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Best IT Courses after Master’s Degree Top Trending IT Certifications 

“Computer and IT jobs will grow by 11% until 2029” – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Unsatisfied with your Master’s degree and looking to add on value to your degree?   

We have collected some really helpful best IT courses after Master’s for you!  

With the increased competition in the tech industry, getting a high paying and a quality IT job becomes really difficult. But with an IT professional certification, you can definitely increase your chance to secure an IT professional job.   

If you have completed your Master’s degree or you are currently in your Master’s, be it MTech or MCA, etc. then getting an IT professional certification after Master’s would really give you an edge over others. A lot of individuals have seen a high raise in their salaries with professional certification after Master’s degree.

1. Does a certification really make a difference? 

According to Global Knowledge, IT professionals who gained a certification have experienced an average raise of $12,000-$13,000! So, hell yeah! A professional IT certification does make a huge difference.   

 If you are just starting out with zero experience, don’t be upset. You can still make your way in the IT industry with the help of best IT courses available online.        

 We have listed our top 8 Master’s programs which will completely prepare you as a whole package to land you a well-paying IT professional job. Let’s talk about all the IT professional courses after Master’s degree that you can explore at Network Kings and fuel your career to aim at a high pay.  

Before we begin with the list, we would like to give you a little reality check that you cannot expect a very heavy salary package with the IT certifications only. 

 You need to have the suitable experience combined with knowledge to secure a very high-paying job.  

However, certifications brand your skills in a better way.

2. TOP 8 IT Courses after Master’s degree: 

Here is the list of the top IT courses you can go for after your Master’s degree:  

1. The IT Professional Master’s Program: 

The IT Professional Master’s Program: 

This Master’s Program is for the individuals who want to increase their technical skills. If you want to become a multi-skilled IT professional then this Master’s program is for you.   

What’s in this Master’s course? 

This course is a collection of three major networking courses:  

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA): 

This IT professional course is a must when it comes to beginning your career in the networking field. This is the best IT course to form the foundation of your IT career after your Master’s degree.  

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): 

With the addition of MCSA course to the IT Professional Master’s program, you can further upskill yourself and learn to work with the Microsoft Windows Server 2016. You will get to learn how to work on cloud or servers.  

  • Red Hat Linux: 

 With the presence of the Red Hat Linux course, this whole Master’s course becomes a complete knowledge-packed IT course after Master’s degree. You will get to learn the Linux programming.   

 To start your IT Professional journey right now, hit the link:  

2. Technical Support: 

Technical Support: 

This course is one of the best IT courses after Master’s degree if you want to become a Technical Support Engineer.   

What’s in this Master’s course? 

You can get to master the following IT professional courses:  

  • CompTIA A+: 

This course is one of the best networking courses if you are new to the IT world. After your Master’s degree, going for this course is a really good course to build up your basics.  

  • CompTIA Network+: 

This course is an add-on in this Master’s program where you will get to learn about networking and all about it.  

  • CompTIA Security+:  

This Master’s course will make you efficient in the security domain and would help you broaden up your resume to get a job in the IT profession.   

This Master’s program is one of the most valuable IT professional courses after Master’s degree.  

To begin your learning adventure to be a Tech Support Engineer, hop on the link:  

3. Network Engineer:

Network Engineer

If you want to become a networking wizard then this Master’s program is for you. You will get to learn a lot about networking enterprises and firewall through this valuable combo course.  

 What’s in this Master’s course? 

 This Master’s program consists of the following:  

  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA): 

This course is very important to clear the basics of networking. You will get to learn about the basics of Routing and Switching.   


This course is an additional program in the Network Engineer program. You will get to prepare yourself for the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300-410 ENARSI). Master the enterprise domain with this course.  

  • Palo Alto Firewall: 

This is a firewall course and opting for this course would completely make you eligible to get a job in the IT industry. Learn Palo Alto Firewall and configure firewall like a pro.  

If you are really keen to begin your learning venture, tap on the link:  

4. Network Specialist: 

Network Specialist

This course combo will make you efficient in core technologies. If you are a doing your Master’s degree right now or you just got done with it, you can definitely opt for this combo course.   

What’s in this Master’s course? 

This course is a combination of the following courses:  


This course is for the Network/ System Administrators to take the CCNP ENCOR 350-401 exam.However, you don’t really need to do CCNA before CCNP. You can even directly do it.  

  • F5 LTM Firewall: 

With the F5 LTM Firewall course, you will be able to safeguard large databases against security threats present over the Internet. It is one of the best firewalls to learn.  

  • Palo Alto Firewall: 

Mastering this firewall is equal to mastering the whole security domain. The Palo Alto Firewall is the only firewall that is able to scan for the viruses in real-time. Learning this firewall would really boost your career.  

