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What is packet tracer ?

What is packet tracer ?

For Students

Welcome to the world of computer networking. Packet Tracer can be a fun, take-home, flexible piece of software to help with your CCNA studies, allowing you to experiment with network behavior, build models, and ask “what if” questions. We hope that Packet Tracer will be useful to you whatever your goals are in networking, be they further education, certification, employment, or personal fulfillment. We want to emphasize how important it is for you to also gain in-person, hands-on experience with real equipment as part of preparing to join the community of networking professionals.

For Instructors

Packet Tracer is a simulation, visualization, collaboration, and assessment tool for teaching networking. Packet Tracer allows students to construct their own model or virtual networks, obtain access to important graphical representations of those networks, animate those networks by adding their own data packets, ask questions about those networks, and finally annotate and save their creations. The term “packet tracing” describes an animated movie mode where the learner can step through simulated networking events, one at a time, to investigate the microgenesis of complex networking phenomena normally occurring at rates in the thousands and millions of events per second.

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