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Best Jobs in IT without Programming

Jobs in IT without Programming

It is truly chaotic; the career path, scene. As I shared previously, I receive so many concerns, in regards to making a career choice. Today I shall be addressing the same issue and I have taken up the topic, Top 10 Jobs that involve very less or no coding at all. It is a widespread notion that coding is a necessity for all IT jobs, which definitely is not the case. I, myself have been in the industry for about 10 years now, and a couple of years as an entrepreneur. Although this channel is related to Networking, and cyber security as I said, I wish to help and educate people about the various career options available. 

Jobs in IT without Programming- Top 10 jobs with less or no Coding

Jobs in IT without Programming- jobs with less or no coding

The first career option that involves zero coding according to me would be that of :

1. UX designer:

Jobs in IT without Programming- UX designer

Hopefully, you are well versed with this but if you are not, here it is, there are two types of designers in the market as you can see,  graphic designers and UX designers. When compared to the former the latter are ruminated handsomely as they employ a lot of their thought process. If you have a knack for creativity you should go for this profession.

Anyone who is willing to get started with this, you guys can go for a tool called Figma which was recently acquired by Adobe, in a billion-dollar deal. 

You can get started here and also constantly keep on looking for job openings on sites like, etc. These people are the ones who designed applications for the phone we are all using and also websites. There is very little need for coding or close to no need of putting to become a UX designer.

Always remember whenever choosing a career path, it’s vital to check the availability of jobs in that field.

2. Animator:

Jobs in IT without Programming- Animator

The second option is animation. There are multiple job avenues that have opened up in the field of animation and multiple academies and platforms have opened up in this domain as well. 

If you are keen on entering animation as a career choice you should have expertise in Premier pro, after effects, and illustrator. Learning about these tools will help you become the best in the game. There are numerous platforms giving training In the field of animation. It is always advisable to learn from a person who has expertise in the field and practical experience. 

The people who are already working in the industry should be the ones, you learn from. 

As where and who you learn from often also navigates your way to employment in that field. So it is important to learn from somebody who has expertise in the related field. Be it animation or any other field that you choose to go for.

3. Technical Content Writing:

Jobs in IT without Programming- Technical Content writing

The third Job that is available is technical content writing for people with a good hold over the language if you have a good speed and you can align your thought process with what you deliver this profession is a smart pick for you.  As content writers are also handsomely remunerated.

This is also a great way of making some extra money by picking it up as a freelancing job for Network engineers, IT engineers etc.
There are many sites where people can take up freelancing work, like Iwriter, fiver, and Upwork. 

Also, we all know English is not our first language hence it is always advisable to use Grammarly, word tune and other such tools which help you to write better, avoid errors etc.

Wordtune is a tool that is going to rewrite your sentences and make them more readable or more attractive. This acts as an upgrade to the regular language.

So now we will talk about IT jobs so firstly you can start with jobs like:

4. IT support jobs:

IT support jobs in Chennai without programming.

IT support jobs are those jobs where a person holds the responsibility of maintaining computer networks of all types of organisations, providing technical support and ensuring the whole company runs smoothly. IT support monitors and maintains the company computer systems, installs and configures hardware and software and solves technical issues whenever they arise.

5. Network Engineer:

Jobs in IT without Programming- Network Engineer

A network engineer is a technology professional who happens to have the required skills to plan, implement and also oversee computer networks. These computer networks support in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services.
This job role does not require any knowledge of coding.
It is also advisable for network engineers to work as freelance content writers, it’s highly recommended to always have a backup profession as well.

It is always a smart thing to do, to keep your options open if you working as an IT professional it’s advised to always keep on learning new things and keep up a fallback option.

6. Linux administrator:

Jobs in IT without Programming- Linux administrator

The Linux administrator is the one who holds an important and active role in patching, securing, compiling and troubleshooting Linux servers in a heterogeneous environment. These are the professionals who perform system updates and server configurations. They are also responsible for implementing changes in varied, various environments from development to production. As said this role also does not require the candidate to have any coding knowledge.

7. Cyber security (Blue Team):

Jobs in IT without Programming- cyber security (blue team)

These are professionals who are responsible for defending an enterprise’s use and utility of information systems by trying to maintain its security posture against a group of mock attackers. 
As the topic suggests cyber security does require coding but to a certain extent and the blue team requires really less of it so it has made it to the list of professions that need less or no coding at all.
It is a possibility that you might not have heard of these job options as they are comparatively more unconventional but happen to have many chances for employment and also offer hefty remunerations.

8. Data Analytics:

Jobs in IT without Programming- data analytics

The other job option is data analysis (Power BI)

As we know with the new-age evolving data is becoming the currency and to each company, data is of paramount importance hence the need for somebody to manage and work on data is also very crucial. So the job role is thriving and has longevity as well, therefore worth a shot. 

Data science is one lucrative and unconventional job option but it requires a lot of knowledge of coding, So we are not going to discuss it today as we are taking up non-coding jobs only.

9. Graphic design:

Jobs in IT without Programming- graphic design

Graphic designers are comparatively less in demand if they have one skill alone. I feel it is not as lucrative as a profession and evolving as the other three because there are already pre-prepared to use like canva etc. where a person can create social media posts etc

As a side gig if you want to make some freelancing projects Fiver, is a perfect platform where you can pick up projects for any decided amount. I would always recommend you to, level up and keep on enhancing one or the other skill when, in a profile like this, for instance, one can take up photography. 

10. Digital Marketing:

Jobs in IT without Programming- digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns that appear on any device like a computer, phone, tablet etc. It has varied forms like, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads and social media posts. This branch has a bright chance. Digital marketing is a branch that makes big money and a person needs no knowledge of coding. In this field, a person can learn to run google ads, and social media strategising and they’re golden as all the businesses need digital marketing in today’s times, as often digital marketing is compared to traditional marketing and it is slowly taking up space taken up by the former. Hence it is equally important and is progressively advancing. 

Always, always have a fallback option, professionally:

It is also advisable for network engineers to work as freelance content writers, it’s highly recommended to always have a backup profession as well.

It is always a smart thing to do, to keep your options open if you working as an IT professional it’s advised to always keep on learning new things and keep up a fallback option.

 Also, these backup options are being advised to all of you because when you start out the in early days it is always tough, it is very difficult to secure a handsome salary as a fresher.

This is by no means an encouragement to anyone to simultaneously work in two jobs but freelancing is what is highly beneficial to earn extra money and also upskill. As in our native subcontinent, we do not have rights, which allow a person to commit to two jobs at the same time. 

Did you know?
Wipro fired 300 employees as they were simultaneously working elsewhere as well.


In conclusion, I can assure you all these fields are comparatively lesser known to mainstream learning but they are thriving. I have personally seen many cases of people getting ready to put to sea their careers with civil’s preparation. After years and years of preparation, often there is no success, which leads to a lot of disappointment not to mention the time wasted. This case can be avoided if a person is aware of these lucrative job options. 

If you guys want to get started in the jobs mentioned above you can contact us and get started in your IT journey. And if you want to know more about the courses in the former fields, you can contact us and get complete guidance.

Our team of counsellors will guide you to the best of their abilities and help you choose the course that is best suited for you.

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