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Pre-requisite for Cisco SD-WAN training 

SD-WAN is not the associate level training like CCNA, Linux and MCSA training. It is advanced level training, so before enrol in SD-WAN training, make sure you have 1-2 years of relevant experience or strong understanding of below topics.

✅ Knowledge of fundamentals of network

✅ Knowledge of routing and switching

✅ Good understanding of software defined networking (SDN) concepts

✅ Knowledge of Enterprise-Wide Area Network design

✅ Knowledge of transport layer security (TLS) and IPsec.

If you are fresher, no experience with industry, but you have good knowledge of above topics then you can take admission in online SD-WAN training course.

Get your hands on World’s biggest SD-WAN Lab 


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CCNA 200-301

The CCNA certification is a globally recognized certification that validates the knowledge and skills of networking professionals. It covers various topics in detail, including network design, LAN switching, IP addressing, routing and switching fundamentals, WAN technologies, security and more.

The CCNA certification is not an entry-level certificate; it assumes that you have some experience with the basics of computer networks.

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Why CCNA ?

Through CCNA, you can unlock the gateway to the tech world. Just a course to begin with.  

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the most popular Cisco course. If you do not know where to start from, CCNA is the answer. Get trained to get entry-level jobs in the industry. Learn from top-notch Network Engineers with 11+ years of experience. Get ready to take the CCNA 200-301 exam. 

Why Network Kings ?

A place where Innovative minds are at work for your betterment and Development.

Industry Experts

Here in “Network Kings” we  provide industry experts’ expertise to help trainees reach mastery on various skills relevant for a successful career in this field. This could change an amateur into an expert practitioner within their field of expertise by training them about tools that are directly used in their specialization so they can get more certifications in their fields of interest as well as learn more about projects-related methods and techniques with hands-on exercises among other things.

Placement Assistance

As you Enroll in the Master’s Program, we provide Placement Assistance to the Aspiring Engineers. for the same we Schedule Interviews with Top Rated Companies, works on your communication skills, helps you building your  Resume 

Virtual Labs

Get the hands-on experience businesses are looking for with hundreds of browser-based virtual labs that allow you to work with industry applications and technologies in objective-based scenarios, securely, from wherever you are.

CCNA Course Curriculum

The course is for you if

  • You should have basic IT Knowledge and want to start a tech career.  
  • You want to learn Network fundamentals.  
  • You are a helpdesk technician and want to work as a network associate, network administrator, network engineer or solutions architect.
  • You want to renew your expired certification and want better job opportunities.  
  • You are an IT professional who wants to master the Cisco networking theory.  


  • There are as such no prerequisites for pursuing your CCNA online course with certification.
  • Candidates who have basic knowledge of IP addressing and networking fundamentals can pursue.

Course Content

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • Routing and Switching protocols
  • Wireless Access Points (WAPs)
  • Internet Protocol (IP) services
  • Automation and programmability
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure security

What You'll Learn

Everything you need to clear the CCNA 200-301 exam in an updated way.
Installing, configuring and managing network systems.
Routing and switching technologies; Wireless implementation.
Hands-on lab training on Cisco CCNA configuration and troubleshooting
Build skills to work in enterprise networks

Skills You'll Gain

You’ll learn to build simple LANs and be a successful Network Engineering.
You’ll learn how to perform basic configurations for Routers and Switches.
 You’ll learn how to implement IPV4 and IPV6 addressing Schemes.
You’ll learn to perform Virtual Networking.
 You’ll learn how to configure routers, switches and end devices to provide access to local and remote network resources.

Industry Oriented Labs

ospf labs

Choose your Comfortable Training method

Live Online Training

✓ 50 + Hours of Live Classes
✓ 50+ Hours  of Lab Access
✓ 24×7 learner assistance
✓ Latest version curriculum
✓ Curated and delivered by Industry experts
✓ Both English  & Hindi Languages Available
✓ Schedule your sessions at your comfortable timings.
learn ccna
Professional Courses After Graduation

Self-Paced Videos

✓ Learning at your own Pace
✓ 50 + Hours of course videos
✓ 50+ Hours  of Lab Access
✓ Learn with Best Industry Experts
✓ Flexible Timings just for your convenience

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Online CCNA Training and Certification

Are you curious to know what CCNA course Is? Or want to start your IT journey with CCNA online training? Then you are at the right place, here we will share all the details related to CCNA course.

