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Free Docker Course

Free Docker Course

Want to learn the Docker course? What if you are getting it free?
Sounds amazing? Yes, it is true, you can get it for free. Before opting for a free Docker course, you must know what is Free Docker Course training or what are the benefits of Docker training.
Docker Training is an open-source consolidated platform created to build, deploy, and run applications.
With the help of Docker Training, we can execute quick deployment, ease of forming new instances, and more rapid migrations. Ease of driving and supporting your applications. More reasonable security, fewer credentials needed to work with the code directing inside containers, and software reliances.

In this blog, we will study how to get free Docker training!

What is Docker Training?

Docker training is a suite of software development tools for constructing, transferring, and utilising individual containers. In this course, you’ll understand the basics of using Docker. You’ll learn about pictures and containers, port mapping, Docker networks, volumes, tagging, and more. By the end of the Course, you should be satisfied with the basic functionality of Docker.
Docker is an open-source medium that helps in designing, shipping, and operating applications inside containers. Containers have everything that an application requires to handle.

What are the benefits of free Docker Training?

Here are various benefits of Docker training such as:

Portability: You may position your containerized program to any other system running Docker after testing it. You can be sure that it will perform the same as the test. 

Performance: Although virtual machines are an option to containers, containers do not include an operating system, but virtual machines do, which suggests that containers have a broadly less footprint and are quicker to assemble and begin than virtual machines. 

Lightweight: Containers’ portability and performance benefits can help to fluid development process. Using containers and technology like Enterprise Developer Build Tools for Windows to enhance your ongoing integration and constant delivery processes makes it easier to provide the proper software at the right time. 

Isolation: Any supporting software your application needs is included in a Docker container hosting one of your applications. It is not a problem if other Docker containers comprise apps demanding different interpretations of the same confirming software because the Docker containers are self-contained. 

It also implies that as you advance through the phases of your development lifecycle, you can be sure that a photo you form during development will perform identically in testing and, potentially, in front of your users. 

Scalability: If the demand for your apps is crucial, you can quickly render new containers. You can use a combination of container management techniques when using multiple containers. For additional information on these choices, consult the Docker manual.

How to get started with Free Docker Course?

To start with a free Docker course, you must check the “skills for everyone” page powered by Network Kings. You can enrol for the course for free and learn from the industry experts there.
After you are done with the course, you are eligible for the certificate.

What are the modules in the free Docker Course Online?

The  modules in the free Docker course are:

  • Docker images and public registry
  • Docker private registry
  • Docker networking
  • Docker storage
  • Building docker image
  • Docker compose
  • Container orchestration and management

What is the eligibility of the free Docker course?

Here is the eligibility for the free Docker Course:

  • Graduation is a must.
  • Introductory knowledge of the IT industry.
  • Basic understanding of establishing and configuring applications.
  • Understanding Virtualization and Linux.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Cloud management.

What are the benefits of Learning Docker for Free with Network Kings?

Network Kings is the best platform for the free Docker course because it offers free courses with experts. Let us discuss the benefits of learning a free Docker course.

  • Networking: Build your network with our team to connect with them for the best Networking training. 

  • Comprehend with the best: Learn from industry professional experts. 

  • Structured Learning: Network King’s curriculum gives the best learning experience, designed by professionals.

  • Gain Certification: You will get certification with our free Networking certification course. It will improve your resume and career opportunities.

  • World’s largest labs: Network Kings have 24/7 access to virtual labs with zero downtime.

  • Career Guidance: With Network Kings, you will get a career consultant via career consultants.

  • Tricks for Interviews: Network Kings will offer tips and tricks to crack interviews and AWS exams.

  • Recorded lectures: With recorded lectures, you will get access to the recorded lectures to learn at flexible hours progress.

What are the job roles after the free Docker course?

Here are the job roles after the free Docker course:


  • Docker Administrator

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Cloud Engineer

  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

  • Infrastructure Engineer

  • Kubernetes Developer

  • Docker Developer

  • Microservices Developer

  • Cloud Operations Engineer

  • Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Containerization Architect

  • Docker Consultant

  • Cloud Security Engineer

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) Engineer

  • Systems Administrator

  • Cloud Migration Specialist

  • Cloud Automation Engineer

  • Cloud Platform Engineer

What are the salary prospects for a candidate after the Docker training?

Here are the salary prospects for Docker candidates: 

  • India: INR 6-15 lakhs per annum

  • China: CNY 150k-300k per annum

  • USA: USD 80k-150k per annum

  • UK: GBP 35k-70k per annum

  • Japan: JPY 6-12 million per annum

  • France: EUR 35k-70k per annum

  • Germany: EUR 40k-80k per annum

  • South Africa: ZAR 240k-600k per annum

  • Netherlands: EUR 45k-90k per annum

  • Singapore: SGD 50k-120k per annum

  • Australia: AUD 70k-140k per annum

  • Brazil: BRL 60k-120k per annum

  • Switzerland: CHF 80k-160k per annum


Docker is a platform for packaging, deploying, and handling applications in containers. Enlist in the free courses that serve your career goals and attain free Docker certificates upon finishing the courses. The Docker course offers a high salary, so you can pursue our free Docker course to have a bright career.