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Write With Us | Create an Impact With Guest Blogging About Technology

Share Your Expertise with Guest Blogging at Network Kings.

Network Kings is a platform for learning about technologies and boosting your career through online modes of learning. Our experts reach our learners and help them learn the relevant skills for their career growth.

We invite technical experts to share their knowledge and create and impact on the lives of the aspiring engineers along with the IT industry with Guest Blogging.

Here’s why you should write with Network Kings:

We understand that content is the king today. As many content creators, tech experts and marketing masters would say, giving out 90% of your knowledge for free is the way to grow your network as well as ensure that you grow yourself, along with the industry.

We encourage guest blogging to help the technical experts to grow their knowledge base as well, by connecting them with the related networks and people from the similar backgrounds. In fact, writing and sharing your knowledge can ensure your feeling of fulfillment.

Here’s what you need to take care of as a Guest Blogger with Network Kings:


Follow the guidelines for guest blogging and the tool at the top to ensure that you divide your paragraphs with the H2 tag. A good articles uses the H1 tag only for its mail article title and the rest of the headings are signified with the H2 tag.

It makes it easily understandable for the reader. This gives a clear outlook of what you are trying to explain and makes your article easy to read. Select your text and simply apply the Heading 2 attribute to it from the drop down shown below.

Here’s how you can use it:

Heading Tag Usage

Cover Images

Cover images are the images which are the banner of the blog and gives an overview of the content shared within the blog. Writers should ensure that they choose their cover images carefully. These images can be used from free platforms such as Unsplash. They can also be outsourced however all legally due credits must be given to the appropriate artists.

Authors can also use their own graphics however it is must to mention it as ‘Author Image’ or ‘Author Graphic’ while using guest blogging.

Images can also be used to differentiate one heading to another. Writer may use the media section to upload images as well, however, inappropriate images must be avoided. Additionally, images should be center-aligned for it makes it easier for the reader to differentiate between the relevant text and the image graphics.

How to add media.

What To Avoid While Writing While Guest Blogging

We receive submissions on a daily basis from guest bloggers which reaches our editorial team. To ensure that your article receives the consideration to be published, please avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Do not send us a rant blog post.
  2. If its your first blog post ever, please mark us an email mentioning that.
  3. Self-promotions are deleted from your posts. It would be great if you would avoid them.
  4. Routing readers to your own platform is not permissible. We tie up with you, not your brand.
  5. Do not spam us with submissions. Restrict your submissions to three submissions a week.
  6. CTAs – Call-to-Action Buttons should be avoided.
  7. Plagiarism is strictly not accepted. Ideas must be original and self-written.

Writing content can be difficult. The first step to do that is to create quality topics. We know that using SEO can be tempting however, we discourage you to use spammy keywords to create better SEO performance. We would appreciate if you provide quality content to the readers, instead of stuffing the piece with unnecessary keywords.

Type of Stories to Avoid while Guest Blogging

Generic writing is easily available. However, that is not quality content. We do not intend to waste the readers’ time. Generic topics are not accepted. Some examples of generic topics can be:

  1. 5 steps to get a good job.
  2. How to start your career.
  3. Learn these skills for a better future.

Titles such as the ones mentioned above are not accepted. This is however, not an exhaustive list.You should try to avoid such titles since they do not provide unique information to the readers. We focus on the most valuable content for the users.

Guest blogging is the way to help people reach as many readers as possible while readers get the opportunity to learn great things about technologies, directly from the experts.

Some topics you can write about:

  1. Your experiences – your own experiences in the technology or the organization you work with as a tech expert can be valuable for the readers. They would love to learn about how to grow their own career and learn from your experiences.
  2. New Updates of technologies – technologies like AWS, Azure, Google upgrade their services from time to time. They introduce new concepts continually. Share what you know about those upgrades and newly available software to help the readers stay up to date.
  3. Specific functions of technologies or How-to stories – Guiding the readers or giving the knowledge about how to use certain tools is a great way to impart knowledge. Those specific instructions are what the readers are looking for. Giving them the quality understanding and helping them grow is of ultimate importance.

How do you know if you got published while Guest Blogging?

To help our writers stay on top of what is happening with their content, we shoot you an email once your writing has been published. However, we are not always able to inform you if a piece was rejected.

To know when its been long enough to pass that content on to another platform, we make it easy for your understand. If we do not get back to you within 72 hours of submitting the piece, please feel free to post it elsewhere.

If the editorial gives you certain notes, you may make the necessary changes and resubmit the piece. We will let you know when we do not want to receive the same piece again.

How to write for Network Kings as a Guest Blogger?

Easy, if you would like to write for Network Kings, submit a piece of writing as a sample at the link below:

Once you are accepted as a writer, we would need you to share a picture of yourself to be your Expert Avatar and a short bio about you, so that our readers can relate with you.

Write with Network Kings

What are you waiting for? Start Writing Now.

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