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What is the CCNA Course Fees?

ccna course fees

Topic: CCNA Course Fees.

The blog provides all the information and resources a learner needs in order to compare the various CCNA Course Fees in India. The world is truly a global village now and what do we need the most for this? With the entire world coming together the need for networking is progressing each minute. The convergence of all resources world wide needs networking to facilitate that. Understandably to facilitate networking on such a huge scale, man force is a big need. How does one get into the world of networking, to turn this need around and benefit themselves? Well heading into networking is a simple answer. To make the launch of a lifetime; the essentials are :

Have strong basics, have practical knowledge etc. Cutting the chase, CCNA is one of the most lucrative courses meant for networking. Anyone looking to enter the field of networking with strong basics is aware of the power CCNA holds. 

Cisco Certified Network Associate. CCNA course is being provided by multiple vendors but which one to choose is a battle that is of paramount importance. The foremost concern is the course fee. CCNA course fee varies from each vendor to each city. 

Let’s have a look at how pricing for the course varies from each city. 

CCNA Course Fees in Delhi:

As per research amongst various CCNA course training providing institutes the average course fee in Delhi ranges from 16,000-20,000/-

The price is inclusive of training for the exam, some vendors offer lab practices at the same price whereas some charge separately for the lab.
When it comes to the quality of trainers on the whole, many claim to facilitate learning via experts but only a few deliver the committed, especially for CCNA.

CCNA course Fees in Pune:

CCNA course fees in Pune, is an average from  8,000 to 12,000/- .The prices in Pune are comparatively less as there are multiple vendors that cater to providing CCNA courses.
The prices like Delhi aren’t inclusive of labs for practice, some do provide labs for practice at an additional charge from the candidates. The trainers are industry experts as per the claims, often many are experts with a CCNA certifications in hand. The mode of learning available in Pune is both offline and online. There aren’t as many claims for job guarantee in the city, considering it;s an entry level certification. 

CCNA course Fees in Mumbai:

The course fee for CCNA in Mumbai is priced around 7,000-15,000/- . The prices similarly like Pune are lesser due to availability of alot of places that deliver CCNA courses. A few places guarantee a job, few claims have been found to be mere claims and do not deliver, whereas a few places to ensure job guarantee, take the course fee after the placement of a student.
The teachers aren’t trained industry experts. 

CCNA course Fees in Chennai:

The course fee for CCNA in chennai is an average of 8,000-10,000/- . The course includes theoretical knowledge and also lab practices. It’s often described as value for money as the course training here is accompanied by free resume building classes free of cost and sometimes at an additional cost. 

CCNA course Fees in Bangalore:

The CCNA course fee price in Bangalore ranges from 8,000 to 12,000, although it can vary depending upon the vendor delivering the course training. The course fee shown here is a general fee that most platforms charge. There are a number of platforms that are providing CCNA in Bangalore hence the competition ensures best prices along with facilities.

CCNA course Fees in Kerala:

The CCNA course fees in Kerala ranges from 15,000- 25,000/- . The CCNA course is intended for anyone here, obviously with the right set of prerequisites. They cater to an audience as young as 13 years, as long as they are willing to learn. They provide labs to practice under the guidance of instructors who are trained in the field but are not always experts.

CCNA course Fees in Hyderabad:

The CCNA course fee in Hyderabad ranges from 8,000-10,000/-. There are multiple places providing CCNA courses in Hyderabad so the prices are slashed in competition. The platforms provide lab practices as well, under the instructor guidance.


CCNA Course Fees is a concern of paramount importance, it can often act as a hindrance for some aspirants to learn new things and update their skillset. While going for CCNA course training one must look thoroughly and look for an option that provides them with not only theoretical knowledge but lab practices as well. The lab practice will make an individual ready for the real world working. 

Along with that alot of places claim to facilitate learning at the hands of industry experts but as a consumer one should ask the right questions, be it asking for their trainers’ qualification as well. Although a trainer with equivalent experience can assure the same results, that then is subjective. The claims of many training institutes as well as platforms aren’t amongst the deliverables later. Hence one has got to be fully aware of what they are paying for in the name of CCNA course fee.