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How to Get job in IT Sector as a Fresher: Career Guidance for Non-Coders

This blog is a treasure, you better dig it! 

Do you want to Get a job in IT Sector but hate coding?

Don’t worry, gone are the days when coding was the hard and fast rule to get into the IT industry; now you can enter the technical world without learning coding.

This blog will let you know how to get a job in IT after BCA or BTech! So, this blog meant for students who belong to both the technical and non-technical background. Allow us to explain it to you in detail.

We will also discuss how to get a job in an IT company without experience. Hang tight till the end to know it all.

Also, you can access the video version of this blog if you are more of a visual person.   

Let’s start.

Career path for students to get an IT job with technical background:

First of all, the people who come under the technical background, that is, they have done their graduation/ post-graduation in the technical space include:

  • BCA  
  • BTech (excluding Mechanical Engineering)  
  • MCA  
  • BE (Computer/ Electronics)  

So, if you have done your graduation or post-graduation in any of the above domains, you can directly go for IT Professional courses. These IT Professional courses include:  

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA):  

The CCNA course is for the techies who want to begin their career in the IT and Networking domain. You will get to learn the basics of Routing and Switching through the CCNA certification.  

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) or the Windows Server 2016: 

The Windows Server 2016 is a basic course for those who want to enter the cloud computing industry such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), etc. Learn how to the services work on the servers through the MCSA course. 

Linux Certification: 

The Linux is an open-source operating system that is mainly used in commercial networking devices. Right from your smartphones to your cars, everything works on Linux.  

If you want to learn all three of these courses together and become an IT expert then you can go for our IT Professional Master’s Program.  This would prepare you completely for an IT job.

 The link for the IT Professional Master’s Program: Network Kings Courses – Training and Certification (  

Career path for students to get a job in IT with non-technical background: 

If you are someone who has done their graduation in a non-technical subject; that’s completely okay!  

You can still get a job without experience in the IT sector. The non-technical background includes the following degrees:  

  • BCom  
  • BA  
  • Mechanical Engineering  

Steps to follow:  

1. Beginner-level certification:  

By beginner-level certification, we men that you need to make your basics strong and know the important concepts needed to enter the technical world. 

These certifications include the vendor-neutral certifications. These are:  

CompTIA A+ Certification:  

The CompTIA A+ certification touches down on the core technology and is meant for people who don’t know anything about networking.     

2. Advanced-level certification: 

These certifications are meant to be done after the completion of any one of the CompTIA certifications of your choice. The advanced-level certification includes the following courses:  

CompTIA Network+ Certification: 

The CompTIA Network+ certification is for covering the networking basics.  

CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ certification is for individuals who want to enter the cybersecurity industry. 

Routing and Switching: 

The routing and switching course include the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) course where you will learn the basics of routing and switching.  

Windows Server:  

The Windows Server teaches you how to work with servers and how services run on the servers.  


The Linux course involves learning to work with the open-source operating system.  

What jobs can you get as a fresher? 

JOB Guarantee Courses

If you don’t know how to get a job as a fresher, we have made it simple for you already.   

Now comes the real question: what jobs can you get as a fresher without experience in the IT industry?  

We have collected a few jobs that do not need any experience. These are:  

  • Junior Network Engineer  
  • Network Analyst  
  • Technical Support Engineer  
  • Desktop Support  
  • Technical Assistant  
  • Service Desk Analyst  
  • Help Desk Technician  
  • Technical Support Specialist  
  • Field Service Technician  
  • Associate Network Engineer  
  • Data Support Technician  
  • Desktop Support Administrator  
  • System Support Specialist  
  • End-User Computing Technician  
  • Network Operation Centre Engineer  

This list could go on and on! Viola, you can look up for these jobs on google near you and apply to them.  

What are basic skills needed to get an IT job?

What are basic skills needed to get an IT job? 

You do need some basic skills to get a job in the IT sector. These include:  

  • Knowledge about how to install software such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office, etc.  
  • How to create basic networking connectivity  
  • Prevent basic security viruses such as Antivirus  
  • Know about troubleshooting the devices  

If you don’t know how to do anything, you can get our Basic Networking course which is completely free!  

What’s the problem with fresher IT jobs?

CCNA Interview Questions What’s the problem with fresher IT jobs?

The problem with these fresher IT jobs is that you do not get paid enough and the competition is very high. However, you can definitely upskill yourself and go for higher certifications. So, how can you earn higher?  

Let’s see.  

How to earn higher? 

You can increase your skills by making a career in any one of the following career options available. These are:  


Get a job in the IT sector without experience with the Cisco networking courses such as CCNA, CCNP and CCIE.    

System:  : 

Become a System Engineer with the Linux and Windows Server courses.  


If you want to become an ethical hacker or a cyber security engineer then you should take up any cyber security course.


You can take any cloud computing course such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  

If you want to have the visual version of this blog, you can tap on this link to watch the video: Career Guidance for Freshers | Network kings


You can definitely land a job in the IT sector as a fresher but you need to work on your skills at the same time. Become the best at what you do and everything would be easy for you.  

Start your learning journey with us.  

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