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Microsoft Azure training in Chennai


About Course

Looking for the best Azure training in Chennai? Most business organizations are shifting their infrastructure to the cloud, thanks to its robustness and reasonable price model. Therefore, the cloud-dominated industry demands more and more cloud computing professionals. Stand out from the crowd with cutting-edge Microsoft Azure training in Chennai.

Chennai is the hotspot for all things tech. There is no better place than Chennai to kickstart a career in cloud computing. You can opt for the best Azure training in Chennai, thanks to endless options for taking an Azure course in Chennai.

You can become a Microsoft Azure Administrator with the Azure course in Chennai. You can then monitor, manage and implement an organization’s Azure environment.
Degree Certificate
Duration Course Duration of Azure is 35+ Hours.
Qualification Graduate
Average Salary Upto INR 6+ LPA
Employment Roles Azure Cloud Operator, Cloud Operations Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Manager
Placement Opportunities CSS Corp, Airtel, Wipro, Ericsson, Sophos and many more.
azure training in Chennai

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What is the Microsoft Azure program?

The Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) is the most popular Azure certification as it is the only certification that covers all the concepts in-depth to manage Azure infrastructure. With Azure certification in Chennai, you can choose any career path of your choice for Azure-based roles.

When you take the Microsoft Azure training in Chennai, you get to learn directly from Cloyd Engineers with over 12 years of experience in the industry. You get hands-on practice to experience real-world cloud problems and how to solve them, thus, making it the best Azure training in Chennai.

The modules in the Microsoft Azure course focus on sharpening your skills in managing Azure identities and governance, implementing and managing storage, deploying and managing Azure compute resources, configuring and managing virtual networks, and monitoring and maintaining Azure resources.

How can you stand out with the Azure certification training in Chennai?

With the universal adoption of cloud technologies, the demand for cloud professionals, especially the ones who can implement an organization’s cloud infrastructure has increased exponentially. This calls for a well-trained cloud professional.

The Microsoft Azure training in Chennai checkmarks all the requirements for the role of an Azure Administrator. With utmost priority to practical skills, the Azure certification in Chennai is the best course to broaden your tech portfolio.

With hands-on projects to practice along with expert guidance, you can stand out and become the most in-demand Azure Administrator in the domain. Chennai is the headquarters for all the major tech companies such as Capgemini, TCS, Zoho, Cognizant Technology Solutions, etc.

Therefore, you can open the door to unlimited job opportunities after the Azure training in Chennai.

What is the scope of Azure certification in Chennai?

There are unlimited placement opportunities in Chennai as it is the number one hub for big tech companies. You can make a handsome salary ranging between 3.8 lakhs between 11.5 lakhs annually with an average annual salary of 6.1 lakhs per year.

You can earn even higher by showcasing your practical skills through hands-on projects that we cover in our Microsoft Azure course in Chennai. You can expect good technical exposure in Chennai as it is home to all the big tech companies.

You can also pursue a job in booming start-ups to increase your knowledge, refine your skills and aim for better salary prospects.

What are the latest skills to learn in the Azure training in Chennai?

You get to learn the most in-demand skills with the Microsoft Administrator training in Chennai:

  • Manage Azure identities and governance
  • Implement and manage storage
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources
  • Configure and manage virtual networking
  • Monitor and maintain Azure resources

Where can you enroll for the best Azure training in Chennai?

Breaking into the cloud computing industry can be difficult without having any practical skills. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for the best Azure training in Chennai that focuses on training all the skills hands-on.

Look no further than Network Kings, a one-stop online training platform where you can get trained directly by industry experts working as Cloud Engineers for over a decade or more. The industry standards keep on changing abruptly. This is why Network Kings only trains you according to the current in-demand cloud computing skills.

You can enjoy the following benefits by enrolling in the Microsoft Azure course in Chennai:

  • 24/7 access to the world’s biggest labs
  • Instructor-led world-class training for all the industry-relevant skills
  • Access to all the recorded sessions along with previous batch sessions for free
  • Exclusive doubt sessions with 1:1 interaction with the Cloud Engineers
  • Free demo sessions for an insight into the course
  • Advance cloud courses with economical prices

What else are you looking for? Enroll now in the best Azure training available in Chennai and across the globe.

