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8 Ways to Protect Your Data in a Data Selling & Profiting World: Become Data Smart with Cyber DIY

On January 4, 2021, WhatsApp released its new policy announcing that user data will be used and stored at the end of WhatsApp servers. They explicitly mentioned that anyone not abiding to this policy will not be able to use WhatsApp after February 8, 2021.

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple also launched a new feature in the iOS 14, allowing users to deny the usage of cookies or user data to apps simply with a click. Ever since then, Google & Facebook have been trying to fight Apple on their decision to allow users to prevent their data from being overtly used.

The Australian media companies proposed a law last month for Google to pay the media houses upon using their content and press releases in their search results to which Google denied saying that they would stop their service altogether in Australia if the law is passed.

A documentary aired on Netflix last year ‘The Social Dilemma’, showing the journey of a man fighting to know what happened with the data that Facebook stored from his profile particularly. Facebook never shared the details because Facebook simply couldn’t however the giant conglomerate lost the battle and eventually had to agree to share the details with the user. It defined everything in one statement: When you get the platform for free, you are the product.

But why does all of this matter? In 2012, Google started using user data to generate ads with Google Adsense. YouTubing became a career format and Google Adsense made a ton of money eventually ruling out dvertising houses. Over the last eight years, Google Ads has taken over the advertising segment entirely. Hardly anyone from the small business community wants to pay for advertising over the traditional forums like print or TV. How does Google do it though? Why is it that Facebook and Google are fighting so hr for the data streams to remain working as they do now?

We all know these companies thrive by selling our data as their product. Although we know that these giants only use the data to show us personalized ads and therefore generate a revenue from it, one thing that’s primal is the fact this data is not as safe as we think. Once in the hands of those who mean us harm, there is no going back. You data is your property. Learn to save it.

Here’s how you can do that in 8 easy things to take care of:

  • Review Privacy Policies Thoroughly

    Nearly every single one of us does not read the privacy policy of a platform before agreeing to it. We might end up giving access to sensitive information to the web as well, while using platforms without much knowledge. Read them properly. Read the policies later if you can’t at the time. Be informed.

  • Make Sure to Delete It. Really, Delete It.

    Have you ever come across your data files that you had apparently deleted from your phone a long time ago? The cloud is a mysterious place. Not everything you delete from your phone is deleted from the cloud. Clean your devices. Mobile phones, hard drives, cloud platforms, clean them regularly.

  • Educate Yourself. Get Trained.

    Your personal data should be personal. Don’t let anyone else have it and use it against you. Educate yourself. Increase your knowledge about the cyber threats, the possibilities of usage of your data and prevent them from happening to you. Cyber DIY program by Network Kings helps you learn everything you need to do t protect your data as a layman.

  • Turn on Your Erase-Data Function.

    Most smart phones give you the ease of setting up your phone and permissions yourself. Find the right ones for you. Turn on your erase-data function so your phone doesn’t automatically store all you data. In fact, enable your phone to stop search engines to store your data too..

  • Use Strong Passwords.

    More often than not our passwords are obvious data pieces like our date of birth, our wedding data, and our phone number. Even so, we might also have our own name as a password. That might seem appropriate for us to remember it however is an easy way for hackers to crack your passwords. Passwords are nothing but a combination of characters. Finding the right one is the real trick..

  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

    A two-factor authentication will always prevent your data. Sure, it’s an extra step hassle for you but will make it all the more difficult for hackers to get your data unless you want them to have it..

  • Clear Your Cloud.

    As if we haven’t touched upon this enough already? We really haven’t. Clearing your cloud can also prove complicated at times. Make sure you understand the platform you use thoroughly and clean it entirely..

  • Get Certified & Never Miss a Point to Save Your Data.

    The CYBER DIY program at Network Kings helps you learn everything you need to know so as to prevent all your data to the best possible level. Train yourself. Learn from experts. Start thinking like a hacker to stop one from entering your life..

Learn how to save your data today.

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