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IT Professional Master Program

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CCNA + MCSA Window Server + Redhat Linux + Azure 104 + AWS Solution Architect ( Choose any 3 )

Live Sessions - 200+ Hours

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24x7 Lab Access

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CompTIA A+

CompTIA N+

Office 365+ Exchange Server

CompTIA Server+

CompTIA Security+

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What is IT Professional
Master Program ?

The IT Professional Master Program by Network Kings is a comprehensive and intensive training program designed to equip individuals with a wide range of skills and knowledge in the field of information technology (IT). Covering various aspects of networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more, this program aims to prepare participants for successful careers in the IT industry.

Through a combination of theoretical learning, practical hands-on experience, and real-world projects, participants will gain expertise in configuring networks, managing security systems, working with cloud technologies, and troubleshooting IT issues. Led by experienced instructors, the program offers a structured curriculum that caters to both beginners and experienced IT professionals, fostering a deep understanding of key concepts and industry best practices. Upon completion, graduates should be well-positioned to excel in roles such as network administrators, cybersecurity analysts, cloud engineers, and IT consultants.

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Excel in IT by upgrading
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Master Program.

Who can pursue
IT Professional Master Program ?

This Program is suitable for anyone interested in developing excelling skills to outshine in the IT Industry.

Freshers Aspiring to Become Engineers

Pursuing Graduation from Any Stream

Transition from Network Engineer to IT Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IT Professional Program is a comprehensive training program that offers a combination of three popular IT certifications: CCNA, MCSA, and Linux. This program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and maintain IT infrastructure, including networking, server administration, and operating system management.
Enrolling in an IT Professional Program that combines CCNA, MCSA, and Linux offers many benefits. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive knowledge base in the field of IT infrastructure management, making you more attractive to potential employers. Secondly, these certifications are highly recognized and respected within the industry, giving you a competitive edge. Finally, the program offers hands-on experience with real-world scenarios, enabling you to apply your skills in practical situations.
The duration of an IT Professional Program that combines CCNA, MCSA, and Linux varies depending on the training provider. However, most programs are designed to be completed in 6-12 months. The program typically includes classroom training, hands-on labs, and practice exams to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the certification exams.
After completing an IT Professional Program that combines CCNA, MCSA, and Linux, you can pursue a wide range of IT careers, including network engineer, systems administrator, IT manager, and cybersecurity specialist. These certifications are highly recognized within the industry, making you a valuable asset to any organization. Additionally, these certifications can lead to higher salaries and more opportunities for career advancement.

Well, you could miss attending a class, but you won’t miss anything that’s being taught, as every class, gets added to the students’ portal and students can refer to it at any point in time for learning.

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