Who is eligible for enrolling in the Microsoft Azure course in Chennai?

There are no harsh criteria to enroll in the Azure training in Chennai. However, it is recommended to be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing
  • Familiarity with the Windows server
  • Introduction to Azure Active Directory
  • Familiarity with virtual machines

It is completely fine if you have minimal knowledge of the above-mentioned concepts as everything is covered in detail at Network Kings for the Azure course in Chennai.

What are the exam details of the Microsoft Azure course?

The following are the details for the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam:

Exam Name AZ-104 – Microsoft Azure Administrator
Exam Code AZ-104
Exam Cost USD 165
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions & Multiple Response Answers
Total Questions 40-60 questions
Passing Score 700 out of 1000
Exam Duration 120 minutes
Languages English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian
Testing Center Pearson Vue

What’s included in the Microsoft Azure training in Chennai?

The following course curriculum is followed for the Azure course in Chennai:

Module 1: Manage Azure Identities and Governance

  • Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Objects
  • create users and groups 
  • create administrative units 
  • manage user and group properties 
  • manage device settings 
  • perform bulk user updates 
  • manage guest accounts 
  • configure Azure AD join 
  • configure self-service password reset
  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC)
  • create a custom role 
  • provide access to Azure resources by assigning roles at different scopes 
  • interpret access assignments
  • Manage subscriptions and governance
  • configure Azure policies 
  • configure resource locks 
  • apply and manage tags on resources 
  • manage resource groups 
  • manage subscriptions 
  • manage costs
  • Configure management groups

Module 2: Implement and Manage Storage 

  • Secure storage
  • configure network access to storage accounts 
  • create and configure storage accounts 
  • generate shared access signature (SAS) tokens 
  • manage access keys 
  • configure Azure AD authentication for a storage account
  • Configure access to Azure files
  • Manage storage
  • export from Azure job 
  • import into Azure job
  • install and use Azure Storage Explorer 
  • copy data by using AZCopy 
  • implement Azure Storage replication 
  • configure blob object replication
  • Configure Azure files and Azure Blob Storage
  • create an Azure file share 
  • create and configure the Azure File Sync service 
  • configure Azure Blob Storage 
  • configure storage tiers 
  • configure blob lifecycle management

Module 3: Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources

  • Automate deployment of virtual machines (VMs) by using Azure Resource Manager templates
  • modify an Azure Resource Manager template 
  • configure a virtual hard disk (VHD) template 
  • deploy from a template 
  • save a deployment as an Azure Resource Manager template 
  • deploy virtual machine extensions
  • Configure VMs
  • configure Azure Disk Encryption 
  • move VMs from one resource group to another 
  • manage VM sizes 
  • add data disks 
  • configure networking 
  • redeploy VMs 
  • configure high availability 
  • deploy and configure virtual machine scale sets
  • Create and configure containers
  • configure sizing and scaling for Azure Container Instances 
  • configure container groups for Azure Container Instances 
  • configure storage for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 
  • configure scaling for AKS 
  • configure network connections for AKS 
  • upgrade an AKS cluster
  • Create and configure Azure App Service
  • create an App Service plan 
  • configure scaling settings in an App Service plan 
  • create an App Service 
  • secure an App Service 
  • configure custom domain names 
  • configure backup for an App Service 
  • configure networking settings 
  • configure deployment settings

