Etherchannel PAGP vs LACP

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Both protocols are used for Link aggregation, To bundle the links to get maximum throughput. It's known as Link Aggregation | Etherchannel | NIC teaming LACP is standard protocol you can make ether channel between Cisco —————————- another vendor PAGP - Port aggregation protocol is Cisco Proprietary,...

Static with default routing

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enable conf t hostname Branch int fa0/0 ip address description Hq-link no shutdown int fa0/1 ip address description Lan-network no shutdown ip route This default route is created on branch to send all traffic to HQ. -...

ccna revision icnd1 lab

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Set all the correct hostnames on the routers. enable configure terminal hostname Delhi /hyd/ pune Set all the correct IP addresses and subnet masks, you are not allowed to use a subnet calculator. Delhi: configure a type7 enable password “vault” – Weak Pune: configure a type5 enable password “vault”...

Private vlans

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A private VLAN is defined as a pairing of a primary VLAN with a secondary VLAN. Primary VLANs are the normal VLANs we all know and love. Secondary VLANs use the same VLAN ID range and are defined in the same manner as primary VLANs, but are specially designated to operate as secondary VLANs in one o...



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