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how to become a network engineer

Let’s See how to become a Network Engineer with excellent salary Package.

Hi my name is Atul Sharma working as a network specialist in IT MNC in India,

Always people ask me how to become a ccna certified or how to get a job in networking, so friends let me tell you one thing, getting job or certification is very easy if we compare those things with ? how to become a network expert ?

Expert doesn’t mean you have to be ccie; it tells how many technologies you have worked on, how many things you already knew, keep Revise those things else you will not even remember the simple OSI model.

So let’s talk how to become a network engineer,

1. First, complete your bachelor or masters in IT, Because company eligibility can be checked before giving any interview, mostly companies require bachelor?Degree.

2. Update resume of job portals and write the information in the resume whatever you know, I have seen most interviewers ask questions from the resume.

3. Set your goals for three months, in such three months you will complete this technology, let’s suppose you want to learn MPLS, give at least three months to prepare for it.

4. Join Online CCNA Training, I have seen people want to save their money and do the self-study of 1000 hours, guys you are wasting your time, a trainer will teach you in 60 hours what he learned in those long 1000+ hours, so always consider training as an investment.

5. Give certification exams it will boost your knowledge as well your appearance in a market.

6. Revise old things by one trick which I like the most, let suppose you competed OSI model today,

  • Revise within ?24 hours.
  • Now revise after four days than 10th day.
  • Now the long ones are after 30 days and after three months
  • Now after year.

Boom Now you will not forget OSI Model undoubtedly, It works.

Try and let me know in comment section below.

Atul Sharma
Cisco Trainer

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