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Common Cloud Vulnerabilities and Security threats in Cloud Computing

cloud vulnerabilities

We have read that the cloud has emerged as one of the safest and most secure technologies. Enterprises are swiftly shifting to the cloud. The shift to the cloud is set to be revolutionizing the digital space and the information technology landscape. As per a report by Gartner, more than half of enterprises in the … Read more

What is a Router in Networking and How They Can Connect You to the Internet?

What is a Router in Networking?

Networking is a comparatively less familiar field of networking, but one that is evolving rapidly as people are getting to know, how lucrative it is. Networking is a domain in the Information Technology landscape that has a very wide horizon when employment and levelling up are concerned.  This domain of information technology has various components … Read more

Debunking Data Security Myths. 

data security myths

Data is of paramount importance in today’s times. Every piece of information, be it of national importance or something as trivial as my grocery list, everything comprises data. Data is the de facto currency in current times. The value of data is immense and keeps on growing with each passing minute. The matter of Data … Read more

What are Switches in Networking?

Switches in Networking

It’s these technical terms that scare me, I’ve heard so many say. Well, can’t lie, been there done that, especially when these big IT guys start name-dropping. But it is actually really important to be aware of the topology of the domain you choose to be a part of. For instance, Networking is one very … Read more

Best Jobs in IT without Programming

Jobs in IT without Programming

It is truly chaotic; the career path, scene. As I shared previously, I receive so many concerns, in regards to making a career choice. Today I shall be addressing the same issue and I have taken up the topic, Top 10 Jobs that involve very less or no coding at all. It is a widespread … Read more

Google Professional Cloud Architect: Is google cloud certification worth it or not? 

is google cloud certification worth it

Google is a common word, all of us hear it on a daily basis. Google is a far more integral part of our lives than any other thing at the moment. They have grown from being merely a search engine. There are many livelihood opportunities that google has opened up. One such job role is … Read more

TAC Engineer’s Journey: Fully decoded.

TAC Engineer journey

Networking is a pool of opportunities, learning etc. I’m sure you’ve heard this, multiple times. I’ve heard that too and I can bet it is the truth. There are multiple opportunities that are available.  Although in this blog we shall be reading about one of the most popular job roles, in the field of networking. The … Read more

Ethical Hacking Roadmap: The right way into Security

Ethical Hacking Roadmap

Hacking is a very commonly used term nowadays, every here and there we get to hear this term. Be it a tech-friendly person or an amateur, the world is used very frequently. What is Hacking actually? In this blog, we shall read and know more about hacking, its types etc. Our prime focus shall be … Read more

“Your Facebook has been sending inappropriate messages”, Social Media Hacking is more common than you know.

social media hacking prevention steps

Your friends have been blasting your phone since this morning, and your mom wants to know what you have been up to, obviously, Facebook and WhatsApp are gospels of information for parents. They are always the first to know what goes down on social media.  And now you have them worried that you have most … Read more

Networking in Vogue : The most talked about Networking Trends.

Networking Trends

Networking has itself been in vogue for a while now, it has been emerging as one of the most talked about IT domains. Networking is growing at a pace that is alarming when compared to other industries.  We all are a part of networking be it consciously or unknowingly. So it is pretty obvious that … Read more