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CCNA Certification Path – Cisco Certification Guide- By Experts

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CCNA Certification Path

The world of Information Technology is outshining all other sectors by spreading its territory a bit more with each passing day. There are numerous courses available to enter and get placed in the IT world to show and enhance your skills as there is a high demand for IT employees all over the world in almost every field. One of the very popular courses is Cisco CCNA Certification which helps an individual to dive in the ocean of Information Technology.

If you too are interested in the Cisco CCNA Certification course and have enrolled or are planning to enroll so far, you have reached the right platform. Well, this blog is going to cater to what you have been craving for a long time. So, without wasting any more time looking at different websites, let’s shed some light on the concerned topic in order to know a lot more about it.

Here, we have prepared a complete road map to your Cisco CCNA Certification Journey which includes all the details one requires to opt a course. Let’s just not stop here and learn everything about the course on a single platform.   

What is Cisco CCNA Certification?

A course offered by Cisco, the globally acclaimed IT giant, which caters security, automation, programming, network and its domains as its main and the most popular dishes is Cisco CCNA Certification Course which originally stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification Course, hence validates that one has all the required skills to optimize and manage the network and its domains. The certification course is well recognised in the IT world as it benefits not only the employer but the employee as well. 

Since the course is available offline as well as online, one can choose any one of its domains to become an expert in the field. These domains help the candidate to enhance their skills to become an IT expert. A few such domains are enlisted below- 

Routing and Switching

Under the domain of routing and switching, one gets familiar with the routers, switches and other wireless devices required to configure and troubleshoot redundancy on a network. Hence, Cisco CCNA Certification Course provides all the essential skills and training to the candidates who enroll themselves.


Due to the rise in technology, everything is being automated in this modern or what they call tech-based era. Under the domain of automation in Cisco CCNA Certification Course, the candidate is taught how to manage the network to solve all the issues itself through the pre-installed operators which further allows the IT employee to easily focus on other high-level tasks like designing the network or concentrating on other network based projects.  


Under the networking domain in Cisco CCNA Certification Course, one gets to learn about working with and handling both, wired and wireless networks by getting familiar with all the network operators.

Data Centers

The IT world has designed the Cisco CCNA Certification Course to make the candidates aware of how to work with data technology. These include installing, configuring and managing the data and information.

Service Providers

Cisco CCNA Certification Course helps a candidate to learn about the core networking trends and technology and offers numerous career options after the completion of the course. One can later become a Network Engineer, Technician or Designer in any IT firm.


The programming domain serves the best in the IT world. Under Cisco CCNA Certification Course one gets familiar with the networking fundamentals like installing, operating, configuring and verifying the basics of IPv4 and IPv6.


The IT world looks out for the candidates availing Cisco CCNA Certification Course based on security domain to protect and monitor Cisco security networking devices. These candidates can further become Network Security Specialists and Security Administrators.

Out of all the above mentioned domains of Cisco CCNA Certification Course, routing and switching has proved to be the most in-demand and highly recommended course, today. Hence, one can choose any of the above mentioned domains of Cisco CCNA in order to learn and excel in the field of networking. 

See what you are striving for…

After enrolling in Cisco CCNA Certification Course, one gets to learn the following objectives-

  • Installing, operating and configuring networks to IPv6 from IPv4
  • In-depth understanding of network fundamentals
  • Ways of resolving network related issues
  • Basic understanding of VLAN and inter-VLAN routers
  • Basic understanding of STPs and RSTPs
  • Virtualisation as a fundamental network domain 

Eligibility for Cisco CCNA Certification Course

For Cisco CCNA Certification Course, the prerequisites are as follows- 

  • Basic understanding of network
  • Fundamental knowledge of IP addressing
  • One year experience in networking domain
  • Basic knowledge of routing and switching

Employment advantages after Cisco CCNA Certification Course

After receiving the Cisco CCNA Certification, numerous doors to opportunities get opened automatically. 

Job Opportunities after CCNA Certification Course

A few of the Cisco CCNA Certification advantages are enlisted below-

Network Administrator

The major role of a network administrator is network monitoring, installing and implementing security programs.

Network Engineer

The major role of a network engineer is maintaining and configuring computer networks  including mainframes, VPNs and routers.

Network Specialist

The major role of a network specialist is to design, monitor, maintain and repair a network.

