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Top 7 Short Term Job Oriented Courses that are creating a buzz

Job Oriented Courses
Job Oriented Courseses

Today Topic: Job Oriented Courses – Getting a job is a tough task, isn’t it? What has contributed even more to this in today’s economy struck with covid waves, inflations, shortage of products, and whatnot.

With a neck to neck competition in every sector, it becomes important to find a way through which you can get an edge over your peers to land a high-paying and well-secured job opportunity.

Short-term Job-oriented courses help you in that. Short-term courses with high salary provide you with the edge that you require to rise above the competition. With their short and crisp time range, such courses focus on providing the desired skill set over a period of time that is short enough so that you can expand your expertise quickly and exclude the hassle

What are Short-Term Job Oriented Courses?

Getting a job is a tough task, isn’t it? What has contributed even more to this in today’s economy struck with covid waves, inflations, shortage of products, and whatnot.

With a neck to neck competition in every sector, it becomes important to find a way through which you can get an edge over your peers to land a high-paying and well-secured job opportunity.

Short-term job-oriented courses help you in that. Short-term courses with high salary provide you with the edge that you require to rise above the competition. With their short and crisp time range, such courses focus on providing the desired skill set over a period of time that is short enough so that you can expand your expertise quickly and exclude the hassle

Why should you opt for Job Oriented Courses?

It is common that one may have certain questions regarding the validity or benefits of short-term job-oriented courses. As discussed earlier, short-term courses boost your academic and professional skills in a short period of time. In this era, where employment opportunities are dipping and everyone is constantly trying to be the best, one can not just rely on basic graduation courses. You need some boosters to place you ahead of others and these job-oriented courses will help you to get ahead of the herd.

Here are some other advantages to taking short-term job-oriented courses.

Practical Hands-on Knowledge 

If you enroll in a short-term course from a reputed or trusted provider, you will get the opportunity to try out your skills on real-life projects as well. Such practice will prove beneficial to you as you will get the exact idea about where you stand and what you need to improve. When you practice with real-life projects it also helps you boost your knowledge as well as your confidence which is crucial to be able to set your mark in the desired industry.

High paying jobs

Short-term job-oriented courses provide you with the skills to get high-paying jobs. The market has many high-paying jobs and recruiters look for specific skill sets that are not present in a traditional curriculum. Taking job-oriented courses can help you learn these skills and help you seize the opportunity.

Open doors to new opportunities

Learning a new skill can provide you with brand new opportunities for your career. You can enter domains that you couldn’t apply for earlier.

For instance, if you are a graduate with a non-tech degree you can still enter the tech domain by learning and practicing the required knowledge with a short-term job-oriented course.

Job Oriented Courses for you to upscale your career

Job Oriented Courses for you to upscale your career
Job Oriented Courses for you to upscale your career

Best Job Oriented Courses After 12th?

We have compiled a list of top job-oriented courses that you can study if you are looking to make your professional career shine.

IT Professional Master’s Program

The IT Professional Master’s Program is specially tailored for individuals who are just stepping into the technology industry. This program is a combination of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows Server, and Redhat Linux

This course is a perfect choice for aspirants looking to make a start in the IT field as it familiarises candidates with the main three domains, i.e networking, windows server, and Linux. 


This training program does not have any specific prerequisite requests as it can be opted by any graduate both from technical or nontechnical fields. 

Apart from personalized resume-building sessions with trained mentors, you get placement assistance as well. If you are looking for the best short-term courses to update your profile, this is a course you should consider.

Technical Support Master’s Program

This short course by Network Kings is specially designed for new graduates as it promises to provide knowledge and understanding at a beginner-friendly level. This course focuses on beginners who want to make a career in IT infrastructure. 

The Technical Support Master’s Program is a program meant to make you an expert in the core technologies with the CompTIA certifications. These include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+. A. You will be able to build all the skills needed to land jobs as a Help Desk Technician, Associate Network Engineer, Service Desk Analyst, etc. to begin with.

This program offers a combination of 3 different courses from CompTIA meaning you get the best of the industry without looking for different courses to enroll in.

After gaining the certification one has the option to enter various industries such as healthcare, telecom or finance, etc. to perform troubleshooting and provide tech support services to a variety of clients


This job-oriented course does not have any particular requirements to get enrolled. In order to get the best understanding of the topics, the candidate needs to have a basic knowledge of computers and networking. As this master’s program offers three different CompTIA Certifications it follows a ladder from basic to advanced and offers you to learn all the domains one after the other.

After gaining your certification you can land a job in the IT sector as a Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, IT Auditor, Security Administrator so you have ample of opportunities with this job-oriented course after the 12th.

Which 6-month course is best?

Which 6-month course is best?​
Which 6-month course is best?​

This is best Job Oriented Courses After Graduation:

If you are looking for Job Oriented Courses that are no more than 6 months in the total duration of time you may check out the following as these courses are expanded over a time limit of 4 to 6 months in total and still give you the best job opportunities available in the market.

Network Engineer Master’s Program

The Certified Network Engineer is one of the most renowned and respected global certifications in the world. This is one of the best short-term courses available related to networking to give you a security of employment. This job-oriented course will make you go through the domains of networking as it is a compilation of three different courses, i.e Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), and one firewall certification course of your choice. You also get to choose the firewall certification of your choice among FortiGate, Palo Alto, and Checkpoint.

