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Shielding Digital Fortresses: Cyber Security Architect

cyber security architect

From shopping to buying groceries, sending invitations to gossiping, and gaming to casual internet surfing, the online world has evolved a lot. Though the world has migrated to technology, there still is the risk of security. Thus, who provides it, and how does it get managed? Who is behind all these security criteria of technology? … Read more

How to Become Cyber Security Expert? A Guide to Success

how to become cyber security expert

How to become Cyber Security expert and what does it require to become a cyber security expert? The answer is not as straightforward as you might be thinking. Keep on reading to know the journey to becoming a Cybersecurity Expert/Specialist to understand better.     With technological advancement, hackers have also evolved their ways of breaking into … Read more

Guardian of Digital Security: Cyber Security Engineer

become a cyber security engineer

Cyber security engineers play a crucial role in combating the rising tide of cybercrime. In the digital adaptation and interconnectedness era, online privacy has become paramount. With the ever-increasing number of cyber threats and attacks, the need for cyber security engineer to safeguard our digital world has never been more crucial. Therefore, enter the cyber … Read more

Vibrant CISSP Salary in India for Freshers: Best Proven Guide

CISSP Salary in India

The cybersecurity industry is responsible for safeguarding a business’ data, information, network, and devices and helps in risk management. Since there are various certification programs in the cybersecurity domain to master such skills, but CISSP certification program is emerging as the one solution to all the advanced cyber issues. Therefore, here we are with the … Read more

Ultimate Cybersecurity Skills That Will Make You Grow In IT

Cybersecurity Skills

With the advancement in technology, cyber threats are increasing simultaneously. Undoubtedly cybersecurity has become an essential aspect of our lives. With the ever-increasing reliance on technology and the internet, cybersecurity has become more critical than ever. And, to become an expert in safeguarding technology, cybersecurity skills are necessary. Hence, keep reading the blog till the … Read more

5 Lakh Cybersecurity Engineer Jobs are still available!

Cybersecurity Engineer Jobs

“I dream of digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of national security.” – Narendra Modi. According to reports, 5 lakh cybersecurity engineer jobs are still available in India, while only 65 thousand cyber security engineers are there. Due to a lack of knowledge, skills, and guidance, those positions remain vacant. Therefore, here … Read more

The Role of AI in Cyber Security: Explained

Role of AI in Cyber security

Cybersecurity is a crucial concern for businesses, governments, and individuals in the contemporary era. With the growing cyberattacks, firewalls and antivirus software are no longer enough to protect our data and information. Hence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a possible solution to tackle the complex and rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Therefore, keep reading the … Read more

Cybersecurity vs Cloud Computing: Know the Lying Secrets

Cybersecurity vs Cloud Computing

While Cloud Computing offers a range of benefits like scalability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, it also poses several security challenges. And Cybersecurity encompasses a range of practices, technologies, and frameworks that aim to secure data, systems, and networks from malicious attacks. Keep reading the blog till the end to know the ultimate truth regarding “Cybersecurity vs … Read more

How To Start a Career in Cybersecurity: A Roadmap to Success

How to start Career in Cybersecurity?

Beginning a career in cybersecurity means getting hands-on experience in information security, network security, and system security. Choosing a career path ideal for preventing cyber attacks is the best way to start your tech journey. Keep reading the blog till the end to know how to start¬† career in cybersecurity. What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is … Read more

Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

cyber security interview questions

Despite a recession this year, Cybersecurity has been booming like no other industry. Thanks to the increased number of cyberattacks thus, calling in for the need for more cybersecurity professionals. In fact, the cybersecurity industry is set to face over 2.5 million unfilled job positions up until 2025. This is a clear sign that cybersecurity … Read more