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Network Kings is one of the top online training and an EdTech platform. From the very beginning, we are known for our exceptional Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training. Combined with the world’s largest Cisco labs, we promise you to deliver the best. 

At Network Kings, We have the world’s biggest Cisco labs to work with. These Cisco labs include the following: 

  • CCNA labs 
  • CCNP labs 
  • ASA Firewall labs 
  • Cisco DevNet labs 
  • Cisco SD-WAN labs 
  • Labs for BGP, MPLS, OSPF 

You can get your hands on these biggest Cisco labs with us. We have the latest lab technologies and on top of that, our labs are up-to-date with industry standards. 

Let’s take a look at the labs of all the above-mentioned courses one by one.  

Before we actually begin with all the details, let’s talk about the importance of virtual labs. There are plenty of institutions/online learning platforms which provide Cisco courses. They usually provide these courses without practical knowledge. You can learn the theoretical aspect from anywhere. 

Yet to grasp the real-world concepts, you need to have practical knowledge. Thus, Network Kings is here to provide you with the world’s biggest Cisco labs. The best part is that you can access these virtual labs at the ease of your home. 

You do not need to attend offline institutions to practice real-world industry problems. With us you can do it at home without any hassle. The best part is that you get unlimited access to our latest Cisco labs. 

Without further ado, let’s begin by knowing all sorts of Cisco labs we have here at Network Kings. 

Cisco CCNA Lab

cisco labs: ccna/ccnp-both

Our Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) virtual lab is a complete simulation of a real-life cisco setup. You do not need to go out and work with heavy lab equipment. We have virtually everything present in our labs. 

Our labs are filled with all the equipment needed virtually. We have the best network simulators available with the latest technology. People have their own favorite simulator or emulator. 

Yet, we use virtual lab simulation at Network Kings. If you are a GNS3 user then you will find it better than VIRL, and vice versa. 

Every software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at all the simulators that we possibly use. These virtual lab simulators include: 

  • Cisco Packet Tracer 
  • Boson Network Simulator 

Since we teach everything Cisco, our virtual labs are Cisco labs. Let’s talk about our Cisco labs. 

Cisco Packet tracer is the most famous software for getting a real-life practical experience of Cisco labs. It is the best for routing and switching certifications. These technologies are often used for the following: 

  • Test networking technologies in the real world 
  • Deploy routers and switches 
  • Know the industry application 

What is Cisco Packet Tracer? 

A simulator is a network technology that creates a virtual form of a network topology consisting of one or more network devices.  

In such a virtual network topology, there is no real-time traffic. It is just a piece of software that behaves like a real network device in terms of its ability. 

Packet Tracer is Cisco’s visual simulation tool that copies network topologies of: 

  • Cisco routers 
  • Cisco switches 
  • Cisco firewalls, and more. 

Packet Tracer was originally founded for educational purposes at Cisco’s Networking Academy. It is, however, great for anyone who is trying to take a Cisco certification exam such as, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), etc. 

Features of our 200-301 CCNA Lab: 

Our CCNA learning program consists of interactive learning. We have the world’s biggest CCNA lab where you can work hands-on with virtual network topologies. 

We have 4 types of labs: 

  • Skill builders 
  • Subnetting exercises 
  • Configuration scenarios 
  • Troubleshooting scenarios 

The CCNA 200-301 Network Simulator such as Cisco Packet Tracer is a single-user software package. You can practice with it without the need for any lab hardware.  

Cisco virtual labs are not like other labs available in the market. With these labs, you can quickly become familiar with the Cisco iOS version 15 router and switch commands in the CCNA exam. Other labs are far more complex and not easy to understand. 

The features of our CCNA labs include: 

  • The Cisco network simulator software enables CCNA candidates to explore configuration and troubleshooting scenarios in a real-world environment. 
  • Learn hands-on skills with structured labs designed by our top-notch Network Engineers with over 11 years of industry experience. 
  • Learn unique tools that help you apply key networking concepts 
  • We teach by an interactive virtual simulation engine that teaches you effectively by doing it yourself. 
  • Our CCNA labs are the biggest virtual labs. 
  • Our labs are available 24/7 until your course is completed. 

You can get access to our exclusive training as well. Enroll now to get all these benefits. 

Cisco CCNP Lab


We have the biggest Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) labs in the world. Our labs are equipped with the latest GNS3 technology. The CCNP labs have the following lab equipment: 

  • Switch Pod 
  • Multilayer distribution switch  
  • Layer 2 Access switches 
  • Cross-over cables 
  • Console cables 

Our CCNP lab is 100% virtually simulated. Our CCNP lab practicals consist of the following: 

  • Implementing basic configuration and connections. 
  • Configure and implement Trunks, VTP, VLANs, and EtherChannel. 
  • Implement PVST+ and PVRST+ 
  • Layer 3 EtherChannel 
  • Switch security 
  • Implementation of VoIP. 

At Network Kings we have both CCNP ENCOR and CCNP ENARSI configuration labs. You can access these labs at ease from your home virtually. There is no hassle.  

With our CCNP (ENARSI+ENCOR) labs, you will get to learn the following: 

  • Get hands-on experience on Cisco routers and switches 
  • Work with Packet tracer and GNS3 Labs 
  • Learn problem-solving techniques for Cisco routers and switches 
  • Learn how to troubleshoot 
  • Learn Cisco IOS tips and tricks 
  • Become fully prepared for lab questions for CCNP ENCOR and CCNP ENARSI exams. 

This pretty much sums up our CCNP virtual lab. You can access this for free along with your CCNP course. What are you waiting for?

Cisco SD-WAN Lab

A diagram of a network with different types of devices.

