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Mastering Red Hat Linux: A Comprehensive Training Guide

red hat linux course

Have you heard of Red Hat Linux course? But have no idea how to start? This blog will have the perfect guidance on how to start your career in Red Hat Linux. But before that, let us discuss what Red Hat Linux training is and its importance.

Red Hat has contributed to the Linux Kernel and related technologies in the wide open-source community. Red Hat engineers enhance features, dependability, and security to ensure your infrastructure functions and stay stable in every case. Red Hat Linux certification can give you a handsome salary even as a fresher. One can earn INR 3-5 LPA as a fresher. If you aim to be a system administrator, you must learn Red Hat Linux Training.

This blog gives a complete structure on Red Hat Linux training, concealing everything from the basics to advanced topics and certification paths. 

What is Red Hat Linux?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a commercial Linux distribution. RHEL was developed by Red Hat for the commercial market. Red Hat Enterprise Linux comes in server versions for x86-64, Power ISA, ARM64, and IBM Z and a desktop version for x86-64. Linux’s upstream sources are Fedora Linux and CentOS Stream.

The name Red Hat comes from Ewing’s experience in the computer lab of his college. He would wear his grandfather’s red Cornell lacrosse cap, and people would say, “If you need help, look for the guy in the red hat.” Red Hat’s first logo appeared on an early invoice.

Now, let us discuss what is Red Hat Linux Training.

Red Hat Linux Certification (RHCSA) is a Linux-based operating system called an open-source distribution like Fedora. Red Hat Linux course is more durable and has rarer cutting-edge compared to Fedora.

It allows the Network to conduct the core system administration skills demanded in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. Red Hat Linux training allows one to comprehend and utilize essential tools for managing files, directories, command-line environments, and documentation by forming uncomplicated shell scripts. 

Red Hat Linux course training also enables us to manage running systems, including expelling into other run levels, determining processes, creating and preventing virtual machines, and handling services by configuring local storage using partitions and logical volumes.

What are the benefits of Red Hat Linux Course?

Here are the benefits of Red Hat Linux Course:

  • Industry-recognized position

With the help of Red Hat Linux Training, you can get an industry-recognized role that will greatly help your career. 

  • Increased client certainty

Red Hat Linux Certification can provide client trust as it is a renowned company offering Linux Certification.

  • Proof of knowledge and skills

A certified candidate will hold proof of knowledge and skills in the form of their Certificates that will add value to your resume. 

  •  Red Hat Certificated Professional Online Communities

You will get to join Red Hat Certified Online Communities, where you will learn more.

  • Access to the Red Hat Certification Central website

You will get access to the Red Hat’s Central Website.

  • Better Job Opportunities

If you are Red Hat-certified, you will have more chance of getting a better job with a handsome salary.

What will you learn in the Red Hat Linux Course?

To become a Red Hat Linux Administrator, the RHCSA exam is mandatory, i.e., the EX200 exam. Therefore, the RHCSA training at Network Kings purely focuses on making you skilful in all the following concepts:

  • Get a good grasp on tools to handle files, command-line environments, and documentation.
  • Learn how to develop simple shell scripts.
  • Learn how to operate running systems, including booting into different run levels, recognition processes, controlling services, and starting & stopping virtual machines.
  • Learn how to configure local storage with the help of logical volumes and partitions.
  • Learn to deploy, maintain, configure, and implement systems.
  • Learn how to update and install software and other core services.
  • Learn to manage users and groups.
  • Learn to perform container management.
  • Learn to manage security, which includes basic firewall and SELinux configuration.

Furthermore, if you want to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer, you will master the following concepts in the RHCE course:

  • Learn how to manage and configure systems.
  • Learn to configure IPv6 addresses and basic IPv6 troubleshooting.
  • Learn to create static routes.
  • Learn to configure a system through Kerberos.
  • Learn to use shell scripting to automate maintenance tasks.
  • Learn to install the packages needed to run network services.
  • Learn to configure SELinux to support the network service.
  • Configure the basic operations in the service.
  • Learn to configure a virtual host.
  • Learn to configure TLS security.
  • Learn to deploy a basic CGI application.
  • Learn to configure group-managed content.
  • Learn to configure a caching-only DNS server.
  • Learn to provide network shares to specific clients through NFS and SMB.
  • Learn to configure an SMTP system to forward emails.
  • Learn to sync time using NTP peers.
  • Learn to install and configure MariaDB.
  • Learn to create a simple database schema.
  • Learn to run simple SQL queries against a database.

What is the scope of the Red Hat Linux Certification?

The scope of the Red Hat Linux certification program is sparkling and reassuring in the information and technology field. Most companies are moving towards Linux for industrialization, data and storage management systems.

Therefore, the increased demand for Red Hat Linux professionals has arisen from the rising need for technologies in the information and technology industry. Hence, a candidate can boost their skills and rank by registering for the Red Hat Linux certification course in the market.

What are the Red Hat Linux Certifications?

Red Hat Linux certifications consist of RHCSA and RHCE exams, namely-

  • RHCSA Certification

RHCSA certification is the new expansion of the Red Hat certification programs. They are performance-based certifications. It delivers IT professionals with the best training and performance-based evaluations. RHCSA certification confirms and offers a detailed and thorough analysis of the knowledge and skills mandated for the contemporary system administrator. RHCSA training is the foundation-level system administration certification. 

