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CCNA Composite Exam: The 200-120 CCNAX is the composite exam associated with the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification. Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNAX) v2 course. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium-size enterprise branch network. The topics include all the areas covered under ICND 1 and ICND2 Exams.

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List of Careers in Networking

List of Careers in Networking

Network Administrator

Network directors supervise the computers within the company’s system. They manage and make sure the network runs swimmingly and uninterrupted. They connect all hardware and code and originated all programs, like everyone’s email, to the pc system. They work with individual users, troubleshoot crashes associate degreed slow performance and ar answerable for developing an emergency back-up system to preserve essential knowledge. they need to record all system errors and the way they were repaired. they need to additionally originated security measures to stay unauthorized users from accessing company files. The administrator monitors however every laptop is getting used and by whom.

Network Systems Engineer

Network systems engineers ar answerable for putting in place the network infrastructure the administrator oversees. Engineers maintain and check into the protection systems the administrator originated, and work with them to develop firewalls and back-up systems to the most network server. Engineers ar answerable for the configuration of the network, maintaining all the instrumentation and work any maintenance performed. The engineer is that the fine tuner to the network system.

Network Programmer/Analyst

Network laptop programmers ar administrative-style jobs that make and style important knowledge structures for every laptop. They analyze the system’s code necessities, develop new applications and maintain existing ones. they’re there from begin to end on all laptop applications. They virtually tell the pc what to try and do and the way to know the knowledge it’s given. The coder should meet all system standards, making the right codes and communicate well with excellent understanding. Programmers should even have exemplary presentation skills.

Network Systems Manager

Network systems managers guide, manage and supervise the complete web and machine operation. Managers ar responsible of the geographical point, assign comes and programs to their workers and provides reports to higher management. they’re answerable for every department within the operation to incorporate several programmers, analysts and technologists. they need to be educated in each space of the pc network system. Managers should make sure the convenience of every department’s instrumentation, order and allot resources as necessary and be accustomed to trade developments and additional.

Network Service Technician

Network service technicians establish and fix network troubles. They troubleshoot elements and hardware like homocentric and fiber-optic cables. they need to have in depth information in web connections and in linking computers at intervals a network. They set up and analyze price for the company’s electronic network system and confirm correct layouts, configurations and affiliation devices. they need to be abreast on trendy nomenclature and be able to resolve any downside at intervals the pc system.

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Null Interface

What is a Null Interface ?

By Atul Sharma

What is a Null Interface ?

Null interface is not a physical interface. Its a virtual interface where you can route traffic, but want packets destined for a particular network to be dropped. Directing packets to the null0 interface will prevent the router from sending an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) network unreachable message when it receives a packet with an unknown destination. A situation in which you might want to use the null0 interface is when you have configured a default network, but want packets destined for a particular network to be dropped.

If a static route is configured for the network to the null0 interface, the packets will be dropped without the ICMP message or without having to configure an access list. This interface is always up and can never forward or receive traffic; encapsulation always fails. The null interface provides an alternative method of filtering traffic. You can avoid the overhead involved with using access lists by directing undesired network traffic to the null interface.


Introduction to Null Interface

Null interfaces are completely software-like logical interfaces. Null interfaces are always up. However, they can neither forward data packets nor have IP addresses and link layer protocols configured on them. With a null interface specified as the next hop of a static route to a specific network segment, any packets routed to the network segment are dropped. Null interface provides you a way to filter packets. That is, you can simply transmit unwanted traffic to a null interface rather than applying ACLs.

For example, by executing the?ip route-static null 0?command (which configures a static route leading to a null interface), you can have all the packets destined to the network segment discarded.

Configuring a Null Interface

Follow these steps to configure a null interface:

To do?

Use the command?


Enter system view



Enter null interface view

interface null 0


Null0 interface is the default null interface on a switch. It can neither be created nor removed.

Configure a description for the null interface



By default, the description of a null interface is its interface name followed by the word?interface, for example,?Null0 Interface.

Display information about the null interface

display interface null?[??]