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Azure Certification Path: Top 10 Reasons to Become Microsoft Azure Certified in 2023

azure certification path

Each day, the world is shifting to the cloud and creating a new hike in technology. Therefore, Cloud Computing is about to become a billion-dollar annual income-making enterprise with thousands of emerging job possibilities. 

Numerous firms offer Cloud certification training courses worldwide, but Microsoft Azure is the only one catering to what the technology demands. Let us get acquainted with the domain in detail. 

Microsoft Azure Certification Path: What you Need to Know to Get Started

What is Azure?

The Azure platform delivers around 200 cloud products and services created to fetch unique resolutions to life—to decode today’s challenges and construct tomorrow. Create, operate, and supervise applications across numerous clouds with the mechanisms and frameworks of your preference.

What are the benefits of becoming Microsoft Azure Certified?

Constructing websites with net in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure brings new solutions to life by providing a spectrum of Cloud Services such as computing, analytics, storage, and networking. Azure is also commonly operated to host databases in the cloud. It is a primary shared cloud service provider operational globally. Additional such providers comprise Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM.

Microsoft Azure, hence, helps an enrolled candidate learn the following concessions-

  • Constructing Websites with .NET
  • SQL Database
  • Virtual Network
  • CDN
  • Mobile Services 

What are the prerequisites for becoming a Microsoft Azure Certified?

One is eligible to become Microsoft Azure Certified by having the following prerequisites-

  • Graduation
  • 50% in Graduation
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft
  • Understanding of Virtualization 
  • Fundamental knowledge of Cloud management and building
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic communication skills
  • An analytical mind
  • A keen observer
  • Excellent management skills
  • Team leading and problem-solving skills

What are the job roles for a Microsoft Azure Certified?

Job role: Azure cloud operator requiring Azure Certification Path.

A Microsoft Azure certified can avail of the following job opportunities-

  • Azure Cloud Operator
  • Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Manager

Why should I become Microsoft Azure Certified?

Why follow the Azure Certification Path to become Microsoft Azure certified?

There are innumerable grounds to become Microsoft Azure Certified. But, the ultimate ten reasons are as follows-

1. Elastic Employment

A Microsoft Azure certification boosts a candidate to pursue numerous career possibilities. You can evolve as a Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer or Solution Architect. Also, Azure certification facilitates you to work in diverse endeavours at different locations. Hence, it offers career flexibility. 

2. Handsome Earning

Possessing a Microsoft Azure Certification is an ideal complement to your resume as it validates acquaintance and assures an incremental salary hike.

A Microsoft Azure certification pays sufficiently as its management, composition, and troubleshooting are highly complex. Misconfiguration of Azure can result in revenue loss. Hence, certifications benefit everyone, from new to old cloud employees. Also, salaries vary from organization to organization. 

3. Enhanced Security Criterion

A Microsoft Azure certification delivers the essential facts required to safeguard data by training how to operate securely. And, awarding credentials to adequate security oblation like the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) assures thorough preservation and security of Azure applications. 

However, it is mandatory to cite that all Azure certifications highlight security in some form or another.

4. Business Consensus Asset

The Microsoft business agreement nourishes discounted costs for devices and software established on an affirmation to a specific portion of expenditure. The business agreement deals vary from 15% to 45% as the minimum recorded insistence is 500 new users or devices for commercial enterprises. As a certified Azure professional, you can get a job in a firm making the most out of its contracts and appreciate the lower prices for instruments and assistance.

5. Professional Evolution

The market for Azure services is expanding daily. Various certifications offer a concrete ground for professional growth. These certifications shield numerous matters for developers and resolution specialists. Today, more than six million administration institutions use Azure services. 

6. Enhanced DevOps Competence

Microsoft offers a DevOps certification to candidates having a fundamental knowledge of Azure. An associate-level certificate (Azure Developer or Azure Administrator) is required to enroll for DevOps. However, experience in the cloud is compulsory to claim the certification.

7. Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Aptitude

The need for skilled Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers is boosting rapidly. And to become a certified Azure AI Engineer passing a certification exam testing Azure and AI skills is mandatory that tests your knowledge of language processing, computer vision, speech recognition, and bots.

AI is an exciting and innovative technology required to design chatbots used by associations to communicate with customers. Microsoft supplies a structured understanding path for learning AI

8. Alliance with Architectural Obligation

Multiple associations settle on an architectural approach and run that road. Acquiring certification in the targeted architecture indicates individual objectives aligned with a company. If you receive an Azure certificate while operating for an institution using Azure, they are more likely to entrust commitments to you.

9. Integrated Learning Strategies

Learning the concepts of the cloud can be overwhelming. By studying for Microsoft Azure certifications, you will understand dozens of different topics benefiting the organization leading to the other benefits. 

10. Updated Azure Reforms

Earning the Azure certification will keep you up-to-date on the latest Microsoft Azure trends. Undoubtedly, technology continues to change. It is hard to dwell on a career if we do not retain new concepts regularly. Azure certifications construct barriers around knowledge — and ensure determination to learn and stay on top.

What is the salary aspect of a Microsoft Azure Certified?

Azure Certification Path - Salary for Microsoft Azure certification.

A Microsoft Azure fresher can make up to 7 LPA in India. But, the salary package keeps increasing with the level of experience one holds. 

Wrapping Up!

Due to expanding market for Cloud services, the scope of making a career in the cloud is illuminated and profitable. And Microsoft Azure serves the best in the domain. 

Become adequate by enrolling today. Regarding your queries, remember that we are always available to help. Good Luck!

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