AWS vs Azure: Key Differences You Need to Know


The world of cloud engineering is ever changing and AWS & Microsoft Azure are on cloud nine. Quite Literally. Cloud computing came into existence a few decades ago, with AWS being the very first inventor of such a platform. The world, as we knew it, has never been the same ever since. It is important … Read more

Cloud Computing & Data Science: A Collaboration You Need to Understand

Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence – these are just a few of the newly emerged terms that have gained innate traction in the last few years. With the amount of change we saw happening in 2020 however, it is in fact important to understand the impact of Machine … Read more

How To Become AWS Certified And Earn A High Salary

Amazon web Solutions by Amazon is a cloud-based service which was launched back in 2013. These services which were launched no more than seven years ago, are now one of the top three cloud services across the globe. As per the surveys conducted by various organizations and platforms like Global Knowledge and more, the AWS … Read more