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Important OSPF Interview Questions and Answers

Whether you are preparing for Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) exam, OSPF is one of the most important topics to cover. Open Shortest Pathway First (OSPF) OSPF is the most important routing protocol in the networking domain followed by BGP and MPLS.  In this blog, we have covered the … Read more

CCNP vs CCIE: When to Choose Which Cisco Certification?

In this blog, you will find out the difference between CCNP vs CCIE certifications. You will get to know about the pre-requirements for the CCNP and CCIE roles. You will also get to know about the job roles and the CCNP salary and the CCIE salary.  There are currently over 6,00,000 tech professionals holding Cisco certifications. … Read more

Cisco Courses – Career Path by Cisco

Top Cisco Course Online Cisco is an American technology company. It was founded in 1984 and has headquarters in San Jose, California. It wasn’t a household name until it sold most of its products majorly to other businesses. It is operating worldwide and is best known for its computer networking products. Cisco is a conglomerate … Read more


Most Important CCNA Interview Questions - 2021

CCNA INTERVIEW QUESTION In this article, I am going to share the most commonly asked CCNA interview questions.  What is OSI model? OSI model stands for open system interconnection. OSI model is a reference model that helps us to understand how does internet work? As a whole, it is tough to understand the internet, that’s why to … Read more

OSPF Theory

OSPF Theory

Open Shortest Path First Introduction OSPF stands for open shortest path first. OSPF is a dynamic routing protocol that comes under IGP(interior gateway protocol). It is also known as link state protocol. It works on shortest path first algorithm (SPF). To advertise routes information OSPF running routers send LSAs to exchange information with neighbors. LSA … Read more