  • AVC
  • SSL decryption
  • Outbound data security
  • SMTP Overview
  • SMTP relay
  • ESA packet flow
  • Reputation filters
  • AS and AV
  • Content filters
  • Outbreak filters
  • Content security

Module 6: Cisco Identity Services Engine (v2.7)

  • AAA framework overview
  • IEEE 802.1x
  • ISE introduction and overview
  • ISE and AD integration
  • MAB
  • Wired and wireless 802.1x
  • Guest access
  • ISE posturing
  • Device profiling
  • BYOD
  • TrustSec
  • ISE in SDA deployment

Module 7: StealthWatch (v7.4)

  • NetFlow and deployment scenarios
  • Netflow in Cisco IOS and IOS-XE
  • StealthWatch Management Console and Flow Collector
  • CTA and ETA

Module 8: Cisco AMP4E and TG (5 hours)

  • AMP4E introduction and overview
  • Licensing
  • AMP4E Console
  • Managing policies
  • Best practices
  • Malicious investigations
  • Introduction to Threat Grid
  • Cloud vs On-prem
  • TG File analysis
  • CTR and SecureX

Module 9: Cisco Umbrella (2 hours)

  • Why and What of DNS?
  • DNS Importance
  • Umbrella introduction
  • Umbrella use cases

What are the exam details of the Cisco CCNP Security course?

The exam details of the Cisco CCNP Security course are as follows-

Exam Name

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies

Exam Format

Multiple Choice Questions

Exam Cost

USD 400

Total Questions

120 Questions

Passing Score

849 out of 1000

Exam Duration

2 Hours (120 Minutes)



Testing Center

Pearson Vue

Where can I get the best Cisco CCNP Security training?

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What is the scope of the Cisco CCNP Security certification?

The scope of the Cisco CCNP Security certification is bright and promising since the domain is in high demand; there are approximately 15,000+ active job vacancies for Network Engineers with CCNP Security certification. The number of CCNP Security Network Engineers will rise at a 4x speed in the coming years.

What are the top job prospects after the Cisco CCNP Security certification?

The top job prospects after the Cisco CCNP Security certification are as follows-

  1. Network Administrator
  2. Network Engineer
  3. Network Analyst
  4. Network Support Specialist
  5. Systems Administrator
  6. Technical Support Engineer
  7. Security Analyst
  8. Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer
  9. IT Consultant
  10. Wireless Network Engineer
  11. VoIP Engineer
  12. Cloud Network Engineer
  13. Data Center Engineer
  14. Cybersecurity Engineer
  15. Network Architect
  16. Network Security Engineer
  17. Senior Network Engineer
  18. Network Solutions Architect
  19. IT Director
  20. Network Manager

What salary packages can one expect after completing the Cisco CCNP Security training?

Wrapping Up!

The salary packages one can expect after completing the Cisco CCNP Security training in different countries are as follows- 

  1. United States: USD 85,000 – USD 140,000 per year
  2. United Kingdom: £40,000 – £70,000 per year
  3. Canada: CAD 75,000 – CAD 125,000 per year
  4. Australia: AUD 92,000 – AUD 157,000 per year
  5. Germany: €50,000 – €90,000 per year
  6. France: €45,000 – €75,000 per year
  7. Netherlands: €45,000 – €80,000 per year
  8. Switzerland: CHF 100,000 – CHF 150,000 per year
  9. United Arab Emirates: AED 180,000 – AED 280,000 per year
  10. Singapore: SGD 60,000 – SGD 110,000 per year
  11. India: INR 6,00,000 – INR 12,00,000 per year
  12. Brazil: R$100,000 – R$180,000 per year
  13. Mexico: MXN 400,000 – MXN 700,000 per year
  14. South Africa: ZAR 500,000 – ZAR 900,000 per year
  15. Japan: ¥8,000,000 – ¥15,000,000 per year

Hundreds of job opportunities are available on Indeed and LinkedIn in India for candidates with CCNP Security certification.

The Cisco CCNP Security program certification is the most common certification course sought by individuals aspiring to become network engineers. Hence, the blog describes all the mandatory yet crucial details regarding the Cisco CCNP Security syllabus, exam, and job opportunities. 

Thus, do not hesitate to write to us if you have queries or wish to leave feedback on our blog – Exclusive Cisco CCNP Security Syllabus: The Know It All Guide, and stay tuned to read our next blog on the Cisco CCNP Security syllabus.

Happy Learning!