Cisco SD-WAN Lab:

When it comes to Cisco SD-WAN labs, SD-WAN gives all the credit to Cisco DevNet. Cisco DevNet is the ‘developer’ of everything for SD-WAN. You can access a lot of things through Cisco DevNet. These include: 

  • Labs
  • Tutorials
  • Sandboxes
  • Code examples
  • Cisco SD-WAN Sandbox (Cisco DevNet Labs):

One of the best things about Cisco DevNet lab is the Cisco SD-WAN Sandbox. The Cisco SD-WAN Sandboxes consist of a complete virtual SD-WAN environment. You do not need any reservation or use a VPN connection to take a quick look at all the things present in the sandbox. 

You can even reserve a sandbox to work on it all by yourself. With the Cisco SD-WAN Sandbox, the developer can do the following: 

  • Test and develop SD-WAN type applications
  • Interact with the SD-WAN API calls using a number of REST clients

Palo Alto Firewall

A diagram of a network with several different devices.

Palo Alto Firewall Lab : 

  • Understand the fundamentals of network security.
  • Learning firewall technologies, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), virtual private networks (VPNs), and network segmentation.
  • Gain insights into threat intelligence methodologies.
  • Learn to identify and analyze potential cyber threats proactively. 
  • Develop security operations, incident response, and forensic analysis skills.
  • Explore the unique challenges and best practices for securing cloud environments.
  • Learn endpoint security solutions, including antivirus software, advanced endpoint protection platforms, and strategies for securing devices and endpoints.
  • Acquire knowledge on securing web applications from vulnerabilities. 
  • Learn cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and session hijacking.
  • Understand the importance of security governance frameworks, compliance regulations, and risk management strategies.
  • Prepare for industry-recognized certifications.

ASA Firewall Lab

A diagram of a network with various Cisco devices.

ASA Firewall Lab: 

We have the most incredible Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewall virtual lab to work with. With NETLAB+, we can host real-IT equipment and virtual machines. Our labs are updated to use on NETLAB+. 

At Network Kings, we will help you configure the following lab practicals: 

  • Configuring ASI basic settings and Firewall using Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Basic router/switch/PC configuration
  • Access the ASA console
  • Use CLI setup mode to configure basic settings
  • Configure basic ASA settings
  • Interface security levels using the CLI
  • Configure routing, address translation
  • Configure inspection policy using the CLI
  • Configure DHCP, AAA and SSH
  • Configure DMZ, Static NAT and ACLs 

You can practice all these practicals with our special ASA Firewall virtual labs. You can access them 24/7.  The craziest part about our labs is that they are the world’s largest virtual labs. Enroll now for the ASA firewall upcoming batch.

 GNS3 Labs: 

GNS3 labs are such a great option. You can access SD-WAN virtual topology in GNS3 labs very easily. All you need to do is add Cisco SD-WAN KVM images to GNS3. This way, you will be all set to access the labs. 

GNS3 labs are even used for CCNA and CCNP training. Therefore, they are very reliable labs to work with.  

VMware ESX Labs: 

With the VMware virtual labs, you can learn how to change networking and security with a software-defined approach. With the VMware labs, you can use networking and virtualization to build a virtual cloud network. 

With the VMware labs, you can deploy and manage SD-WAN. Learn how the SD-WAN topology works. 

So, from all these three types of SD-WAN labs, DevNet labs are really cool to work with. Even the VMware labs are easy to work with. We often rely on VMware labs to work with SD-WAN topologies. 

Cisco DevNet Lab:

The Cisco DevNet lab, as already discussed, is available as sandboxes on the Cisco DevNet labs. We have the world’s biggest Cisco labs to work with. 

With us, you can work hands-on with the labs that are available 24/7. You can increase your chances to land a high-paying job with Cisco DevNet hands-on labs. Our labs are equipped with the latest technology. 

You can access these labs for free when you enroll in any of our courses. 


BGP, MPLS, and OSPF Labs:

We even have the world’s biggest labs for practicing routing protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). We make sure that our labs are accessible to each and every enrolled student. 

We will discuss each one of these labs to know their features. Let’s begin talking about each one of them.  


In our OSPF module, we teach our students how to configure OSPF on any Cisco device. We take you through the basic steps to understand OSPF configurations. 

We use the Cisco Packet Tracer to simulate OSPF virtual labs. The OSPF configuration is very simple and easy. On the other hand, RIP and EIGRP configurations are complex. It becomes a task to configure them. 

Yet, we only practice configuring OSPF in Cisco devices. It is really important to configure OSPF as it is very important to know. 

You can access our biggest OSPF labs 24/7 virtually on your laptop/PC. 

MPLS Lab: 

We also train our students to configure MPLS labs. The MPLS is often configured through Cisco Packet Tracer. Our program consists of more of an entry-level network simulator. With the advancement of course, we take our lab practicals to the next level. 

A lot of candidates ask for EVE-NG, GNS3 or VIRL labs to practice more advanced topics. At Network Kings, we work our best to provide you with the advanced labs. Our labs are designed to be the world’s biggest labs in the virtual environment. 

BGP Lab: 

Along with MPLS and OSPF, we also have the BGP labs. Here, we train our candidates how to configure BGP labs in Cisco Packet Tracer. BGP is the most difficult routing protocol to understand. Therefore, our task here is to make it the easiest to learn. 

So, in this lab you will learn the following: 

  • Get a good understanding of BGP practical concepts 
  • Learn how to configure BGP 
  • Learn how to troubleshoot BGP 
  • Learn how to change routing in BGP 
  • Learn attributes such as weight, origin, local preference, MED and communities 
  • Understand the BGP table in a better way 

When you get your hands on all these aspects of BGP, you will be the most successful at configuring BGP. Our labs are the biggest BGP labs you can ever work with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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