An Introduction about F5 LTM.


An Introduction about F5 LTM. F5LTM is an abbreviation for Local traffic manager that is used for the designated users to manage the traffic. It is initiated by a number of clients. LTM balances the load spread across all the groups of physical servers where all the running applications are hosted.  F5LTM lessens the burden on … Read more

MCSA Interview questions:

Microsoft MCSA 2016

MCSA Interview questions: Getting Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification is quiet a daunting task and we get it. It can get really nerve-wracking to appear for the interview as a fresher, henceforth, we have prepared a list of top 20 questions that would potentially be asked. This is your diamond is the rough, so let’s dig in!  … Read more

What is Linux Operating System?


What is Linux Operating System? Linux is one of the most reliable Unix-like computer Operating System (OS) under the model of free and an open-source software development and distribution. It is an editable Operating System. Introduced in the early 1990s, Linux manages and upkeeps everything from hardware like monitor, keyboard, other peripherals etc. to software applications as well.  … Read more

What is Azure – Microsoft

Azure - Microsoft

Definition Azure DevOps?  Azure DevOps is a non-conventional fast-paced cloud platform that brings together software development, cultural practices/tools, and IT operations and delivers high-quality software and business solutions. The cloud platform has been deployed in the automation of testing, building, and development of financial trading companies in under a minute. DevOps certification would allow you … Read more

When to use 20 MHz vs 40 MHz vs 80 MHz

wifi channel width 20 or 40 mhz

When to use 20 MHz vs 40 MHz vs 80 MHz Understanding of Wi-fi bands To choose the right channel bandwidth a person should have knowledge of the wi-fi band, only then you can analyze how much channel bandwidth is available and how you can effectively use it without any interference (distortion). 2.4GHz and 5 … Read more


Is the SSCP worth it?

Is the SSCP worth it? System Security Certified Practioner (SSCP) is a vendor-neutral, entry-level IT certification for people who want to start their career in the security domain. CompTIA Security + and SSCP both are entry-level certifications, but SSCP is more technical than Security+. If you are a beginner and want to start your career … Read more


Most Important CCNA Interview Questions - 2021

CCNA INTERVIEW QUESTION In this article, I am going to share the most commonly asked CCNA interview questions.  What is OSI model? OSI model stands for open system interconnection. OSI model is a reference model that helps us to understand how does internet work? As a whole, it is tough to understand the internet, that’s why to … Read more

OSPF Theory

OSPF Theory

Open Shortest Path First Introduction OSPF stands for open shortest path first. OSPF is a dynamic routing protocol that comes under IGP(interior gateway protocol). It is also known as link state protocol. It works on shortest path first algorithm (SPF). To advertise routes information OSPF running routers send LSAs to exchange information with neighbors. LSA … Read more



Etherchannel groups multiple interfaces together to act as a single interface. Or we can also say etherchannel bundles multiple physical interfaces into 1 logical channel. And this channel is treated as single link. Etherchannel is also called as port channel and link aggregation. Why we need etherchannel? In general, we add extra links to ensure … Read more

Layer 2 discovery protocols (CDP and LLDP)

Layer 2 discovery protocols (CDP and LLDP)

In this lesson, we will discuss layer 2 discovery protocol. CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocols) LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) The main function of these protocols to collect and share information with neighbor devices. Shared information includes host name, IP address and device type etc. When a device receive a CDP/LLDP message, it adds the neighbor … Read more