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Internetwork introduces us to the very long craved freedom and limiting Internetwork would be limiting the freedom. Freedom to share the valuable data to & from any part of world. This is a beautiful time to witness the growth of network and even more aesthetic is being a part of it. But the presence of ?assets? is the genesis of ?liabilities? and this accountability for protection of assets is the genesis of ?security?. To sum it all up, the precondition of being able to share or hold valuable assets, is the capability to guarantee security. A mention of network is incomplete without the mention of Cisco whereas a mention of network security cannot end without shedding light on Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE Security).Cisco has become a common yet notable name in IT sector and as a result CCIE Security, the most respected and demanded IT Certification.

The Cisco CCIE module is divided into two categories with specific motive in mind. Together, these inculcate into an individual the ability to secure networks. The CCIE certification approves the credibility of those claiming the intellect and adroitness to shield enterprise or home network from threats and vulnerabilities. It empowers professionals with the skill to design & plan security architecture, implement it & troubleshoot most security threats. These professionals are capable of devising logical solutions, avoiding network outage, information leaks, asset theft, restrict network access, detect & interpret unwanted/fraudulent behaviour in networks, ensure physical as well non-physical security at wide range of facilities from end user networks to corporate NOC to Datacentres, among other roles.

Fortunately, there are no hard-core prerequisites in applying for CCIE Certification. Though, the applying candidate must clear two examinations ? first, CCIE Security Written Exam, and second, CCIE Security Lab Exam, as described below:

CCIE Security Written Exam

This is a two-hour written qualification exam, containing about 90-110 questions, based on the concepts related to network security and also on evolving technologies. This exam is a must before proceeding on to the second exam.

CCIE Security Lab Exam

The duration of this exam is eight hours and the motive of this hands-on exam is to test your capability to run a secure network within a timed environment. This exam must be taken within the time period of 18-months after passing the CCIE Security Written Exam. One more condition concerning the Lab Exam is, if by any chance the candidate is not able to pass this examination within three years of passing the Written Exam, then he/she must apply for a retest of the Written Exam to be eligible to try the Lab Exam again.

To make sure you don?t get caught up in retests, we at Network Kings provide you with a complete online program covering each and every detail that would ensure that you get the certifications that you have been chasing. Under this program, the candidate will learn ? Network Implementation, Network Security, and Network Troubleshooting. The education you gain at Network Kings will make sure to open up a plethora of job roles for you in the future, such as:

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Senior Network Engineer

Looking at the statistics, out of a large demand of about 200,000 CCIE Security Certified Network Engineers, only 6000 have been fulfilled yet. So, you can dream of this high-paying career with confidence and making sure that it turns out to be reality is our job.


CCNA and CCNP Security.

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This online institution is the best for working professional to achieve their goals and career I am a working professional and o was searching an institute that i can do my CCNA and start my career in Networking field my search ends here when was found an video posted by Atul sir .


It's been long time since I watched Network kings video, I must say network kings is increasing the level or content of CCNA. Joining this course is worth than going to any creep institutes. This course is giving you the level of knowledge which you would find worth even after having 2+ yrs experience !!


Friendly and frankly talking instructor which helps student to talk freely and interact without hesitation, sophisticated software are used to make student’s learn from different part of world without any limitations and georestriction. The best part is reasonable price .


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