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Palo Alto Panorama Firewall Training

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Your Takeaway from the Panorama Firewall...

Learn the ins and outs of Palo Alto Networks' cutting-edge Panorama platform.

Discover how to leverage Panorama's automation and orchestration capabilities.

Harness Panorama's full network visibility and analytics features to gain valuable insights into network traffic.

Dive into real-world case studies and practical exercises.

Explore how Panorama enables centralized security management.

Gain in-depth knowledge of Palo Alto Networks' advanced threat prevention technologies.

Develop essential incident response and forensics skills using Panorama.

Learn how to extend security capabilities to the cloud.

Excel in IT by upgrading your skills with the
Palo Alto Panorama Firewall.

Why Palo Alto Panorama?

Choose the Palo Alto Panorama Program to unlock your cybersecurity potential. Gain hands-on experience with Panorama, master network security best practices, explore automation and orchestration, and develop advanced threat detection skills. With Palo Alto Networks’ expertise, you’ll be equipped for success in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.

Who can pursue Panorama Firewall training?

IT professionals looking to enhance their network security management skills

Cybersecurity enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive understanding of network security management

Network administrators aiming to level up their security expertise

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in network security or related fields

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no specific prerequisite knowledge requirements for enrolling in the Palo Alto Panorama Program. However, a basic understanding of networking concepts and cybersecurity fundamentals would be beneficial.
Yes, upon completing the Palo Alto Panorama Program, you will receive a certification of completion. This certification validates your knowledge and skills in network security management using Palo Alto Networks’ Panorama platform.
Yes, the program is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of expertise. It provides a comprehensive foundation in network security concepts and gradually progresses to advanced topics, making it suitable for beginners and experienced professionals.
Absolutely! The Palo Alto Panorama Program emphasizes practical learning through hands-on exercises and labs. You’ll have access to a virtual lab environment where you can apply the concepts you learn and gain real-world experience working with Palo Alto Networks’ technologies.

You Don’t need to worry if you miss the session. The recorded videos of the sessions will be uploaded online in the student portal within 24 hours of the live session and all recorded videos would be accessible to the students.

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