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what to do after ccna

Do you always think what to do after ccna

Hi all, Sometimes you might be thinking which career track well after CCNA right, What after CCNA?

For Freshers or Beginners:

If you don’t have job as of now, You want to make a career in Networking, This post is for you guys,

Example:- I work for service provider domain, I should choose service provider track with good knowledge of Routing.

Let me tell you After your completion of CCNA, You love some topics and some not, suppose you like the routing & switching over security topics.

So better to go in Routing switching Domain,

People say Voice is more in good, Security is more, Let me tell you Company wants multi-talented guys If you good at both its a Plus for you.

But Don’t be a “Jack of all trades, master of none”

If you will master expertise on one single technology, That would be a career booster for you,

But you have to update yourself as technology changes often.

  • For Freshers I recommend CCNA + CCNP R/S Because you should know how to make a network after you can do other things on it, Then choose Security, Collaboration (Voice)
  • Don’t Choose Datacenter, Design, Wireless, Service provider as a fresher.
    People also ask me Which course is good with CCNA Let’s see

You can do MCITP & Linux If you want to go in server administration.

but to have a successful career ahead in networking, Just focus on networking.

For Experienced:

  • If you already have a job, Choose the Cisco Track which is relevant to your job profile.
  • Check on Job Portals which technology is mostly in job descriptions & Prepare for that.

Write only Those things which you are good at, if you don’t know MPLS yet, don’t write it on a resume to show off.
I have shared my views & If you want to the addon in that just comment below this post.


Atul Sharma

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