  • Check Point Firewall: 

Check Point Firewall is the next-generation firewall (NGFW). It provides highest quality of security than any other firewall.   

This whole network specialist combo program would really help you to upskill yourself after your Master’s degree.  

Begin your Network Specialist journey right now, tap on the link:  

5. Network Automation: 

Network Automation: 

With this combo course, you will be able to learn how to automate networks and security management in a very simple manner. This Master’s program is one of the most in-demand IT professional course after Master’s degree.   

What’s in this Master’s course? 

The Network Automation professional combo program consists of the following programs:  

  • Cisco SD-WAN: 

The Cisco Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) course would make you eligible to use the new SD-WAN to deliver applications all across any cloud to the users.  

  • Python: 

Python is one of the easiest syntax-based programming language. It is the most trending programming language that every single techie wants to learn it.  

Put your hands on this language and you can further make your career in the following:  

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)  
  • Machine Learning  
  • Data Science   
  • Software Development  
  • Linux: 

Become an expert in using the Unix-based open-source Operating System i.e., Linux. Linux is one of the easiest operating system to learn and mastering it would brush up your basic concepts and accelerate your career further.  

 Enrolling yourself to this Master’s program would kickstart your career that would really last long in the future since Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. Hence, it would the most sustainable IT course after Master’s degree.  

Master network automation right away, click on the link:  

6. Super Firewall:

Super Firewal

This Master’s program would help you become a knowledge-filled Network Security Engineer. Through this combo course, you will be able to become an expert in all the firewalls.   

What’s in this Master’s course? 

This Master’s program includes the following firewall courses:  

  • Palo Alto Firewall: 

Palo Alto firewall is a firewall course and taking up this course would completely make you eligible to get a job in the IT industry. Learn Palo Alto Firewall and configure firewall like a pro.  

  • Check Point Firewall: 

Check Point Firewall is the next-generation firewall (NGFW). It provides highest quality of security than any other firewall.  

  • F5 LTM: 

With the F5 LTM Firewall course, you will be able to safeguard large databases against security threats present over the Internet. It is one of the best firewalls to learn.  

This Master’s program would prepare you as a Firewall Engineer and help you grow your career in the networking domain.   

To start off your firewall journey, hit the link:  

7. Cloud Architect: 

Cloud Architect

This whole Master’s program is meant to make you a pro in the cloud computing. The whole world especially huge business organizations are making a shift to the cloud to make their tasks easy. With this, the need for Cloud Architects is increasing as well.  

What’s in this Master’s course? 

This Master’s program includes the following cloud courses:  

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud computing platform in the technical industry. To master the AWS cloud would be to become the ‘jack of cloud’. 

  • Microsoft Azure: 

The Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that can be used for application management. Get to learn this cloud platform to show off your skills in the tech world.  

  • Google Cloud Platform: 

When it comes to cloud, GCP is blowing up right now and has been gaining popularity like no other. It has been the no. 1 highest paying cloud platform.  

  • DevOps: 

Become efficient in building, testing and maintaining the infrastructure and tools to make speedy development and release of software easy.  

  • AWS DevOps: 

You will get to use DevOps in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and this would further help you grow your career in a better way.  

If you want to start off your journey with us, tap on the link:  

8. Cyber Security: 

Cyber Security

Become a Cyber Security Specialist with the Cyber Security Master’s Programand get a high paying job role in the security domain.   

What’s in this Master’s course? 

This course consists of the following courses:  

  • Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH): 

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a security professional to find vulnerabilities in the existing computer system to protect the system.  

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA): 

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification helps you land a job in the Information Systems domain. You will get to learn how to audit, control and secure data and information.  

  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP): 

A Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification acknowledges your skills to maintain data security and to reduce security threats to the cloud storage.   

  • CompTIA Security+: 

CompTIA Security+ is a professional security certification provided by CompTIA. It is one of the leading providers of vendor-neutral certifications. The CompTIA Security+ is a security certification that clears the basic concepts of security.  

If you are interested in this Master’s program then tap on the link:  Network Kings


We understand that the pressure to get a job after immediate completion of Master’s degree is too much! You don’t need to get burnt out thinking about how to land a tech job. All you need to focus on is upskilling yourself.  

One of the best ways to do that is to take up tech courses and get as many certifications as you can. But don’t be misled here, you also need to have a good amount of experience to land a high paying job.   

Yes, it is true that a professional certification gives you an edge over others, however, it completely depends upon you if you really wish to gather skills that are really in-demand in the tech market.  

In this blog, we have summed up all the top certifications and courses that are really in demand. You can consider these top IT courses after Master’s degree. 

Bottom line, you can always build your career. It’s never too late. You can enroll yourself to your choice of Master’s program. Our team is always ready to assist you 24/7 in case you have any query.  

Get going, we got you!