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5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Time To Explore a Career In Networking

We can analyse as many databases and surveys as possible and are going to land on the same conclusion: the demand for network engineers is soaring high. The magazines and researchers and organizations are all tired of screaming at the top of their voices that we need more network engineers than we currently have. Every corner of the world from the Silicon Valley to Bangalore, networking start-ups are required. With as many as unnecessary new applications and software getting created and developed, all we need in the world right now are network engineers.

The network engineers are practically responsible for creating the digital infrastructures of companies that they work for. They build the digital infrastructures that keep the companies connected with each other and among themselves. While many are fearing that a recession might be round the corner and might hit the globe entirely, slashing down jobs and putting careers jeopardy, let’s explore if preparing for a career in Networking as of today in 2020 is the best way to go ahead.

Merely earning a bachelor’s degree in technology known as B. Tech majorly is not enough anymore. You need more to build a career in either of the fields in technology. The competition getting more cutting edge than ever, it is important to build a career and make yourself stand out of the crowd.

Let’s talk about FIVE major reasons why exploring a career in networking right now is a great opportunity:


The demand for network engineers is growing every year. As per a research by Forbes done in 2015 stated that there was a 74% increase in the IT jobs. With over 200,000 jobs were created that year. Now I would understand you saying that this is a relatively old data. Even so, today we know that the jobs have been increasing in the recent years for network engineers while the supply is way too low as compared to the demand. The demand-supply gap is way too huge to be covered easily.

Moreover, the gap is so high that once can safely say, that networking is a wonderful career opportunity right now.


2020 started with a new virus emerging in the subcontinent of China. While the rest of the world was getting sympathetic over China’s situation, we were still laid back and assured that nothing of the sort was going to hit either of the others. Within a span of days, the virus spread like wildfire unexpectedly.

Nevertheless, the world was unprepared. So was the networking industry. About a week ago, Nokia published a report stating that while the networking firms expect this sort of growth from 30-40% in a span of an entire year, the entire world saw the networking sectors receive a low of at least 20-30% growth rate within a matter of days.


The world’s networking needs have been growing for the past decade now. While the number or new phones needing networks and other devices such as laptops, iPads, etc. increase, the number of network engineers are not nearly the same. The observation here is that every time a new device needs the usage data and network support, the load increase. This exactly is the load that we talk about when we say that the space getting used up is huge. The rate at which this is growing is astronomical.

The supply Again, not nearly the same!

This could only mean one thing, the number of opportunities for Network Engineers are growing while the number of graduates who actually qualify with the best of skills to handle these networks are on an all-time low.


Now, it is a positive scenario that this industry is booming constantly and is bound to grow much wider in the near future. The catch, however, is you re definitely not the only one with this knowledge. The thing is that thousands of aspiring engineers like yourself are also interested in building a career in networking and are very well aware about the demand-supply gap. While the basic bachelor’s degree is a must to be able to get a job anywhere, standing out of the crowd is more important.

The companies who need to provide the best of the services while maintaining the adding load also require the best of the personnel. This makes it clear that they would most definitely hire the most relevantly qualified candidate. In order to stand in that circle of people, you too must educate yourself apart from a college degree.


By now it is pretty clear that 2020 global lockdown has brought in a huge number of daily active users of the internet which has increased the load on the networks to provide better internet services. WhatsApp alone was responsible for more than 12% of the load growth last month.

This means that we must require a greater number of network engineers and architects with time. In a time of recession, network engineers are not so much as bothered about finding jobs. In fact, more so, increments are in order with the workload increasing exponentially.

If in case the bottom line is not clear just yet, I urge you to go out there and build the strongest network engineering profile possible to land the best and highly paying jobs in networking.

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