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Curriculum designed to clear the PaloAlto Exam

  • Palo Alto Network Products
  • Appropriate Interfaces or Zone Types
  • Decryption Deployment Strategies
  • Enforce User-ID
  • Authentication policy
  • Fundamental functions
  • Multiple Virtual Systems (multi-vsys)
  • Environment
  • Configure Management Profiles
  • App-ID Deploy and configure Security Profiles
  • Zone protection, packet buffer protection, and DoS protection
  • Deployment configuration of a Palo Alto Networks firewall
  • Configure authorization, authentication, and device access
  • Configure and manage certificates
  • Configure routing
  • Configure NAT
  • Configure site-to-site tunnels
  • Configure service routes
  • Configure application-based QoS
  • Configure App-ID
  • Configure Global Protect
  • Configure decryption
  • Configure User-ID 149
  • Configure Wild Fire
  • Configure Web Proxy
  • Configure templates and template stacks
  • Components configured in a template
  • Overriding a template value in a stack
  • Configure variables in templates
  • Configure device groups
  • Device group hierarchies
  • Identify what device groups contain
  • Manage firewall configurations within Panorama
  • Licensing
  • Commit recovery feature
  • Manage and configure log forwarding 181
  • Log Monitoring, Create and manage tags, Manage external services
  • Palo Alto Networks system
  • Single firewall, High availability pairs, Panorama push, Dynamic updates
  • Manage HA functions
  • Link monitoring, Path monitoring, Failover, HA interfaces, Clustering
  • Troubleshoot site-to-site tunnels
  • Troubleshoot interfaces
  • Troubleshoot Decryption
  • Troubleshoot routing
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot resource protections
  • Troubleshoot Global Protect
  • Troubleshoot policies
  • Troubleshoot HA functions
  • Firewall management interfaces
  • Provision local administrators
  • Maintain firewall configurations
  • Push policy updates to Panorama-managed firewalls
  • Schedule and install dynamic updates
  • Create and apply security zones to policies
  • Identify and configure firewall interfaces
  • Maintain and increase the configuration of a virtual/logical router
  • Create and maintain address and address group objects
  • How to tag objects
  • Difference between address objects
  • Static vs dynamic groups
  • Configure and maintain application filters and application groups
  • Using filters vs groups
  • Purpose of application characteristics according to App-ID database
  • Application-based Security Policy
  • Rule shadowing, Group rules by tag
  • Differentiate specific security rule types
  • Interzone, Intrazone, Universal
  • Security policy match conditions, actions and logging options
  • Application filters and groups, Logging options, App-ID, User-ID, Device-ID
  • Identify and implement NAT policies
  • Destination, Source
  • Optimize security policies using appropriate tools
  • Policy test match tool, Policy optimizer
  • Compare and contrast different types of security profiles
  • Create, modify, add and apply the appropriate security profiles and groups
  • Use the information available in the logs
  • Enable DNS security to control traffic based on domains
  • Create and deploy URL-filtering-based controls
  • Differentiate between group mapping and IP-to-user mapping within policies and logs

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Job Opportunities

Career options after PaloAlto Firewall Course

Security Architect

Network Security Engineer

Network Security Analyzer

PaloAlto Firewall Engineer

Network Security Manager

What will you learn in PaloAlto Firewall Course?

Network Fundamentals

Understand and differentiate core components of Network Security Operators

Firewall System

Firewalls are required here to safeguard and secure the cloud infrastructures.

Security Domains

The Key Security Concepts of Network and Security Program Elements

Network Access

Configuring and understanding Interface components

Industry Oriented Lab Practice

Here you will practice on Industry oriented Labs to gain core practical Knowledge of topics you choose to practice.

The world's best Firewall course to secure your Network: PaloAlto Firewall

Ladder of Success :

A step-by-step guide to become an advanced learner in the security domains of a Network, PaloAlto Firewall Course has proved to be a next-gen Firewall.

A diagram showing the phases of a network security solution.

Still Confused about the PaloAlto Course ?

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Endless Possibilities

PaloAlto Firewall training opens up many career opportunities for you!

PaloAlto Firewall is an advanced-level course that deals with Network traffic as well!

Explore your potential by discovering the Firewall domain!

Have your upper hand in the IT industry with the next-gen certification course!

Who can Enroll for PaloAlto Course training?

Diploma Holders

Aspiring Engineers

Anyone with Interest

Any Graduate

Non-Working Professionals

Working Professionals

One who wants to Build a Career in Non-Coding IT Industry

Why value PaloAlto Firewall Certification ?
To gain Recognition and Acknowledgement


PaloAltoFirewall certification is legitimate proof of your achievements and learning.

Provides an edge over others

PaloAlto Firewall Certification provides the candidates an edge over others. The certification is also a major attraction for employers.

New Horizons

The certification widens job avenues and creates innumerable opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PaloAlto Firewall certification helps in learning the ways and concepts of safeguarding and securing the cloud infrastructures.

Enroll in the expert level of PaloAlto Firewall certification course after receiving the intermediate level PaloAlto certification.

The PaloAlto Firewall certification course is an intermediate-level course that helps to provide an in-depth understanding of the security of Networks and their domains. One is required to clear the PCNSA PAN-OS 10 exam.

The Live sessions get conducted through Zoom Meetings. The Zoom ID is shared once the student enrolls in a particular course. 

You don’t need to worry if you miss the session. The recorded videos of the sessions will be uploaded online to the student portal within 24 hours of the live session, and all recorded videos will be accessible to the students.

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