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CCNA Certification Course

What is CCNA?

CCNA is an IT field certification by Cisco, which will give you the basic fundamental knowledge of how basically the whole network infrastructure works throughout the world. CCNA stands for Cisco certified Network Associate. By doing CCNA you will be able to learn and implement how the IPv4 and IPv6 works. You will be able to create networks using all the routing protocols.

What are the benefits of doing CCNA?

  • After doing CCNA you will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to move into the IT network world from a non-IT field.
  • It will give you the first step to move and upgrade yourself for better and higher certification.
  • If you are CCNA certified you will get higher and better salary comparatively and better exposure in the market
  • If you are doing CCNA from Network Kings, we will make sure that you are fully qualified to enter the market with knowledge so that you can challenge the situation effectively.
  • We network kings provide you all the latest industrial knowledge with enough practice to make you suitable for any companies that hire you

What is CCNA course fee?

The fee totally depends on the track you are going to take. CCNA has a total of 4 tracks to choose from. We have mentioned the name.

  • Routing and switching.
  • Security.
  • Data Center.
  • Collaboration.

What is the average salary for the CCNA candidate?

  • As per the past experience, the average salary for the candidate who has completed the CCNA certification ranges from 2.5 to 3.8 LPA (for fresher, the experienced candidate may get more than this).
  • There are many factors that affect the salary; it can be skills, knowledge and etc. Start the journey with us; we will make sure that you full fill all the requirements whether in terms of knowledge or skills.
  • If you want to know everything regarding salary, in details you can visit which is one of the most trusted survey company in the world.

What is CCNA certification fee?

  • Every country has different certification exam fee and it also depends upon the currency of the country.
  • You can check the exact amount by visiting the CISCO’s website before applying for the certification But generally the fee between 300 to 350 USD

Topics covered under routing and switching in CCNA training ?

Unit 1: OSI Layer, IP Addressing
Unit 2: Campus Network Design
Unit 3: VLANs and Trunking
Unit 4: Spanning-Tree
Unit 6: Ether Channel
Unit 7: Switch Virtualization
Unit 8: Inter-VLAN Routing
Unit 9: Gateway Redundancy
Unit 10: Switch Security
Unit 11: Network Management Unit 12: SDN Introduction

Which companies are hiring a CCNA candidate?

  • Any company that uses CISCO routers or switches or any requirement that has anything to do with the network will hire you.
  • Just recently JIO hired over 1000 engineers just for 4G Network. Also, reliance and other major telecom companies will start to hire for the 5G network which might come in India in a year or so.
  • Also millions of companies in India provide network support/ remote support to various fortune 500 big companies and hence in these companies, the requirement for CCNA candidates are very high.

Do we provide any kind of participation certificate after training is over?

  • Yes absolutely, we do provide the course completion certificate after the training is done and the candidate is ready for any kind of challenge.
  • We hand over the certificate the next day through a small celebration ceremony to give the candidate the boost in their morale and also the candidate gets to taste what the success is like.

Do we provide any kind of discounts?

  • Yes, we do provide discounts through coupon codes and other sources.
  •  If you want to know about the offers and discounts you can contact us through the Network kings contact our website page.

Do we provide one on one CCNA training?

  • We are proud to announce that, our one on one training is one of the best facility available for the candidates.
  • Our one on one training is very communicative, focused, objective oriented and friendly.
  • This training is not done through one way communication, it’s a two-way communication training, in which candidate also actively participates in asking question.
    For more detail, you can contact us.

What are the different tracks in CCNA certification and which one to choose?

There are 7 major tracks available in CCNA like

1. CCNA Routing and Switching
2. CCNA Security
3. CCNA Data Center
4. CCNA Collaboration
5. CCNA Cloud
6. CCNA Industrial
7. CCNA Service Provider
8. CCNA Wireless

But we network kings would recommend you to first do CCNA Routing and Switching first since it’s the best route to take for fresher and later you can move to CCNA security which has lots of scope in future.

Is there any weekend CCNA training conducted for working professionals?

Absolutely, we do provide weekend training for working professionals, as our motto is your comfort. The weekend batches are mostly conducted on Sunday that has a duration of 5 -6 hrs. For more batch details and timings you may contact Us.

Do network kings provide online training?

We are proud to say that we have the best online trainers available that conduct online training at a manageable cost. We provide both weekends as well as regular days of online training which you can choose any option as per your convenience.

Do network kings provide online training on weekends for working professionals?

Yes, we care for everyone, we do have online training for working professionals which is conducted mostly on Sunday. For more batch details and timings you may contact us through our WebsiteWe are here to help | Contact Us | Network Kings (

Do network kings provide training through classes or just online?

  1. We provide only online training, the main reason behind that is, because our trainers are basically network engineer professionals who are working with some highly reputed companies.
  2. This engineers give you the suggestion on real-time scenarios, they know the current situation and they have all the required hands-on experience with the technology
  3. Also, online training is the next revolutionary change in how you can get trained. Not everybody has time to visit the class to get training. Online training can be availed as per your comfort.

Do network kings provide Demo sessions for CCNA?

  1. Definitely, we provide demo online sessions, so that you can get the taste of how we train our candidates.
  2. The demo session is totally free of cost as per our company policy if you like the sessions that you can pay further for the regular sessions
  3. Here are the free Demo session videos, you can have a look

Network kings provide online CCNA training in Hindi as well?

  • Yes, we provide online training in two languages that is Hindi and English.
  • We totally understand not everybody in India is comfortable in English and hence after listening to our candidates we also started providing training in the Hindi Language as well.

What kind of study materials does the network kings provide?

  1. We have lots of online books available which are written by highly trained experts.
  2. We also provide free video so that you can learn as per your convenience
  3. We also have a YouTube channel specially dedicated to our online training, you can check it out and get all the queries sorted out.
  4. The link to the YouTube channel is:

If you help in passing the CCNA certification?

  1. Yes, we do, as getting the candidate ready for the certification is our main objective.
  2. We also prepare candidates not just for the certificate but also as per the market standards, so that after a candidate gets the certificate, he/she can get the job easily.
  3. We provide all the necessary study materials to help you pass the exam
  4. We also conduct exams of our own which are designed as per the certification exam format.

The various job roles a CCNA certified candidate gets?

  • The job role totally depends upon the track you choose.
  • A fresher starts with R&S track and if he is successfully certified he can get the job as network Technician/ Administration/ Designer and support engineer etc.

Minimum Qualification required to do CCNA training?

There is no predefined requirement set for CCNA training, any candidate whether from IT or Non IT can take up our training and get CCNA certified by giving the CCNA exam.
what is ccna
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