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Network Engineer salary

Network Engineer Salary - Role & Responsibilities​

Network Engineer Salary - Role & Responsibilities

What is CCNA? Network engineer salary, all your doubts will be cleared after reading this article?

Networking engineer is the one that design, execute, and implement a network for its users and is connected to internetworking services. A network engineer’s job is to supervise the computers, ensuring they function as well as they are supposed to. Work requires putting several computers together which are centrally connected to a parent computer referred to as a server. 

A network engineer also creates and sets up the way in which the network can be managed and configured. Adding programs, hardware, software, checking computers, and designing communication networks are some services that a network engineer provides for its company and their primary duties include maintaining the integrity and security of the company’s network and its associated systems. Network engineering is concerned with Internetworking, Computer Networking, Telecommunication, and Broadcasting. Network engineers work on different-different computer ranges including, Global Area Network(GAN), Metropolitan Area Network(MAN), and Wide Area Network(WAN).

  • Local Area Network is a network that connects computers in a Local Area or in the same building. Wireless local area network like Wi-Fi is an example of it.
  • Metropolitan Area Network is a network that ranges between LAN and WAN.
  • Global Area Network, as its name suggests, it is a network spread over the whole world.

A hardware engineer looks after maintaining all the relevant stuff like Chips, Motherboard, Installation, and may more while a networking engineer connects two or more two systems so that data can be shared globally or individually.

Qualifications-: Anyone can work as a network engineer and earn a lot. It is open to all graduates but if someone is not linked with technology, mathematics, physics, networking engineering, computer software, and security management, then it will be very challenging to do this job, But we are providing one to one Training for those who are not good in basics too.

There are various companies that directly recruit new aspirants to their IT department on the basis of degree. CISCO provides certifications of networking at various levels for students. CISCO certification definitely helps you to get a high salary networking engineering job. Let’s look at several certifications offered by CISCO at several levels.

CCNA is a certification offered by CISCO in networking courses for students. It is one step above CCENT and just below CCNP. The demand for CCNA qualified aspirants are quite high in today’s era, if someone is specialized in CCNA or any other courses offered by CISCO, then the aspirant can easily get a good job. There are five courses offered by CISCO and level of accreditation: Entry, Associate, professional Expert, and architect.

Network Engineer Salary

It is not an easy task to determine the exact salary of a networking engineer because there are various posts, Expertise, and different kind of jobs also, but an average Network Engineer salary of an Indian networking engineer is Rs 294,275 per year, while the salary of a networking engineer in USA Canada & Australia? is approximately $59,107-$76,807 and it can vary widely depending on various factors.

There are various kinds of network engineers in India like Network Specialist, Sr. Network Engineer, Network Administrators, Software Engineer, System engineer and many others whose salaries vary from Rs17,000-Rs1,000,000 depending on their rank and posts. If, you have to earn good money in networking engineering then, you have to do CCNA Training, Average salary for CCNA certified holders is far more than others, whether you are Indian or International if you have a CCNA certification then your salary will be very high.

International average salary for CCNA certified holder is $81,161, average salary of CCENT holder is $70,680, for CCNA system security is $84,567, for CCNA data center is $94,830, average salary of CCDA candidate is $97,038 and for CCNP Security is $105,319. CCNA certified candidates can easily place in network administrative, networks consultant, and network engineering.

Start your career with CCNA Certification

First of all, it’s mandatory to qualify entry-level exam which is known as Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician(CCENT), after which you can gain CCNA certification. There are various tracks on CCNA and which one you choose totally depends on your choice. Routing & switching, service provider, video, wireless, service provider’s operation, voice, data center, security, and design specifications are the tracks of CCNA, to become a CCNA in your chosen to track, you must pass your track which you chose. The CCNA is a multi-choice-based exam, encompassing the knowledge gained from the training classes and consisting of 50-60 questions which you have to solve within 90 minutes. The exam fee is nearly 325 USD for this exam. CCNA is mainly aimed to be Network Administrators and Network Support Engineer.

Skills-: In addition to the certificate, you must also have good skills.

  • Network engineers should be masters of their network field.
  • A high level of patience and good communication skills.
  • To recognize the importance of clients’ needs.
  • Patience, connected with upgraded technology, analysis, and problem-solving attitude are some necessary skills to become a network engineer.

If you really want to start CCNA Training & looking to learn from Network engineers, not from local trainers, you can contact us.

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  1. Hi Sir/Ma’am,
    Im Shahnawaz, currently doing Bscit ,I want to do this course,so can u plz tell me about fee?

  2. Hi Sir/Ma’am,
    Im Shahnawaz, currently doing Bscit ,I want to do this course,so can u plz tell me about fee?


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