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Google Professional Cloud Architect: Is google cloud certification worth it or not? 

is google cloud certification worth it

Google is a common word, all of us hear it on a daily basis. Google is a far more integral part of our lives than any other thing at the moment. They have grown from being merely a search engine. There are many livelihood opportunities that google has opened up.
One such job role is that of Google professional Architect. In this blog, we shall read about Google Professional Architect and if it’s worth it or not.


The Benefits of the cloud Computing:

Benefits of cloud computing and whether Google Cloud Certification is worth it.

The migration to the cloud is more popular than anything at the moment. Cloud seems to introduce efficiency for working of organisations, enterprises and companies. The benefits of the cloud are immense. The few of them are as follows: 

  1. Cost efficiency.
  2. Reliability
  3. Flexibility
  4. Mobility
  5. Security
  6. Sustainability 
  7. Recovery
  8. Loss Prevention
  9. Disaster Recovery 
  10. Increased Collaboration


To facilitate and bring about a change in the conventional working of all organisations, enterprises, companies etc, it’s almost essential to bring the efficiency of cloud computing to them.
There are many certifications in this domain of cloud, which help the aspirant to elevate his/her exigency in their workplace. The aspirant can take many such certifications, be in the field of cloud computing. One such role, as we read earlier, is, Google Professional Cloud Architect. Here we shall know more about it and also the exam details for gaining this certification.

So, what is Google Professional Architect?

The Google Professional Architect is an IT certification that is being offered by Google. This comes across as proof that network architects are known to have immense familiarity with a vast range of google tools and technologies.  With all the tools and technologies Google offers, they are well versed in them.
The former’s expertise is in the field of leveraging Google Cloud Technologies for organisations, companies and enterprises irrespective of their sizes. It could be a small business startup or an already establishes company.

The Google Professional Cloud Architect knows how to design, develop and manage dynamic cloud-based solutions. These are solutions that contribute to the popularity of cloud globally.

The Google Professional Cloud Architect is potent in designing, developing and managing dynamic cloud-based solutions which are known to be robust, scalable, highly available and pretty dynamic to all company’s needs. The Google Professional Architects are aware of google cloud solutions but that’s not all, they are also well versed in capturing and documenting any organisation’s business objectives and further apply accurate solutions to each need, that exists. 

 A Google Professional Cloud Architect knows how to design, develop and manage dynamic cloud-based solutions that are robust, secure, scalable, highly available and dynamic to each company’s needs. But that’s not all. Not only is a Google Professional Cloud Architect deeply familiar with all of Google’s cloud solutions, but they know how to capture and document an organization’s business objectives and apply the right solutions to each need. 

The Exam:

To fill in for the role of a Google Professional Cloud Architect one needs to earn the certification, by clearing an exam. The Google Professional Cloud Architect exam is a 2-hour exam. 


After the candidate clears the examination they have two years ahead of them to retake the examination.


There are no such formal prerequisites, so to take the Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam, the aspirants are free to take the exam any time they want, without the baggage of any prerequisites.
Although it is recommended that the candidate should at least have an experience 3 years of industry experience developing networks and at least a year of experience in designing and also managing solutions with the use of Google Cloud. 

Exam Objectives:

The objectives of this exam are apparent, the major objectives are as follows: 

  1. Designing and planning a cloud solution architecture. 
  2. Managing and provisioning a solution infrastructure
  3. Designing for security and compliance. 
  4. Analyzing and optimizing technology and business processes. 
  5. Managing implementation
  6. Ensuring solution and operations reliability. 

These set objectives are to ensure that the Google Professional Cloud Architect is meant for an individual who possesses both hard and soft skills. They should have expertise in critically analysing situations and coming up with solutions, to counter a given problem. They should be able to present fictional recreations of possible implementations, as per the objectives of the exam. It is needless to say that the aspirant who gets through the exam must know 

the case and be aware of all the necessary implementations. Along with this, the candidate needs to be capable enough to choose the finest solution for different companies keeping in view the budgets, networks, company values, location etc, which keep on varying.
It is expected that the architect can devise solutions keeping in view the needs, and boundaries presented by each enterprise etc. 

The exam’s cost:

The exam cost is another very important consideration, while someone aims to be a professional, in this field, the price, fee etc, comes across as pivotal. The Google Professional Cloud Architect is 200$ USD. The expiration window last for 2 years only so the aspirant should be prepared to spend 200$ USD every two years. After the candidate, has cleared the sole exam, Google rewards the candidate with the certification. 

Is Google Cloud Certification worth it or not?

After becoming aware of the entire know-how of the certification and exam, we shall now come to the real question, that we began with, is google cloud certification worth it or not?

The Google Professional Cloud Architect is definitely worth it for a maximum number of administrators and network architects. It happens to be a great certification for pretty much all IT professionals, who are close to growing and also keen on going up the career ladder. Having said that, by no means we’re trying to state that people, who are just getting started shouldn’t take this certification. It is a certification that suits all, it’s meant to benefit all. On the whole, it is a very beneficial, certification and an even more worthy job role.

An aspirant who earns Google Professional Cloud Architect certification has earned authentic proof to showcase their skills. They are a few of the most versatile and accomplished cloud solutions architects in the industry.

Another aspect of this certification is that it acts as an enhancer for a candidate’s value to employers. It proves that an individual is ready to work and manipulate the learning and power of Google to their network.

Fun Fact:

It is forbidden to use the phrase, “I’m googling something” at Microsoft. That’s just one instance of how well, google is doing. Google has risen to be an ultimate power and is doing incredible so the scope of any google certification or job role also increases manifold. 

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