Get trained by industry experienced Network Engineers to become an expert in designing and working with network configurations, looking after networks, troubleshooting performance problems, and configuring security systems such as firewalls. 


To be able to enroll and learn from this course you need to have a basic understanding of networking. It is a beginner-friendly course that will provide you with the very basics of networking starting with CCNA and will build your expertise to work at the professional level with CCNP. To make you a complete package for the industry this job-oriented course will complete by providing you the skills and certification of the firewall as well, so you can be assured to get your desired job in the market upon completion of the course.

In this job-oriented course, you get the opportunity to secure a high-paying job after the completion of the industry-aligned Master’s program. You will also get sessions to enhance your soft skills and CV so you can stand out from your peers.

Network Specialist Master’s Program

This job-oriented course is a step above in the networking league and is for professionals who already possess a profound or medium to advanced level in the networking domain. The Network Specialist Master’s Program demands high-level skills as this course offers you the path to become a specialist in networks by providing you a range of 4 different courses to give you the knowledge and technical skills to master the networking domain. 

Courses that you will study in this program are: 

  • CCIE/CCNP ENCOR or ENARSI [Choose one or Both]
  • Checkpoint Firewall
  • Paloalto Firewall
  • F5 LTM Load Balancer


This short-term course by Network Kings includes hands-on practice for the learners with the availability of the world’s biggest virtual lab setup and demands hold on the topics of CCNA as a prerequisite for the candidates to get enrolled. As the person who gets enrolled in this program will learn about CCNP or CCIE he/she needs to have a strong base of the concepts of networking, which is why CCNA is the best bet before this program. You’ll also learn about the firewall domain and will get to learn about two in-demand firewalls coupled with F5 LTM Load Balancer.

Super Firewall Certification Course

As the name suggests this certification course from Network Kings is for aspirants to get unmatched proficiency in the security domain with firewalls. This job-oriented course is a combo of PaloAlto Firewall, Checkpoint Firewall, and F5 LTM Load Balancer. This course promises to light up your career starting with Palo Alto Firewall Training, one of the most widely adopted firewalls across the world. 

To give you the cutting edge and prepare your skillset at the highest level, you will learn a second firewall solution as well. The Checkpoint Firewall Certification provides top-notch quality of security in contrast to any other firewalls available in the market. It is the leading industry dealer in Next-Generation Firewall and firewall courses. Mastering this firewall would open doors to a lot of job opportunities as a Network Security Engineer.

Apart from these two industry-leading firewall courses, you will also get to master the traffic management space with F5 LTM Load Balancer. Doing this course will make you learn about an Architecting an application. You will be provided the skills for setting up, administering, and securing LTM Devices.


Anyone with a basic understanding of networking and computers can be eligible to enroll in this job-oriented course. The candidates must have a knowledge of the basic networking fundamentals in order to properly grasp the theoretical concepts as well as to implement practical solutions in the real world.

Which course has more job opportunities?

Which course has more job opportunities?​
Which course has more job opportunities?​

If you are looking for a course that will provide you with an ample number of opportunities in the future you can place a safe bet on the cloud architect master’s program as the cloud computing market has the potential to grow exponentially in the near future.

Cloud Architect Master’s Program

The Cloud Architect Master’s Program is an all-in-one cloud computing program. This job-oriented course is specially made for individuals who want to shift to cloud computing after networking. It is also for individuals who have Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification. However, it is not needed. You just need to have knowledge about servers and how they work if you want to make a career in the cloud.

This master’s program is a combination of the courses: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Get hands-on training on working with all three cloud platforms. Become an expert in managing, monitoring, and implementing cloud applications. Learn virtualization from the best possible resources and mentors. 


In order to grasp the concepts of this job-oriented course, you have some experience in Development, Application, and Infrastructure and a basic understanding of Computer Systems, DataBase, Virtual Machines, or VMs. With the completion of this course, you will master the cloud computing domain. To give you a fact, the cloud computing market is at its peak in the current industry and is still expected to grow by 4 billion US dollars over the next 5 years. This proves the number of jobs that this domain is going to create and how you can make the best out of it.

Which course is highly paid?

Which course is highly paid?​
Which course is highly paid?​

For recent graduates, the following course is one of the highest-paid job-oriented courses which can offer you a job that will pay you handsomely.

Cyber Security Master’s Program

The Cyber Security Master’s Program by Network Kings is for beginners who are just starting their careers in the cyber security field. This is a perfect job-oriented course after 12th to step foot in the Information Technology field. This master’s program is a combination of the courses: Certified Ethical Hacking v11 (CEH), CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySa+, and CompTIA PenTest+. You will learn professional hacking along with designing and implementing secure network solutions to safeguard against cyber-attacks. 


This job-oriented course requires no particular prerequisites as it will guide you from the very basics of the security domain with the CompTIA Security+ Certification. This program is a perfect start for someone who wants to start learning about the fundamentals of cyber security and go on to master this very domain. 

Wrapping Up

Hope you found our list of short-term courses useful. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, you won’t have trouble following these courses. All of these short-term courses are delivered by the industry’s best engineers who can guide you every step of the way. Before selecting any job-oriented courses, one only needs to be clear about their goal, know which path to take, and preserve in order to make the best of that opportunity. 

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