Module 4: Configure and Manage Virtual Networking

  • Implement and manage virtual networking
  • create and configure virtual networks, including peering 
  • configure private and public IP addresses 
  • configure user-defined network routes 
  • implement subnets 
  • configure endpoints on subnets 
  • configure private endpoints 
  • configure Azure DNS, including custom DNS settings and private or public DNS zones
  • Secure access to virtual networks
  • create security rules 
  • associate a network security group (NSG) to a subnet or network interface 
  • evaluate effective security rules 
  • implement Azure Firewall 
  • implement Azure Bastion
  • Configure load balancing
  • configure Azure Application Gateway 
  • configure an internal or public load balancer 
  • troubleshoot load balancing
  • Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking
  • monitor on-premises connectivity 
  • configure and use Azure Monitor for Networks 
  • use Azure Network Watcher 
  • troubleshoot external networking 
  • troubleshoot virtual network connectivity
  • Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network
  • create and configure Azure VPN Gateway 
  • create and configure Azure ExpressRoute 
  • configure Azure Virtual WAN

Module 5: Monitor and back up Azure resources

  • Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor
  • configure and interpret metrics 
  • configure Azure Monitor logs 
  • query and analyze logs 
  • set up alerts and actions 
  • configure Application Insights
  • Implement backup and recovery
  • create a Recovery Services vault 
  • create a Backup vault 
  • create and configure a backup policy 
  • perform backup and restore operations by using Azure Backup 
  • perform site-to-site recovery by using Azure Site Recovery 
  • configure and review backup reports

What is the Fee for Microsoft Azure Course in Chennai?

The course fee for AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator at Network Kings is just $219 which is affordable as compared to other training platforms.

What are the Job Opportunities After the Microsoft Azure training in Chennai?

You can find unlimited job opportunities in Chennai as it is the hub for cloud computing! You can explore the following jobs:

  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Systems Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Directory Expert
  • Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Cloud Operations Architect
  • IaaS Application Tech Support Engineer
  • Full-Stack Senior Developer
  • Azure Certified Developer
  • Azure IaaS Data Center Operator
  • Azure Application Support Engineer
  • Azure L3 Technical Support
  • Azure Cloud Technical Architect
  • PaaS Cloud Native Engineer
  • Application Developer: Azure Cloud Migration

What are the Salary Packages after Azure Training?

The expected salary packages after the completion of Azure training in Chennai are as follows:

  • United States – USD 79,500 to USD 128,000 per year
  • Canada – CAD 117,072 to CAD 157,680 per year
  • United Kingdom – £52,500 to £79,750 per year
  • Australia – AUD 46,000 to AUD 100,000 per year
  • Germany – €45,000 to €82,500 per year
  • France – €46,800 to €60,936 per year
  • Singapore – SGD 43,650 to SGD 60,000 per year
  • United Arab Emirates – AED 2,88,837 to AED 3,11,046 per year
  • India – INR 3.8 lakhs to INR 11.5 lakhs per year
  • Japan – average salary of ¥8,559,137 per year
  • South Africa – ZAR 540,000 to ZAR 960,000 per year

Meet your Mentor

A man in a blue shirt is posing for a photo.

Atul Sharma

Having 12+ years of experience in the IT industry, your favourite mentor, Atul Sharma, is a Network Engineer and the founder of Network Kings who began his IT journey merely through a YouTube channel in 2013 and focussed on his vision to produce Engineers worldwide. He has worked with Aricent, TCS, Apple, and Juniper.


Amit Bhatt

After clearing the top certification exams - RHCE, and RHCSA, Amit Bhatt has become an asset to IT. He has approximately 11 years of industry experience. He has worked with firms like TechStratus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. CDAC, IBM, and Integrated Solutions.



Your mentor, Sukesh, has gained 12 years of industry experience by clearing CCIE Security, NSE1, NSE2, and VCP-DCV certification exams. He has worked with HCL, CompuCom, RSTFORUM, Capita IT Enterprise Services, Sungard Availability Services, and Cyber Software.



One of your favourite mentors, Adirath, has around 4+ years of industry experience. He has worked with Ideogram Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and has acquired CEH, CompTIA PenTest+, VMware, MCSA, CCNA, and CCNP certifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AZ-104 (Azure Administrator) is the best cloud computing certification in Chennai.
You can enroll for the course anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000.
It costs around $165 to take the Azure administrator exam.
No, there is no need to learn coding before taking an Azure course.
Yes, you can enter entry-level cloud computing jobs after the AZ-104 certification.

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