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is the entry level course for beginner who want to start their career in networking field or job holders who have 1-2 years of experience in networking field, but still, they are lagging in fundamentals of networking. CCNA is the basic course in which you will learn basics of networking, routing, switching and network security.

What is CCNA full form?

The CCNA - which stands for Cisco Certificate Network Associate in one of the most recognised associate level certification issued by Cisco - a network hardware company. A CCNA certification validates the skill, ability and expertise of an individual to fix, configure and troubleshoot networks. As businesses around the world are growing their dependence on IT services to run operations smoothly and profitably, CCNA professionals operate at the technical end, ensuring sufficient performance of Network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls.  

A Roadmap towards the CCNA Certification

Initially with only Certification, the CCNA Certification has developed over the years. The areas of the certification were enlarged in 2013, to cater the expanding demand for Cisco-certified professionals. Currently, there are certifications within the CCNA focusing on such areas as:
  • Security
  • Routing and Switching
  • Service providers
  • Data centers
  • Video
  • Voice
  • Collaboration
  • Wireless

How you can get the CCNA Certification:

  1. Get Training for the exam:
The first and initial step that any student needs to take is to get CCNA Certification Training and what better than Network Kings where you get Online CCNA Certification Training from the leading experts of the industry that too with a batch of your preference at affordable pricing.

  1. Application Payment:
Schedule your exam after making payment through Pearson Vue online.

  1. Examination Process:
Pearson VUE online allows you to take your certification exam securely from your home or office. With just a simple check-in process, involving ID verification, face-matching technology, and a live greeter, you can test without leaving the comfort of home.

  1. Pass Score:
A candidate needs to score 80% or higher to pass the CCNA Certification Exam.

  1. Certification Cycle:
Your certification is valid for three years after your date of issue.

  1. Recertification required afterwards:
Cisco requires its Cisco Certified Network Associates to recertify once every three years to keep the certification active.  

Clear Path to clear CCNA Certification

To become certified, you’ll need to complete and pass the CCNA exam. While the exam is challenging, passing is definitely achievable with the right focus and preparation. Here are four suggestions to help you prepare for the CCNA exam and achieve the best possible outcome.

1. Make yourself familiar with the topics and syllabus

The first step that you need to do before preparing for any examination is to keep yourself up to date with the topics that need to be covered and the syllabus of the course and the CCNA Certification exam is no different. The CCNA covers plenty of bases, which can be overwhelming for beginners who are taking the exam for the first time. The following topics are general guidelines for what is likely to be tested, however, additional related topics may also be included in the exam:
  • Network fundamentals
  • LAN switching technologies
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies
  • WAN technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure security
  • Infrastructure management

2. Create a schedule for studying

If you are a student who is currently involved in full time studies it may be strenuous for you to dedicate yourself to studying for the CCNA exam as well. This is the reason why you should try making a study plan or schedule that may work for you. Once you are aware of the topics that need to be covered, assign the days, weeks or hours that you have to work on these topics.   

3. Go hands on with lab practice

A hands-on approach to learning can help make concepts less abstract and easier to understand. With lab practice, you’ll get real-world experience using Cisco products and a better understanding of more advanced topics. The CCNA Online Certification Training from Network Kings offers you with Hands-on lab training on Cisco CCNA configuration and troubleshooting  so you can be ready for the real world experience with hands on approach.  

4. Access all your study resources in one place

Now that you are aware of the syllabus that you have to cover and decided to allocate your time to study for the CCNA Certification exam, what you require now is proper CCNA Certification Training. And guess what? We at Network Kings offer you just that with our CCNA Courses so you can have all study material required under the assistance of industry experts to guide you with complete knowledge of all the topics to be covered in the syllabus along with real world information on how to crack the exam.

