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CCNP Course in Kolkata


About CCNP Course

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is Cisco’s premier certification to prove skills in enterprise networking solutions. The CCNP course in Kolkata focuses on making candidates take the CCNP professional exam.

The CCNP course in Kolkata is best for those who already have the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) knowledge. You can learn the best skills from Network Kings. Get to learn from top-notch Network Engineers.

Degree Certificate
CCNP Full Form Cisco Certified Network Professional
Duration Course Duration of Cisco Certified Network Professional [CCNP] is 120+ Hours.
Qualification Graduate
Average Salary Upto INR 8+ LPA
Employment Roles Third Line Support., Network Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, IT Team Leader, Network Analyst, VoIP Engineer, Systems Engineer, Advanced technician.
Placement Opportunities Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys and many more.

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CCNP Course in Kolkata

What is the CCNP Course?

With the recent boom in the networking industry, the CCNP course in Kolkata is the best fit for candidates who want to become a Network Engineer. CCNP course is a further extension of the CCNA course.

It covers the CCNA topics in more depth to help you become an advanced-level Network Engineer. By taking the CCNP training in Kolkata, you learn to manage big networks. It also makes you proficient in configuring, troubleshooting and managing large enterprise networks.

Take the CCNP course in Kolkata at Network Kings to excel in the networking industry.

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What Exams To Take To Become A CCNP Professional?

You need to take two exams to become a CCNP professional. These two exams are:

  • One Core exam:

When you take the CCNP training in Kolkata, we cover the most valued core exam which is the 350-401 ENCOR exam. In this CCNP core exam training, you get to learn about the core enterprise network technologies. This brings you a step closer to the professional CCNP certification.

  • One Concentration exam:

It is very important to prepare for a concentration exam as well to become a CCNP professional. When you enroll for CCNP training in Kolkata with us, you also help you prepare for 300-401 ENARSI. You learn advanced routing and infrastructure technologies, Layer 3 and VPN services.

Who are Eligible to Take the CCNP Course in Kolkata?

There are no mandatory requirements before taking the CCNP training in Kolkata. Anyone can take the CCNP course in Kolkata if they want to become a Network Engineer. 

However, it is recommended to take the CCNA course before taking the CCNP course to better understand the concepts included in the CCNP training at Kolkata.

You can take the CCNP exam if you have the following:

  • An in-depth understanding of the CCNP topics before the CCNP exam.
  • You have three to five years of experience in the networking industry in implementing enterprise networking solutions.

If you have the above experience, you are all set to take the CCNP exam.

What’s Covered in the CCNP training in Kolkata?

Since we cover both CCNP ENCOR and CCNP ENARSI in CCNP training in Kolkata, you can expect to cover the following:

  • CCNP ENCOR 350-401
  • Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture
  • Virtualization
  • Infrastructure
  • Network assurance
  • Security 
  • Automation


  • CCNP ENARSI 300-401
  • Cisco enterprise network architecture
  • Cisco switching paths
  • Campus LAN connectivity
  • Redundant switched topology
  • Layer 2 port aggregation
  • Understand EIGRP
  • Implement OSPF
  • Optimize OSPF
  • Explore EBGP
  • Implement network redundancy
  • Implement NAT
  • Introduce virtual protocols and techniques
  • Understand virtual private networks and interfaces
  • Understand wireless principles
  • Examine wireless AP operation
  • Understand wireless client connectivity
  • Introduce multicast protocols
  • Introduce QoS
  • Implement network services
  • Use network analysis tools
  • Implement infrastructure security
  • Implement Secure Control Access
  • Understand enterprise network security architecture
  • Automation and assurance using Cisco DNA Center
  • Learn Cisco SD-Access solution
  • Understand Cisco SD-WAN
  • Learn the basics of Python programming
  • Learn network programmability tools and protocols
  • Learn about APIs in Cisco DNA Center and vManage

What Are The Job Opportunities After the CCNP Course?

You can explore various job opportunities once you are done with the CCNP course in Kolkata. Some of the best job positions that you can apply for are as follows:

  • Intermediate-level Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Support Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Network Security Engineer
  • IT Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer
  • TAC Engineer
  • System Engineer

You can explore all these job opportunities after the CCNP certification in Kolkata. You can look for these courses at Indeed, Monster, Naukri, etc.

What are the Benefits of Enrolling in the CCNP Training at Network Kings?

Once you get enrolled for the CCNP course in Kolkata at Network Kings, you can enjoy the following unmatched benefits:

  • Get live training from top-notch Network Engineers working in big tech names such as Microsoft, Apple, Juniper Networks, Infosys, Aricent, TCS, Delloite, etc.
  • Clear your doubts with frequent live doubt sessions
  • Access the world’s biggest Cisco virtual labs 24×7
  • Learn the latest networking concepts that’ll land you a job
  • Access your course in our online learning portal or our mobile application

You can enjoy all these benefits at the CCNP training in Kolkata at Network Kings. You can also take online training.

Is CCNP Certification in Kolkata worth it?

The CCNP course in Kolkata is the best course in the city to begin a career in tech without coding. If you want to become a Network Engineer, the CCNP course in Kolkata is the best choice. The CCNP certification in Kolkata is worth it as it can open tons of better job opportunities in the networking industry without coding.

You can work on-field and in the office as a CCNP professional. Therefore, if you want a career in the networking industry, CCNP is the best choice for certification!

We wish you all the best!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can land high-paying jobs after the CCNP course such as Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Support Engineer, Network Technician, TAC/NOC Engineer, etc.

The CCNP course is often 3-6 months long.

Anyone who has done CCNA can do the CCNP course. You can also do the CCNP course if you are already an IT technician, Network Admin, entry-level Network Engineer or Technical Support Engineer to expand your career opportunities.

You can get the best CCNP course in Kolkata at Network Kings.

You can make anywhere between 5-18 LPA. It depends on your experience.

You need to have over 3 years of experience in IT networking with skills like troubleshooting, analytics, network technologies, routing and switching, and problem-solving.

The CCNP ENCOR 350-401 is the best CCNP exam.