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Is SD WAN Worth it? Best Explained

is sd wan worth it

Is SD WAN Worth it? A lot of people wonder before entering the technical domain. In this blog, we will talk about the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) certification. Presented by Cisco itself, this certification has been Tier 1 certification in tech. 

Cisco SD-WAN worth it the money because it is experimental, Avant Garde and ‘one of its kind’ nature. Coming into existence in 2017-18, this new Cisco SD-WAN technology is solution-based. It has made things easy for network professionals, especially Network Administrators

This virtual transportation technology has taken over all the other technologies since Cisco took over. Earlier known by the name Viptela only, Cisco SD-WAN is the new emerging technology in alliance with Viptela itself.  

In short, SD-WAN has transformed the networking scenario. This is the reason why a lot of tech enthusiasts are choosing this career path. 

We can state a number of reasons why knowing and adopting SD-WAN is transforming. Let’s begin with some of the most highlighted features. 

Is SDWAN Worth It?

The Most Advanced Transport Technology:

By the name itself, you can break down the actual function of SD-WAN. A Software-Defined WAN is built to manage long distance networks. It is a virtual Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture.  

It is unique since it allows enterprises to use any combination of transport services. These include: 

  • MPLS 
  • BGP 
  • 4G LTE 
  • 5G 
  • Broadband Internet services 

With SD-WAN, you can use any of these services to securely connect your users to the applications. This unique quality of SD-WAN makes it useful and cheaper than other transport services.  

Cloud Networks Work on SD-WAN:

Cloud networks are the future. Gone are the days when the networks were deployed and managed through physical data centers. Cloud computing has changed the scenario of networking. 

SD-WAN is the new age Wide Area Network (WAN). It is the best solution to deliver, manage and monitor the cloud SD-WAN. This could be explained with a simple example. 

For example, you want to add a new update in your application which is running in various locations all across the globe. With SD-WAN, you do not need to run long codes to install that update to your system. With vManage, you can do it all. You just have to enter the basic data. 

This is how SD-WAN has simplified the lives of networking professionals. It is the future of networking and Information Technology (IT).

SD-WAN Certification Makes the Way to Cloud:

SD-WAN certification is one of the best certifications to look forward to if you want a career in cloud computing. It makes you familiar with the cloud ecosystem. You can secure a high-paying job as an SD-WAN Engineer.  

On average, you can earn Rs. 23,00,000/- per year as an SD-WAN Engineer. If you are better than average and in the top 10%, you can earn more than Rs. 32,00,000/- per year. 

Based on your experience and hands-on practical knowledge, you can earn as much as you want.

94% of Enterprises Have Shifted to Cloud:

 Since everything is shifting to cloud, enterprises are shifting to cloud as well. This has created a serious need to securely monitor, manage and maintain applications. SD-WAN has contributed to increased growth of cloud adoption across the globe. 

Using SD-WAN has the following advantages: 

  • SD-WAN improves network performance by 47%. 
  • This technology boosts security. 
  • It also lowers the complex and distant networks. 
  • It allows us to use cloud. 
  • It cuts down the cost. 

This is a direct indicator that SD-WAN certification is one of the most trending certifications to get. You can begin your SD-WAN training with us here

SD-WAN Engineers are Preferred Over Network Engineers:

There are scenarios where SD-WAN is not a fit at all. These include deploying some networking infrastructures, automation stacks using Ansible, etc. There are misfits to SD-WAN technology.  

Yet, SD-WAN technology is here to stay. My advice is that you should not miss any chance to become an SD-WAN Engineer. You can earn more as an SD-WAN Engineer than a Network Engineer. But I am not saying that Network Engineers are not in demand.  

With SD-WAN, a Network Engineer can increase his/her skillsets. For example, if you want to optimize routing paths on an overlay network, you can do it easily with SD-WAN. 

This is evidence of how knowing SD-WAN can skyrocket your career in tech.

SD-WAN Engineers are Not Just a Trend:

SD-WAN Engineering job profile is here to stay for the long run. You do not need to think twice before learning the SD-WAN technology. It is the top-performing technology in the tech world. Especially, if you are just starting out in the technical industry, you need to have the essential hands-on skills. 

With SD-WAN, you can complete your skills as a Network Engineer. You can then upgrade to an SD-WAN Engineer. Being an SD-WAN Engineer is not just a fad, it is what the industry demands. 

If you are a CCNA and CCNP holder already, you need to upskill with SD-WAN. 


The SD-WAN certification is worth it. I have already stated a number of reasons why. SD-WAN technology is here to stay in the long run. Even the enterprises are looking for quick technologies.  

SD-WAN is reliable, cheaper and faster than other existing transport technologies. In fact, how cool is the fact that you can use a combination of technologies with SD-WAN. 

An SD-WAN certification improves your career prospects. It can help you land various job roles such as Senior Network Engineer and an L3 Security Engineer as well. You can explore more job opportunities with SD-WAN. It takes the right skills to land a high-paying job. 

You can get the right skills by getting trained with us. We have live interactive classes with Network Engineers and SD-WAN Engineers. Along with that, we have live interactive classes to help you out. 

If you aspire to become an SD-WAN Engineer, Network Kings is the right place to start. Throughout the course you will also learn about the actual worth of the SD-WAN certification.