  • RHCE certification

RHCE is considered and admired by the industry due to its global credentials. Those who have completed RHCE certifications possess proof of an apt level of knowledge in utilizing and exploring Red Hat Enterprise. The themes included are propelled, equivalent to pile administration, bit setup, system administrations, organised arrangement, mail administrations, and virtualization.

What are the exam details of the Red Hat Linux Training?

Here are the exam details of both the Red Hat Linux certifications. 

The exam format of the RHCSA is as follows:-

Exam Name  Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam

Exam Code  EX200

Exam Cost  USD 400 

Exam Format  Lab-based practical questions

Total Questions  20-25 questions

Passing Score  210/300

Exam Duration  150 minutes

Languages  English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Testing Center  Pearson VUE


Three exams for RHCE specify different versions of the Red Hat Linux. These are as follows:

  • EX294: This examination is on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8). This examination covers security, storage management, networking, system management, and automation using Ansible in the industry.

Exam Name  Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Exam Code  EX294

Exam Cost  USD 400

Exam Format  Performance-based questions

Total Questions  15-20 questions

Passing Score 210/300

Exam Duration  4 hours

Languages  English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Testing Center  Pearson VUE

  • EX298: This examination is on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7). This examination includes modules like system management tasks, security, web services, and troubleshooting using the RHEL 7 environment.

Exam Name  Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Exam Code  EX298

Exam Cost  USD 400 + applicable taxes

Exam Format  Performance-based questions

Total Questions  15-20 questions

Passing Score  210/300

Exam Duration  4 hours

Languages  English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Testing Center  Pearson VUE

  • EX300: This examination does not belong to a distinctive kind of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It covers security, web services, management tasks, virtualization, and troubleshooting.

Exam Name  Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Exam Code  EX300

Exam Cost  USD 400 + applicable taxes

Exam Format  Performance-based questions

Total Questions  10 questions

Passing Score  210/300

Exam Duration  3.5 hours

Languages  English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Testing Center  Pearson VUE

What is the eligibility of the Red Hat Linux Training?

Here is the eligibility for the Red Hat Linux Training:

  1. Graduation is necessary.
  2. Basic understanding of the IT industry
  3. Basic learning of Hardware
  4. Fundamental knowledge of Linux 

Where to get the best Red Hat Linux Training?

Red Hat Linux training is possible with Network Kings, But you might be thinking, why choose Network Kings? But, you can enjoy the following benefits by taking RHCSA & RHCE training at Network Kings:

  • Get the best helpful hands-on training through live interactive courses hosted by Linux Engineers with over 10+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Access the world’s most comprehensive virtual labs 24/7.
  • Get the industry-relevant course curriculum to make you job-ready in the Linux enterprise industry.
  • Join periodic doubt sessions with the Linux professionals.
  • Get regular career counsellor interactions for a smooth course experience.
  • Access existing batch session videos and recently recorded sessions from your batch.
  • Get a Red Hat Linux course at an economical price.

What are the Job Roles after a Red Hat Linux Training?

The job roles that are available after completing the certification training in Red Hat Linux are as follows:-

  1. Linux System Administrator
  2. Linux Network Administrator
  3. DevOps Engineer
  4. Cloud Engineer
  5. Site Reliability Engineer
  6. IT Support Engineer
  7. Security Analyst
  8. Software Developer
  9. Database Administrator
  10. IT Manager
  11. System Engineer
  12. Virtualization Engineer
  13. Storage Administrator
  14. Automation Engineer
  15. Network Engineer
  16. Infrastructure Engineer
  17. Technical Support Engineer
  18. IT Consultant
  19. Quality Assurance Engineer
  20. Penetration Tester

What are the salary expectations after a Red Hat Linux Course?

The salary packages which one can get after completing the Red Hat certification course are as follows:-

  1. United States – USD 70,000 – USD 150,000 per year
  2. Canada – CAD 60,000 – CAD 120,000 per year
  3. United Kingdom – GBP 35,000 – GBP 70,000 per year
  4. Germany – EUR 45,000 – EUR 90,000 per year
  5. France – EUR 35,000 – EUR 70,000 per year
  6. Australia – AUD 75,000 – AUD 120,000 per year
  7. New Zealand – NZD 60,000 – NZD 100,000 per year
  8. United Arab Emirates – AED 90,000 – AED 200,000 per year
  9. India – INR 500,000 – INR 1,500,000 per year
  10. Singapore – SGD 60,000 – SGD 120,000 per year
  11. Hong Kong – HKD 350,000 – HKD 700,000 per year
  12. Japan – JPY 5,000,000 – JPY 10,000,000 per year
  13. South Korea – KRW 40,000,000 – KRW 80,000,000 per year
  14. Brazil – BRL 60,000 – BRL 120,000 per year
  15. South Africa – ZAR 200,000 – ZAR 600,000 per year


Red Hat Enterprise Linux sustains and powers software and technologies for automation, cloud, containers, middleware, storage, application development, microservices, virtualization, management, and more. Linux plays a vital role as the soul of many Red Hat offerings.

You need an easygoing but stable Operating System to manage a cloud environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers the flexibility of open source code and the invention of open source communities along with certifications from hundreds of public cloud and service providers. If you want to learn about enterprise architecture certifications, core Linux® system administration skills, developer knowledge of specialized frameworks, or emerging technologies like containers and cloud, Red Hat knows the skills that are needed for success.

To learn the Red Hat Linux Course, you must enrol with Network Kings, as you will learn from the industry experts there. Enrol today and start your career as a Red Hat Linux aspirant.

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