Network Analyst

The major role of a network analyst is to analyze and optimize network requirements as it helps in setting and configuring a computer network at one or multiple locations during the same time.

Network Manager

The major role of a network manager is to manage a company’s network and operating system.

Network Designer

The major role of a network designer is to design and maintain the topology of a network system.

Network Support Technician

The major role of a network support technician is to develop and maintain the IT networks as well as to monitor, optimize, repair and secure the data of a company.

Network Support engineer

The major role of a network support engineer is to manage and ensure the troubleshooting of all the programs whenever it is required.

System Engineer

The major role of a system engineer is to manage, configure, test and monitor all the installed systems and infrastructures. 

Ways to get Certified

Basically, the Cisco CCNA Certification is designed for engineers, technicians and analysts. It is valid only for 3 years. To claim a Cisco CCNA Certificate, one is required to pass the following exam-

Cisco CCNA 200-301

In order to take the exam, one is supposed to deposit the exam fee, i.e. USD 300, before the announcement of the exam date. The exam comprises 120 questions for which 120 minutes are given and to claim the certification, one needs to score a minimum of 82.5% or 825 out of 1000. One can choose either English or Japanese as the exam language and is free to choose the mode of exam as it can be scheduled physically at any desired location or online.

Cisco CCNA Certification Course Training

Globally, there are numerous offline as well as online modes of training available for the Cisco CCNA Certification Course which are authentic and certified. Since, in this busy era when everyone is occupied, people/students prefer learning yet studying online as it is convenient and helps in creating balance in life. Among many online training platforms, one of the best platforms is NETWORK KINGS. 

Why Network Kings for Cisco CCNA Prep?

Network Kings is a renowned platform which provides online training to its students as it is easily accessible and available every time, everywhere. The perks of enrolling in Network Kings is that it provides the world’s largest virtual laboratory with zero down time, which can be accessed from any corner of the world. The trainers themselves are professional engineers who provide complete placement assistance to the candidates. 


The students enrolled get to learn a lot about themselves as well. The trainers prepare them for the future challenges and help them in becoming the best in the IT field. 


Network Kings helps the students to-


  • Master all the essential IT requirements (networking, automation, programming and security)
  • Build confidence 
  • Standout and earn well in the IT world
  • Become an IT professional
  • Excel in Cisco solution administration
  • Understand the technical capabilities of the IT industry
  • Gain skills and expertise in IT

Cisco CCNA Certification Course Curriculum

After joining Network Kings, the candidates are trained by following the below mentioned curriculum-

Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching

It further includes topics like exploring and configuring a network operating system, network, application and transport layering, network protocols and communications, IP addressing, network accessing and, ethernet. 

Network Fundamentals

It includes topics like network technology architectures, interface and cable issues, configuring and verification of subnetting and IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

Network Access

It includes topics like VLAN verification and configuration, interswitch connectivity, layer 2 discovery protocols, ether channels and Cisco Wireless Architecture and AP modes.

Routing and Switching Protocols

It includes topics like ethernet, network access, subnetting IP networks and IP addressing, network layering, communication and network protocols and, configuration of network operating system.

Wireless Access Point

It includes topics like increasing productivity while reducing infrastructure costs and wireless networks.

Internet Protocol Service

It includes topics like network protocols, socket programming, IP routing, datagram protocol, window protocol and sliding window protocol.

Automation and Programmability

It includes topics like how automation affects network management, traditional and control based networking, controller-based and software-defined architecture, REST based APIs and Cisco DNA center enabled device management.

Salary packages after Cisco CCNA Certification

Once a candidate receives his/her Cisco CCNA Certification, he/she is hence preferred by all the big IT firms to begin his/her career in the IT domain. The salary package offered to such candidates ranges between 2.5 LPA to 8 LPA depending upon the experience.

If the exam is not cleared?

Life is all about learning and trying. Hence, one must not give up and should keep on trying even harder. Undoubtedly, the Cisco CCNA Certification exam is tough and sometimes a few candidates could not clear it in their first attempt. Such candidates are free to attempt the exam as many times as they want. 


Though the exam fee is a bit high, once the exam is cleared, the certification is worth it. So, rather than losing heart, one must work hard to pass the exam with flying colors.

Wrapping Up!

Cisco CCNA Certification Course is a highly in-demand course in the networking world. Ofcourse, it is tough to clear the exam but not impossible. Hence, prepare for your exam and make your career in the IT world. We are always open to help. All the best!