CCNA Certification Exam code

By giving CCNA 200-301 exam, you can become a Cisco certified network associate, but this is not mandatory  If you have a good knowledge and a good hand on lab Practicing, then you'll crack all the interviews.  After doing CCNA course, you can apply for network engineer, networking technical support and Network administrator jobs. Also, you can apply for a network security engineer (as CCNA 200-301 covers basics of security). 

Prerequisites for CCNA course

There is no prerequisite for this course. IT and non-IT graduates both can do CCNA training if they want to start their journey in networking. Only one thing is required that is your passion towards learning.  

Before enrolling in CCNA online course.

Please make sure you have your own laptop and a good internet connection. You can take classes from mobile phone but for lab practice you need a laptop. 

Benefits of taking online CCNA training with Network kings.

Network kings is the best platform to pursue CCNA online course and this is not just a vague statement to trust . You yourself can experience the quality of our Courses by enrolling for a FREE LIVE  class.

✅   As we provide online training, you still can enhance your knowledge and skills just by sitting at home.

✅   Courses are available in both languages Hindi and English. 

✅   Timings are flexible here, so you can easily learn without affecting your working or study hours. 

✅  Network kings have Experienced Trainers and Industry Experts who provides in-depth knowledge of the particular course.

✅   In CCNA course you will get 60+ hours recordings, 60+ hours live classes which covers 

  • Basics of network fundamentals 
  • Routing – RIP, EIGRP, BGP (with basic labs), OSPF (with basic to advanced labs) 
  • Switching – VLAN, VLAN tagging, intervlan, and other protocols. 
  • Basics of security- port security, DAI and DHCP Snooping 
  • Other important concepts- Ether Channel, HSRP, basic concept of Software defined networking etc. 
  • Basic to advanced virtual labs. Network kings CCNA and CCNP courses are focused on labs and industry requirements. 

CCNA Training in Bangalore and Kolkata:

Network Kings has even stretched its roots to the major tech hubs: both Bangalore and Kolkata! We have most of our students from Bangalore as well as Kolkata. There has always been an edge for the students in putting up there since they can easily access the whole course online at the ease of their homes. After that, they can easily get placed in the top MNCs in Bangalore and Kolkata itself such as Apple India Pvt Ltd, Accenture Services Pvt Ltd and IBM India Pvt Ltd, etc. Explore all the courses for yourself and begin your career with us.

Note: Before taking CCNA paid course, you can attend free online CCNA demo class Today.


Check out some of our most frequently asked plans and pricing questions here. If you don’t see your question on this page, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Cisco Certified Network Associate is known as CCNA certification which is Cisco’s most well-known certification. CCNA course elements focus on networking which includes how to plan, create, manage, and troubleshoot a network. CCNA certification is accepted globally and one can expect better career prospects after completing it.

CCNA professional deals with the operation and installations related to LAN, WAN & other network services. Apart from these, a CCNA professional also has some other key skills such as communication skills, troubleshooting skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, analytical skills. CCNA professional is also familiar with Microsoft Office suite and the ability to use industry specific tools.

You Don’t need to worry if you miss the session. The recorded videos of the sessions will be uploaded online in the student portal within 24 hours of the live session and all recorded videos would be accessible to the students.

Students can study for the CCNA exam at home. There are many options available online to prepare for CCNA. Candidate can also try official e-learning by Cisco. This e-learning by Cisco will have the learning material, and several tests.

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CCNA Course Details

Degree Certificate
Full Form Cisco Certified Network Associate
Duration Course Duration of Cisco Certified Network Associate [CCNA] is 1.5 Years.
Minimum Qualification 12th/ Graduate
Average Salary Offered Upto INR 4 LPA
Employment Roles Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Senior Network Engineer, System Engineer, Field Engineer, Network Designer, Network Planner, Network and Support Technician
Placement Opportunities CSS Corp, Airtel, Wipro, Ericsson, Microland etc.