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Microsoft Office 365 Course: Everything You Need to Know

Office 365 Course

Times have changed; you can access almost every Microsoft service on iOS-based devices. Thanks to cloud computing! Microsoft Office 365 is a top cloud-based service that allows you to access many Microsoft applications like Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams. Now, choose Microsoft Office 365 course to enhance your IT understanding and skills to boost your career with a 4x speed.

What is the Microsoft Office 365 course?

The Microsoft Office 365 course is for individuals who already have knowledge of the Windows Server environment but are looking for a basic understanding of the Microsoft Messaging System, i.e. Microsoft Exchange.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of Windows Server can take up Microsoft office 365 training as it makes you capable of working in live environments.

What are the requirements for the Office 365 course?

Since this course covers basic concepts of Microsoft Office 365, almost anyone can take Microsoft office 356 course. Yet, there are still a few pre-requirements to this course.

  • Initially, candidates must have a fundamental comprehension of the Office 365 environment. 
  • Candidates must have experience using Office applications, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, and be knowledgeable about cloud computing fundamentals. 
  • It is preferred to have familiarity with Skype and SharePoint. 
  • Candidates must possess some knowledge of Windows Server.

What exams can you take after completing the Office 365 training?

The Microsoft Office 365 certification course equips candidates with the skills and knowledge to monitor, manage, and implement Office 365 services. The office 365 course comprises five exams, each evaluating diverse knowledge and skills, namely-

  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900): 

The initial exam, Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900), covers the basics of the Office 365 environment. This exam targets the following topics:

  1. Cloud concepts
  2. Core Microsoft 365 services and concepts
  3. Trust, compliance, privacy, and security in Microsoft 365

This exam provides a fundamental understanding of Office 365 and its numerous services. Before proceeding to other exams, candidates must take this exam.

  •  Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS-100):

The second exam, Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS-100), targets managing and implementing identity and access services in Office 365. The following topics get evaluated in this exam-

  1. Implement and design Microsoft 365 services
  2. Manage user identity and roles
  3. Manage authentication and access

This exam targets equipping candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary for managing user identities and access in Office 365.

  • Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101):

The third and final exam, Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (MS-101), focuses on implementing and managing mobility and security in Office 365. The exam targets the following topics:

  1. Implement modern device services
  2. Implement Microsoft 365 security and threat management
  3. Manage Microsoft 365 compliance and governance

This exam provides candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement and manage mobility and security in Office 365.

  • Microsoft 365 Messaging (MS-203):

Microsoft 365 Messaging (MS-203) is another associate-level exam available after the Office 365 course. It focuses on managing a secure and efficient email collaboration platform using Microsoft Exchange Online and Office 365. 

The exam covers the following topics:

  1. Manage resources and settings of Microsoft Exchange Online 
  2. Manage and plan mail transport architecture
  3. Secure the messaging environment through Microsoft Exchange
  • Managing Microsoft Teams (MS-700):

After completing the Office 365 online course, you can also appear for the MS-700 exam focussing on managing and maintaining internal and external collaboration using Teams and Office 365. 

The exam covers the following topics:

  1. Manage and configure a Microsoft Teams environment
  2. Manage channels, teams, apps and chats
  3. Manage calls and meetings in real-time
  4. Monitor, troubleshoot and report on Teams

What are the details of the Office 365 course exam?

The details of the Office 365 course exam are as follows-

Degree: Certificate

Certification Level: Fundamental + Associate

Cost: USD 99

Duration: 3 months

Qualification: Graduate degree

What skills are you going to learn in the Office 365 training?

You will be able to perform the following tasks and have a good knowledge of the following concepts during office 365 training:

  • Proficiency in the basics of Microsoft Exchange On-Prem and Exchange Online.
  • You will understand the basics of Microsoft Outlook and Email Systems.
  • Understand setting up the Exchange environment yourself and will be ready to work with it.
  • You can set up the Microsoft 365 Tenant and perform L1 troubleshooting.
  • You will also be able to handle all the responsibilities related to Microsoft messaging.

Also, you will learn about Microsoft Exchange along with Microsoft 365.

  • Microsoft Exchange (On-premises)

  1. Learn the fundamentals of email systems and various options.
  2. Learn how Microsoft Exchange is different from other options.
  3. Understand the history of Microsoft Exchange and examine what has changed over the years.
  4. Understand the requirements and installation of the Exchange server.
  5. Understand the basic flow of email systems with Microsoft Exchange.
  6. Understand the creation of the recipient types, mailboxes, DLs, and related terms.
  7. Understand all tasks you perform as a Windows Administrator in Microsoft Exchange.
  • Microsoft 365 (Exchange online)

  1. Understand in detail Microsoft 365 and its services.
  2. Understand how to set up Microsoft 365 tenant and licensing overview.
  3. Understand exchange online working and mail flow system.
  4. Understand Teams and SharePoint briefly.
  5. Learn to create users, DLs, License Assignments and Azure Active Directory.
  6. Learn about AD connect and AD sync. Learn to connect on-prem AD with exchange online.
  7. Understand basic mail flow along with troubleshooting.

What are the benefits of joining the Office 365 certification training?

The benefits of joining the Office 365 certification training are as follows-

  • Increased job opportunities

With the increasing demand for Office 365 in today’s workplaces, obtaining certification can provide professionals with a competitive edge over their peers and increase their job opportunities.

  • Higher salaries

Professionals with Office 365 certification get paid higher than others.

  • Improved skills and knowledge

Obtaining certification requires candidates to gain a deep understanding of Office 365 and its various services, which can improve their skills and knowledge and make them more effective in their roles.

Where can you prepare online for the Office 365 exam?

Many online platforms provide self-paced learning for the Office 365 course. However, one seeks an online platform that covers hands-on training.

At Network Kings, you can learn directly from Windows Administrators and Microsoft Office 365 experts with years of experience in the industry.

You can enjoy the following benefits at Network Kings:

  • Live interactive classes with engineers.
  • Exclusive 1:1 frequent doubt sessions with the experts.
  • Constant support from career counsellors for non-technical issues.
  • Access to an online portal to track your progress.
  • Access courses at economical prices.
  • Cover the most industry-relevant course curriculum.
  • Learn how to prepare for interviews.
  • Get a certificate of course completion.

What are the job opportunities after the Office 365 course?

You can get the following job opportunities after completing the Office 365 course-

  • Office 365 Engineer
  • Office 365 Administrator
  • Desktop Support Engineer With Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migration Specialist
  • Office 365 Support Engineer
  • Sharepoint And Office 365 Admin 
  • Teams Administrator
  • Microsoft Exchange Administrator
  • Sharepoint Developer
  • Exchange Server L2 Engineer
  • Ad Azure Admin With Office 365 Admin
  • Office 365 Application Support Engineer

What are the salary prospects after the Office 365 online course?

You can expect the following salaries in different countries after completing the Office 365 course-

  • United States: USD 80,000 to USD 104,000
  • India: INR 4.27 LPA to INR 10 LPA
  • United Kingdom: £60,000 to £ 75,000
  • UAE: AED 148,000 to AED 326,000
  • Singapore: SGD 74,000 to SGD 113,000
  • Australia: AUD 67,000 to AUD 92,000
  • South Africa: ZAR 103,000 to ZAR 505,000

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