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Have a look at Network Kings Terms and Privacy Policy

Reasons you are running behind in your career how you can change it?

The online training platform for networking trainings, Network Kings, is here to help you attain jobs in the market and prepare you for the challenges ahead that you might face in your fight for the industry you wish to thrive in.

Network Kings has a pool and bundles of courses like CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate, MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Linux, Palo Alto, Checkpoint Firewall, F5, ASA Firewall and more to support your learning and grow your career prospects in the tech industry.

Network King is soon launching with job-oriented courses for the cloud with a Master Cloud Program including a combination of AWS, Azure and Google cloud, all under one roof to enhance your career in the field of cloud engineering.

Just like many of our students, we understand how rapidly the industry is growing and wish to adhere to all the points on a graph for tech growth. Since all of our trainers are also acutely and deeply associated with leading IT organizations as a part of their employees, we gain in-depth and the ground level knowledge of what happens in the field of tech, today. That has helped us build and bind trainings for you which make you wonderfully job ready!

Career is the point of attention for you and we acknowledge that! You can attain the in-depth understanding of skills through our renowned and experienced faculty. In fact, you can also grow your personality with our grooming instructors; you are Corporate Ready!

  1. You don’t know your path yet.

    Here’s what Network Kings does: We build your path!

We take the liberty to help you and build you a standard path which outlines the guide way for you to walk on and build your personality along with your technical skills. For any organization today, having a multi-tasker is a wonderful asset as their employee role. We ensure that we train you in every aspect desirable.

With most of our courses, you receive the basic understanding of communication skills and presentability as you learn from industry professionals. Their experiences have proved to teach more to students than what a mere text format of theoretical learning can teach them.

Your pathway towards a Job

  • Enrol for certification
  • Complete Training
  • Personality Grooming
  • CV Building
  • Mock Interviews
  • Ready to kickstart your career

In fact, we also offer combinations of courses wherein you are entitled to detailed learning for personality grooming and CV building as well. For the students who might find themselves in such needs, we also offer them with resume writers who then help them in creating their resumes.

We know that the industry is fast-changing, yet it takes a long time for new trends to emerge and be accepted in the market. We hold the audacity and courage to one of those changers. In the times where most trainers and students are looking for ways to be able to climb up the ladder as quickly as possible simply on the basis of their certificates, we intend to build your personality with a strength that doesn’t leave you hanging dry once you get into the industry and find yourselves unable to deliver project requirements.

  • You don’t understand your priorities yet.

    Here’s what Network Kings does: Your Job is our Priority

We intend to build our students’ careers, not only kickstart the engine but also enable them to go for a long way. With that intention, we introduce the concept of 50% job guarantee!

What do we mean by 50% Job Guarantee?

Job guarantee is a combination of efforts that brings you to convert your skills into job prospects.

We walk towards you with the trainings and certifications, whilst you walk ahead towards your job goals.

So how about changing the relationship and terminologies from a guaranteed package while compromising on quality?

Let’s get to the best available opportunities and work on ourselves together and get to the best packages on our own capabilities.

  • You Need an Experienced Mentor.

    Here’s what Network Kings does: Your Prospects are the Sunshine

It is important to know for a candidate, where he or she might stand once they put in all their efforts to learn an entirely new skill and get certified with expensive and rigorous trainings. We know that you are inquisitive and anxious. To calm that anxiety of a fresher stepping into the world or an experienced engineer nervous to move ahead as soon as possible, in his or her career, we provide you the answers to your questions. You can find the prospective job titles that you may take up in your career below.

Career Prospects

  • Level 0: Support Engineer
  • Level 1: Support Engineer
  • Support Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Senior Analyst
  • IT Manager
  • General IT and IMS

You can also find out more about this in detail or try and build your career as your desired designation, with the help of our guidance counsellors available 24*7 on our support helpline. The details for the helpline can be found under our contact details on the website as well.

  • You don’t know who to seek help from.

    Here’s what Network Kings does: You are in Good Hands!

What do you gain with us?

  • Practical Learning
  • English Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Interview Grooming
  • Job Ready

We hope that you can well decide what is best for you, however, if you ever find yourselves in a situation where you can’t, we are always behind you, having your back.